Saturday, August 25, 2007

Artificial Rocks

It is no secret that though I love a well manicured lawn with beautiful landscaping, I am no gardener. My summers usually consist of me purchasing flowers for my beds, weeding and mulching only to have them die shortly after. Meanwhile, my neighbors have pretty flowers and walkways, fences and fountains and yes, even boulders.

I have often wondered where people acquire such large rocks to decorate their yards. I do not live in the forest or even near mountains and it seems impossible to me that my neighbors would hire someone to drop said boulders onto their lawns simply because they like them. Moving costs alone would be astronomical!

My guess is that they know about the Artificial Rocks Factory. Fake rocks typically look cheap and sometimes even like plastic. But the rocks from the Artificial Rocks Factory are made of construction grade cast stone, making their texture and appearance more lifelike. They typically weigh from 50-60 pounds, making them an ideal choice for people like my neighbors who can not afford large machinery.

The fake rocks you will see on the Artificial Rocks Factories site come in three different colors, making it easy to personalize your landscaping to your families taste. For only $149 plus shipping, they will even deliver your fake boulders.

Photo Hunters: Happy

Though her pretty blue eyes are closed, we were in the midst of wrestling and having fun on the deck of our beach house...We were both giggling like mad, and indeed, were very HAPPY.

For Real

I'm back from vacation for real this time. I managed to squeeze out an entire week of vacation-much needed, and well deserved, I would say-wouldn't you?

Saturday we arrived and checked into our house-four houses away from a private beach in Westerly, RI. It was sunny and warm and we hit the sand before unpacking. At the end of the day, I was burnt but happy. I enjoyed cooking a dinner of marinated shrimp skewers, lime chicken with cilantro butter, potatoes and corn for my family.

This was the view from our house:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday were all crappy-rainy, cold and not conducive to being on the beach. Sunday my parents and I went to Newport to tour some of the mansions and had a nice lunch. We came back and played many rounds of Catch Phrase and had a great time. Tuesday my dad took my sister and niece and I back to Newport to take a ride on a schooner, which was extremely fun.

My sisters boyfriend and her friends came to visit one day and decided to go claming right out of our backyard. They came back with about 3 dozen of the freshest clams I've ever tasted. For dinner I grilled off some marinated flank steaks and made fresh new england clam chowder, which everyone had at least 2 bowl of because it was so good. It was a blast.

There were LOTS of funny things that happened-mainly surrounding my niece, of course, because she is just too much fun. She met a little boy on the beach named Josh who asked me if she would be his sister-in-law if she married one of his pets.

Yesterday was sunny again and I felt like I got gypped. I had come home on Thursday night (as you know) and needed some more beach time. So I jumped back into my car and spent the rest of the day on the beach.

Overall, it was a fantastic vacation-much better than I anticipated, and I am tan and relaxed-a great way to end the summer...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Vacation Randomivity

UPDATE: I went back to the beach-I'll be back tomorrow!

*It's funny that although a Ukulele was never on my wishlist, someone thought it was and bought me one on Ebay.

*There is no such thing as a Billy Cracker, but it's still wicked funny.

*Catch Phrase is an awesome family/friends game.

*Having lunch with 2 people who hate each other is not fun.

*Having your phone not work during said lunch is even less fun. (SAVE ME text messages do not go through)

*You should never fall asleep face down on a blanket at the beach.

*Fresh Clams picked by your friends hours prior to you cooking them are out of this world. It's even better because they came from your backyard.

*Cooking for my friends and family still remains the highlight and greatest joy in my life.

*Who knew flipping omelets would amuse a 5 year old so much?

*Showering in a garage is weird, but do-able because you are at the beach.

*2nd graders think that marrying a pet is acceptable.

*Walking around with your old dead hair in a ponytail after a haircut is creepy.

*Newport mansions are cool, but also a little scary for someone like me who really believes in ghosts.

*Having alone time with my niece was priceless.

*Wearing sunglasses while on a huge sailboat will produce major sunglass lines on your face.

*Blackberry Brandy really DOES help a cold. ;)

*Peeling is annoying enough, but having no one to itch your back for you is even MORE annoying.

*You should pay your bills before going away on vacation.

*Laying in your own bed with your own pillow and your own sheets is really, really wonderful...

I'm Back!

Hi everyone! I'm back-I decided to take an extra day off and did not arrive home until about an hour ago. I am relaxed and sunburned and really sleepy...

I had a great time, even though the weather was not fantastic-I will post about it soon. Give me a couple of days to recoup...I missed you guys!!