Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's A Boy!

Yes, it's true...Zoe is a boy. So, basically, the Humane Society needs a little help in figuring out the sex of cats, as well as whether or not one is declawed.

I just got back from Zoe's first doctor visit. When I walked in, the Dr. asked why I was there and I said, " just adopted Zoe, and she might be a boy."

He chuckled and asked me to tell him the story, which I did. Afterwards, he lifted Zoe up and said, "That's a neutered male."

Zoe was a perfect boy when he was being examined-he even got 2 shots and didn't flinch. The only time he hissed was when the Dr. was trimming his back claws for me. But other than that, he was great!

He has a little bit of a cold, and I have to give him drops and pills for a week. He is expected to be fine after that.

I am having trouble calling Zoe "he". I was also told to not worry about re-naming him if I felt like it. The Dr. said, "I don't know a lot of boy Zoe's!"

Hmm....this is very strange...very strange indeed. But the good news is that Zoe is in good health, good natured, and he loves me...and I love him.

Photo Hunters: Plastic

Empress Bee has finished her treatments and is resting up so she can eat lots of cake and go on her cruises! Go visit her and wish her well, but first-use some plastic to donate to the Breast Cancer walk dedicated to Bee. (There's only 1 month left-and I only have $200 to go!)

Click on the picture below to DONATE today! (Please?)

Friday, September 14, 2007

When One Door Closes...

Don't fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things.The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.
- Louis E. Boone

Better by far you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad.
-Christina Georgina Rossetti

For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, It might have been.
-John Greenleaf Whittier

Top Chef Ingredient Results

Here are your winning Top Chef ingredients for this week. Thank you to all of you who voted-those who didn't-WHERE THE HECK WERE YOU?!?!
I hope to have both last weeks and this weeks recipe done on Thursday.
With 38% of the vote: ARTICHOKES! (I SO wanted banana's to win!!!)
With 61% of the vote: ASPARAGUS
With 48% of the vote: LEMON SAUCE BASE
With 50% of the vote: TILAPIA
To be honest with you, this is going to be a fairly easy week for me, I think. I am going to try to look for some different recipes and modify them instead of the traditional fish in lemon sauce...

Title Unknown

I'm really kind of angry with myself this morning-or rather...annoyed. I've been wanting to actually write on my blog again for some time now, but just haven't been inspired. I see this trend going around a lot these days, especially with the onslaught of meme's that float around the blog realm. In any case, last night I forced myself to write something, even though I simply couldn't get my rhythm right and my imagery-something you all have told me is excellent-was horrible. Late last night before going to bed, I thought that I emailed it to myself so that I could post it once I got here in the morning.

It's not here. I didn't email it to myself. And honestly, I just don't have it in me to recreate it this morning nor am I feeling up to writing something with meat on it.

I just found out that my friend Kurt from Florida is moving back home to New Jersey next weekend. This is extremely exciting to me, as New Jersey is not far away at all. In fact, it would even be fun to meet in New York City and play there for a day. So Yay! I have another friend in the North...

I go back and forth with Zoe as to whether or not she's a boy. She doesn't stay still long enough for me to really get a good look and as embarrassing as it seems that I can't tell if my 3 year old cat (I adopted her, I haven't had her for 3 years) is a male or female, it's simply true! I am taking her to the Vet tomorrow morning. Sometimes, as if I believe that she's going to answer me back, I sometimes ask her, "Zoe? Are you a boy?"

She just looks at me with her green eyes and nudges her head under my hand for a good petting.

I'm slowly decluttering my house and cleaning out closets and cabinets. It's an exhausting process and seems to never end. It would be much easier if I had help, but I don't so it takes a while. I fear that I will be stuck in this house until spring, which worries me. Already I can't pay bills and yet if I stay, I will have to add a student loan payment and also, oil for heating my house.

I am going away on a small trip for work to South Carolina this weekend. It should be interesting, actually, as we're going to look at a job site. If you did not know, my company is a major player in designing, erecting and maintaining large boilers for power plants here and overseas. We also are the company that provides high speed transportation to most European countries. There are 4 guys going with me, and they are all the younger ones. (Before you ask: 2 Married, 1 Gay, 1 a baby-only 23) We're planning on hitting the town on Monday night after work before we fly back on Tuesday.

This weather makes me want to bake warm, yummy things with pumpkins and spices and apples. It makes me want to give people soup and cider and walk around in LL Bean clothes. That's weird to you, I know, but that's what I feel like in the fall...

It's only 8:23 in my world right now...and that makes me's going to be a LONG Friday. (Especially b/c it's beautiful outside!!!!)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Freeze It

This morning I alluded to the fact that Fenway Parks’ seats are small and somewhat uncomfortable for tall, not skinny people. Truth be told, I was pretty uncomfortable the entire night. My knees were pressed up against the seat in front of me, which made me hold my legs together tightly to ease the pain. To give us more room, I put my right behind us and rested it on the seat next to me. The game went on, and regardless of the uncomfortable feeling, I still had a good time.

Then the game was over.

When we stood up during the last inning, my legs instantly felt like jelly. My calves hurt from keeping my legs in the weird flexed position, my foot hurt from keeping it bent the whole time and my arm and shoulder seized up cause me to see those funny white speckles you see right before you pass out. Yes, I was sore.

As luck would have it, today I received a free sample of Freeze It a muscle, joint & arthritis pain reliever. This stain-free topical analgesic is made with Ilex, Aloe and Vitamin E. What really got me excited about the prospect of using Freeze It was the fact that it has a vanishing scent. All of the other muscle and joint creams and gels I have tried in the past felt good, but kept me up all night because of the smell. Someone with a very sensitive nose can appreciate this.

I received 2 trial sized packets of Freeze It and used them both. First I rubbed my calves, then my shoulder and my arm. Last, because it helps joints, I rubbed it on the joint of my foot, which ached since last night.

Within minutes I felt the coolness of the gel working to relax me and relieve my pain. The smell has dimished and I feel great!

Take a few minutes to check out this YouTube commercial for Freeze It.

Thursday Thirteen: Red Sox WIN!!

As you all know, last night I went to a Red Sox game, and I've gotten some (somewhat urgent) requests via email to tell you all how it was. Well, it was FUN. Because today is Thursday, I will make it into a Thursday 13 which I wasn't going to do today. I was actually going to write something to post, but alas, I am spent...IF YOU HAVEN'T VOTED FOR THIS WEEK'S INGREDIENTS YET, PLEASE SCROLL DOWN AND DO SO!!!

Thirteen Things about the Red Sox Game Last Night

1. Driving in a construction zone with someone who likes to get dangerously close to other cars' mirrors is scary, even though I know they won't really hit something. It still makes me jump and squirm.

2. I still have a thing for cute boys in baseball hats. Put a cute boy in a new baseball hat, and all I can say is: YUMMY.

3. It always amazes me how diverse Red Sox fans are-one of the reasons I love going to live games.

4. Weird women with crappy ass signs sat in front of us and wiggled and jiggled in between each inning, raising their (crappy ass) signs so that we couldn't see anything.

5. At one point one of them (they were sisters no less!) stood up and yelled, "C'mon MANNY!!". Manny wasn't on the field. He wasn't even playing in the game.

6. I like making friends with strangers at baseball games and it is quickly becoming a trend of mine. Somehow they either suck me in or I suck them in, but usually by the third inning, we are BFF's. The people I am with usually don't like it.

7. I always seem to get locked in the bathroom stall at Fenway Park. It's a bit scary, but also, embarassing.

8. If you are not a skinny little thing under 5'5, you will have trouble sitting in Fenway's seats. Keeping your legs squeezed together and pushed up against the seat in front of you all night will make your legs shaky and sore by the time you get home.

9. I think they should have a button on the stadium in the foul ball zone. If someone hits that exact spot with their foul ball and it hits hard enough to turn on a sign, they should get a home run. Either that, or free hamburgers. ;)

10. It feels good to not hold back. I know I have mentioned this before, but the absence of holding back has made me realize how much I did it without even knowing it. Clapping and screaming is fun.

11. Strange boys that I make friends with should not try to predict the exact location and way each player is going to get out.

12. Kevin Youkillis bothers me. I said it before the game, and after his hissy fit (because of a bad call) I felt it even more. It hit me though, why I don't like him-he looks like BagPipeWilly-the guy from school who pretended to fall asleep while I was talking to him.

13. Seeing a home run in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs and 1 man on is probably pretty cool...we wouldn't know though, because they wouldn't show an instant replay...the rush of excitement and the cheering and adoration though gave me goosebumps and almost made me cry with happiness.

Top Chef

Welcom to this weeks TOP CHEF-the Lowfat Edition! This weeks ingredients are all low in fat for those of you watching your diet...don't forget, polls are open until 11:59PM EST. Have fun, and if you feel up to it, leave me a comment!



And last...

Last week's winning ingredients were Pork Chops, Peaches, Couscous and Spinach...I will be honest in saying that I did not have the money this week to buy the ingredients needed for the recipe, however, I did put together the recipes that I will make...I promise to tell you how it comes out-payday is just around the corner. If you want the recipes, please click here.

Top Chef

Last week's winning ingredients were:

Pork Chops
As I mentioned, I have not yet had the money to purchase the ingredients needed for this dish, however, I did put together some recipes and will test them and post results as soon as I get the meantime, please take a look at the recipes below...
Moroccan Pork Chops w/ Peach Couscous and Spinach Salad
Moroccan Spice Rub
In a hot, dry skillet toast the following spices for about a minute:
1 cinnamon stick-broken into pieces
8 whole cloves
1 t Cayenne
2 t Cumin Seed
1 t Fennel Seed
1 t Coriander Seed
1 T Paprika (sweet preferred)
Shake the pan so that they don't burn. Add them to a spice mill (or coffee grinder) and add:
1 1/2 t Kosher Salt
1 t Brown Sugar
Rub 6 Thick Cut Pork Chops with spice mix, making sure you cover all of the meat. Allow to sit for about 20 minutes to let the spices permeate the pork. Place in a baking dish and cook in a 300 degree oven for approximately 1 hour.
Meanwhile, prepare the Couscous...
1 C Couscous-Instant
1 1/2 C Warm Water
10 Dried Peaches (I may try this with fresh peaches-I'm still up in the air)
2 Green Onions-Green Parts only
2 Handfuls Fresh Mint
2 Handfuls Fresh Cilantro
1/2 Lemon, Juiced
2 T. Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper TT
Put the couscous in a bowl & pour the water over it. Stir & cover for 10-15 minutes then uncover and fluff with a fork. Add all ingredients and toss gently to combine.
Green Olive Vinaigrette:
2 C. Fresh Spinach Leaves, washed & Dried
1/2 C. Olive Oil
2 Shallots, Minced
1 Red Chile Pepper
1/2 C. Green Spanish Olives, pitted & rough chopped
2 T. Flat Leaf Parsley
2-3 T Sherry Vinegar
1/2 Lemon, Juiced
Combine all ingredients except for Oil, Parsley & Olives. Using a whisk, slowly drizzle in oil to make an emulsification. Add Olives & Parsley. Check for seasoning (salt & pepper) Dress greens at last minutes.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


*Scroll down for Wordless Wednesday

I saw a man with a mullet this morning and his party in the back was all the way down to his ass. And also, he put it in a ponytail but used lots of elastics all the way down. Joe Dirt called-he wants his cousin back.

I got a Pumpkin muffin this morning for breakfast which means that it’s officially autumn in my world. And you all know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE autumn in New England.

It would have been nicely paired with a cinnamon coffee. Too bad the lady at the counter didn’t listen and instead gave me hazelnut-the worst flavor ever!

It’s true what my Wordless Wednesday says below-I support 2nd base.

Catching a cat peeing outside the litter box is impossible.

The chicken may not have been bad, but the smell in my house this morning is. Cue Cranberries….Do you have to let it lingerrrrr?

Happiness is going to a Red Sox game with one of my favorite people on a cool pre-autumn night (tonight!!)

Shut up you buffoon, you're making an ass of yourself and giving me a headache.

Wordless Wednesday: Fenway!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Recipe Review: Beer Can Chicken

I've always wanted to try those recipes which stands a chicken upright on an open can of beer, allowing the beer to baste the chicken, leaving it moist and flavorful. The other day I was watching the Food Network and saw one of the chefs do this...this is a picture on his recipe, but it didn't look this gross on the show.

I was super excited as I separated the skin from the chicken and rubbed its flesh with garlic powder, salt, pepper, paprika and oregano. I almost giggled as I larded the chicken (putting the bacon on top) and I did giggle when I stood the little guy up and stuck a beer up it's butt.

Off to the oven it went, and I was giddy with excitement. The recipe said cook time was about an hour, but mine took longer. When I took the bird out, I have to admit, I was disappointed. The bacon made the skin underneath it moist instead of crispy. On the show, his skin was golden and lovely and crunchy-mine was this way on the bottom only.

And then there's the fact that it should have the essence of beer-at least that's what I thought. Not so much. The only beer flavor I got was in my glass-the other half of the can that I drank with dinner.

Though this chicken wasn't BAD, it did not live up to it's potential. It was no better (nor, worse) than the normal chickens I make. It was juicy, flavorful and I enjoyed it. But it wasn't worth the trouble.

I don't think I'll try doing this again, but I WILL try a recipe with Root Beer...

*I didn't post the recipe because I don't like it.


Click HERE to answer this weeks Toosdae ?'s...Please?

Finding myself once again in the realm of awakeness, I am looking to waste some time. The very first thing I am thinking of is, "This is what normal people do-they get up an hour before they have to go to work so they can clean up, shower, make breakfast..." I've never been that type of person-a morning person, that is.

Always the night owl, I can easily stay up until 1am during the week, and on weekends it's not odd for me to stay up reading until 3am. I used to say it was because I worked the 3-11:30pm shift at Disney and then go out after with my friends. Now, I know it's just the way I'm wired.

In high school I tried to will myself to sleep so hard that sometimes I would get headaches. Finally giving into the fact that I was awake, I'd write poetry or letters to my boyfriend who lived in MA. When 7am rolled around, I was a zombie, and likewise when I got to class. I'm almost wondering now if this was one of the reasons I was a B borderline C student in the classes that didn't come easily to me. College was the same-though I learned to not schedule 8am classes if possible, and that tended to help.

And Culinary School-well, you all know that was at night, and I excelled. I could pay attention to lectures and didn't run out of steam really, until we were mopping the floors and doing dishes. I realize this has more to do with the fact that I loved culinary school and it was my dream. But I think there also is something to my thoughts on the time of day I was there.

There's really no point to this post, I realized...just killing time before I go shower and I guess, make myself breakfast like a normal person.

Oh, and also-tomorrow I'm going to a Red Sox game, so that could be why I can't sleep too-I'm wicked excited...haven't been to Fenway in a long time.

Toosdae ?'s

Toosdae, Toosdae time! You know the drill...the more comments I have, the bigger my smile and louder my laugh! (How can you deny me happiness, HHHMMMM?)

1. What does the sight of blood do to you?

2. Do you ignore commercials or like to watch them? If you watch, what is currently your favorite?

3. "They" say the best things in life are free...what's your favorite freebie?

1. I don't really like blood, but it doesn't make me faint at the sight of it. Guts and bones showing however, probably would. I haven't yet passed out from seeing blood...

2. I'm just getting into watching TV again because school is done and I am no longer working at the country club (my choice). So, I do actually watch some commercials. My current favorite is the one for McDonalds where the 2 guys are singing about Chicken McNuggets...I'm into nuggets ya, I'm into nuggets ya...Ketchup and MAAAAYO...I sing it every time. And seriously...the guy on the right is hysterical when he starts going crazy dancing. (I can't seem to get the YouTube video to post here-go watch it)

3. Do I really need to answer this?
My Niece Rye Bread!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend by Numbers: Manic Monday

Monday's are MoMoLicious

2 Boxes on my front step
1 flat screen monitor for my computer
1 pink and white shirt for my Breast Cancer Walk: (Click it to donate)
265 dollars I need to make my $1000 goal
4 times Zoe peed outside her box
3 hours spent in the sun
1 book finished
1 lunch bought for me by my Mom
0 times I got annoyed with her
2 times I got ignored on the phone
1 time I hung up and said, “Jerk”
0 times it was you, don't worry
1 time it was suggested that Zoe is in fact a boy
3 Red Sox games I watched
1 impromptu cake baked
45 minutes it took to deliver it
1.5 hours I got to sit with a friend
30 minutes it took to get home (!)
3 times I tried to blog but had no CLUE what to write
0 times I came up with an answer
2200 hours I went to sleep on Sunday

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Goo? Be Gone!

This is not a paid ad, but I would like to tell you about my recent experience with Goo Gone, a product that touts the ability to well, make Goo, go away! Greg helped me put in a new shower surround last month an in the process, we got lots of Liquid Nails all over the tub and yes, even the new surround.

I was fretting about how awful it looked and wondered how I would come up with the money to have someone come in to do a better job than we did fix it. Greg suggested I try GG first.

This stuff is amazing. I don't even know if it comes in different "flavors" or not, but I opted for the gel version (b/c I was spraying walls) in the orange scent. Now, if I can digress a little bit here, I have to tell you that I hate the smell of fake orange anything.

Why? Because when I built my other house the basement smelled like wet dog, even though we didn't have a dog. Someone suggested that citrus took that smell away really fast, and so I sprayed a citrus smelling odor eliminator down there. Sure enough, it took the wet dog smell away, but it also made the entire 2500 square feet REEK of overpowering orange smell. The central air circulated it through the whole house.

So, needless to say, by the time I was done with my shower, I felt sick. BUT it worked like a charm, and all of the Liquid Nails is off of my shower and tub. caulk it...