Friday, October 05, 2007

Snow Fall & Slow Dances

The ever adorable and wonderful Lala tagged me with the Jezebel Meme, which asks me to recount a memory of my favorite dance, and then to tag 5 people...

My most romantic memory comes from the best boyfriend I ever had, Sean. Sean and I were young and naive, and did not care if we jumped in with both feet or what it meant to give someone your whole heart. We simply loved each other, and enjoyed being with each other, and that is it.

Every year after Christmas I would go spend my vacation at Sean's house. He lived in another state and so we used every opportunity we could to spend time with each other. Traditions were important to us both, so we decided to create our own on New Year's Eve. Every year Sean and I went out to dinner at a local Mexican Restaurant and ate ourselves sick. We'd have non-alcoholic drinks (because we were in high school) and just laugh and chat about nothing.

One year we walked out of the restaurant to find it snowing. It was a beautiful night and we did not feel like going back to his house with his mother and sister, so we drove around. We came to a small park and drove into the empty parking lot. I will always remember that the moon seemed so large and full, and the air, crisp and clean. I am not sure what made us get out of the car, but we huddled together to stay warm and ended up dancing in the moonlight, watching the snow fall around us, not caring about anything other than that moment.

We danced until the new year came, and then went home.

I've only slow danced a couple of times after that, and sadly, have not been asked to dance since 1999, on my wedding day. I miss slow dances.

Mad Gringo

Aloha Friday! No work 'til Monday! That is the song we sing here at work, when the long hours of the past week are fading and our patience is running low. We wear jeans, and most men wear hawaiian shirts. We are ready to relax, take our time-ready to go slow.

What does it mean to "Go Slow"? Perhaps it is laughing with your family and friends, or talking long walks in the woods, miles away from civilization. For me, going slow usually means sitting on my deck with a nice bottle of wine and a good book, escaping into a world that is not mine. What do you do to go slow?

The Mad Gringo is a company that knows all about going slow. When its creator found himself stressed out and ready to explode, he took a trip to Mexico to relax. Upon arriving, he met someone who held a secret-the secret to being happy, relaxed, and to have the ability to go slow.

After several hours of talking, drinking and eating, the secret was revealed indirectly. The Mad Gringo quit his job, and began selling hawaiian shirts, because they say, "Drop the to do list. Lose the cell. Grab the flip flops."

Visit The Mad Gringo today and start going slow in their extensive line made from silky soft rayon. Dive into the tropical lifestyle and by all means, go slow.


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve been browsing through the many catalogs that have recently plagued my mailbox. The recent catalog I looked at is filled front to back with nothing but ornaments ranging from traditional round glass balls to spider webs and ladybugs. Diverse and out there as it is, I found something very interesting-this catalog is all about the symbol.

Like turtles? Great! We’ve got an ornament for you-and you know what it means? Because they taking their homes with them, turtles remind us to remember our roots while still welcoming new places and phases in life.

Ok, I can buy that-it’s even kind of clever and well, cute…

Are you in awe of the sparkle of a dragonflies wings, with its iridescent shimmer in the sun? Well, their “jewel-like” tones take time to develop, don’t you know, reflecting the idea that our own true colors come forth with maturity.

Um…right. True colors-I wonder if Cindy knew the legend of the dragonfly when she was writing her songs…a little of a stretch for me, but again-if I allow my brain to blur the lines of symbolism with reality, I can see it.

There are more, too-the frog as a symbol of good luck, a tiger for power and mystery and the butterfly-which to me makes the most sense-a symbol of resurrection and eternal life.

I was amazed at the number of ornaments dedicated solely to symbolism and their somewhat abstract connections to the things they represent. But then I turned the page. And was smacked in the face with a peanut.

Yes, a peanut. Did you know that the peanut is a symbol of mystery and anticipation? I get it, but I’ve never in my life ever heard of this before. And why in the world would someone buy a fake peanut as a gift? I certainly don’t know…

Something I did learn though from reading this catalog is that the inventor of chocolate chip cookies (Ruth Graves Wakefield) received a lifetime supply of chocolate for the rights to publish the recipe that we now know as Toll House.

I think that should symbolize the creative spirit and its ability to reap handsome rewards. That, or the not so sudden resurgence of gluttony and what’s now to be known as “Cookie Ass”.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


I never know when or where it will happen, but every so often something will trigger a memory of Jamie-and immediately I feel scared, or lonely, or sad. The thoughts stay with me for a few days and then they fade away again, replaced by the happiness that I have in my life today.

But when they fade, they fade back into my head, my heart-and never into the black hole of forgiveness or the sweet peace of forgetting. And almost 3 years later, I am beginning to wonder if it will ever go away.

I've been open about what happened, I've gone to therapy and read self-help books. I have amazing friends and family who listen to me when I need them and remind me that life went on, I survived and I am worth having a good life.

I want them to go away. And so I am releasing them, here in the safety of my blog, with the hopes that by acknowledging them, they will disappear from my memory never to be thought of again...

Please go away, please leave me alone, stop haunting me even after I survived.

"...You're a fat fucking sow..."

"...Instead you wear red nail polish like a fucking whore. Don't you even respect yourself at all?"

"...I love your red hair, but it makes you look fat. You just don't get it, do you? Dye your hair darker, it'll slim your face down. It's too short too. Grow it."


These words do not own me, but they do haunt me when I least expect it and it is time for them to stop.

With Love, From Heaven

During my lunch break yesterday, I began browsing through several mail order catalogs that were sent to me in hopes of early Christmas sales. Most items were typical-figurines that can be hand painted and personalized, shirts and sweatshirts that can be embroidered along with other novelty items that I simply skimmed past.

As I was skimming though, something caught my eye, and I find it to be fairly ridiculous: A Christmas ornament from “Heaven”. Yes, heaven. For $17.95 you can purchase something from the pearly gates that reads: “I love you all dearly, now don’t shed a tear, I’m spending Christmas with Jesus this year.”


First of all, remembering a loved one who’s passed away is not only inevitable, but also healthy. But purchasing a gold plated ornament “from heaven”-not so much.

Also, do people actually find comfort in buying these things? Are there hoards of communities out there that do not care that this is a man-made item and that they most likely bought it for themselves? Conversely, are there people who buy these ornaments for others, hoping to provide them with peace during the holiday season?

I’ve seen some crazy things in my life, and am not opposed to the wacky and out there gifts. But this just seems…too much, too played up-too fake. Yes, acknowledge that the dead person is in heaven and that they are no longer suffering. Be thankful for that, rejoice in the life they had, and remember the good times.

And for heaven’s sake, decorate your tree the traditional way-with rosary beads and tinsel.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Mo Show: Urban Legends

From the hook left in the car door handle at Lover's Lane,
To roaches in bouffants driving waitresses insane,
From gators crawling up from deep down below,
To Blog Talk Radio with your host Mo...
Explore Urban Legends this Wednesday @ 7pm Eastern on
Blog Talk Radio'sThe Mo Show


Oktoberfest makes it impossible for anyone to find a hotel in Stuttgart Germany

This stinks because part of my job is to find accommodations for my boss wherever he needs them. He expects that even though he booked his flight 2 days ahead of time that I can find him lodging close to our office there.

Despite my complaining, I love making travel arrangements, even when I can't find a hotel.

If you've never watched The Biggest Loser, I am here to tell you: Make sure you have tissues with you. Holy cow, it always makes me cry!

Friday is going to be a great, great day for me, and for at least 2 other people. I hope it's a great day for the rest of you too!
When laundry goes sour, it is one of the most disgusting smells in the universe, and is wicked hard to get rid of.

Seeing someone that I didn't expect to see threw me off kilter. Not like the awesome band from the Canada pavilion (the one with the hot lead singer), but more like, "I know that person but why are they here?"

It's good to know that no matter where your true friends are, they are always a phone call away.

Friends can see through what's on the outside, the facade, and can therefore tell you to shut up and do what you have to do to get things done.


On another friends note, new friends are wonderful and can help pick you up when you didn't even know you were down. Just by asking if you are ok. (Thank YOU)

I know someone who says "The cat's pajamas".

Sometimes telling the people you care about that you're thinking of them and praying for them just doesn't seem like it's enough. Those are the times when I wish that faith was more tangible, touchable-so that their suffering could be wiped away. My faith isn't wavering, just wish I could control more.

I also wish I could send cake in the mail...

Wordless Wednesday: A Reunion

Then.... Now...
(I know this is wordless, but look at the guy in the green! Cracks me UP!!)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Making Strides

I have not made a plee to the donations Gods in quite some time, and my walk is just around the corner! Help me make my goal of $1000 in honor of Ms. Bee and all of the courageous women and men who have been afflicted with Breast Cancer.

Click the button above to DONATE!


I never posted my Manic Monday from yesterday-for several reasons, but the most prevalent being that I simply did not have anything wonderful to write. Morgen and his minions always have wonderful Manic Monday's and I hate just putting any old thing up.

However...I didn't have anything earth shattering, and so I give you, things I love that are orange:

Oranges (Naturally!)
Orange Julius Drinks ( frothy!)
Orange Triaminic (Kids Cough Medicine-the only one I could take)
Autumn leaves
My favorite rock on Route 9
Sweaters to wear
Sweaters on cute boys
Orange Juice
Peaches (kind of orange, right?)
Polka Dots
Cheese Doodles (Crunchy Junk Food Goodness!)
Cheese Balls (In ball form!)

So, there you have it...what do you love that is orange?

Toosdae ?'s

Hi everyone! I'm sorry for the short hiatus, but I simply needed a day off from blogging. I'm back now, and ready to read some really great answers from you all! Autumn in New England tends to be a time for carnivals and fairs, and since I went to one this weekend, this weeks questions revolve around that...

1. What is the biggest prize you ever won at a carnival or fair game? What game was it you were playing?

2. What job would you least like to have at a carnival or fair?

3. Fair food has evolved quite a bit since we were kids, but the traditional foods still remain. What is your favorite carnival/fair food that you have to get every time?

1. I think the biggest prize I ever won at a fair was the 2nd size up and it was a stuffed dog. I won it playing the game where you shoot water into a clowns mouth to pop a balloon. I rock at that game.

2. I would least like to operate the ferris wheel. (Or any ride for that matter) It must get wicked boring just pushing a lever, making sure people are secure and counting rotations. I'd much rather be in a booth talking and interacting with people.

3. I have to admit that I love fair food. It takes me back to when I was a kid and my hometown's fair seemed huge. Every time I go to a fair I have to get a pizzafrite, or what you all call "Fried Dough" with sauce. And before I leave, I must have soft serve vanilla ice cream with strawberries on top. That makes a happy Maggie.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Rookie Challenge

My senior year in high school we were required to take a class called CI, or Current Issues. It focused on real world things that we would need to know about once we graduated. Topics included such things as how to prepare our taxes to race relations. Another subject we studied was the stock market. Every week our teacher would bring in the Sunday paper and we would look up the stocks we "invested in" to see if we made or lost money. To be honest, I never truly understood exactly what we were doing. Randomly picking a stock on black and white news print really did not help me learn about stocks.

I recently reviewed and found it to be very interesting. It is, essentially, a virtual stock market, allowing you to trade stocks from existing companies. The cool thing is though, you are using virtual money! This is a fantastic way for beginners to learn about trading stocks without actually losing their entire fortune.

The rookie challenge is's virtual stock market, bringing real company stocks in contact with its members, or rookies. It allows members to share information and tips among themselves to help each other learn new strategies that they can later use in the real stock market.

Not only is this website an incredible tool for beginners, it also comes with the possibility of winning a prize. Each week, the rookies with the highest percent gain in their portfolio will be entered into a drawing to win cash & prizes-including $1000 cash!

In today's world, social security and retirement are moving farther and farther away from us each year-investing in the stock market is becoming a viable option for people to put away a nest egg.'s rookie challenge is the perfect way to get your feet wet before jumping into the real thing.

Let Down

We've got to face facts...I'm horrible at getting recipes together for my Top Chef feature. I even tried switching it up a bit, but some how lost the recipes I tracked down for you all.

I'm a loser. I simply don't know where time goes sometimes, and I don't want to keep promising you all that I can create/post recipes for you based on your ingredients when I can't follow through...

I am going to check my work computer tomorrow morning when I get in to see if I saved them there (I think I did by mistake) and if they aren't there, I'm afraid I might have to let you down...

So...this is a warning that you may want to throw rotten tomatoes in my direction...but hopefully it won't be!

Til then...Hasta la Pasta!

Personalized Gifts

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