Friday, August 03, 2007

Saturday Photo Hunt: Funky

Now, Where's That Frog...

Empress Bee over at Muffin53 had these kind words to say about me:

Okay first I bestow the Bloggin' Princess award to Mags at Ms. Maggie Moo Talks 2 U. She just graduated from Chef's school and she has so many great ideas. Stop by there and see what she has cooking up for you today! She is an inspiration to me.

Knowing that I am an inspiration to Bee overwhelms me, as she is herself an amazing woman. Thank you Bee, you're the best.

I am to nominate 3 lovely ladies for this award and I will do so later...I must first practice my Princess wave and find that pesky frog...

Laughter & Tears

Both of these women are a size 10 and are 5'9, just like me. Do you think they are fat? Me neither. This is how skinny I was in high school and part of college. This is my goal size again.

I am on a diet. Now that I do not have to eat at 9:30-10:00 at night and I can control what I put in my body, I am doing so. I have a tracker on my sidebar and hope to be able to move those numbers shortly.

Also keep these pictures in mind when I tell you that growing up I was told that I was fat. She did not say it in a mean way, rather, through laughter and teasing. It hurt but I laughed along with her because I loved her, and thought that if she thinks I am fat, I must be.
My self image was shot and my confidence wavered. I was quiet and withdrawn and only showed my true self to a very small number of people. I "learned" to make fun of myself to hide the pain and embarrassment of being bigger than the rest of my class.
I was beautiful. I was sexy. And I was NOT fat.
By the time I did start gaining weight in college, I was so ashamed and embarrassed that I stopped swimming-something I loved doing my whole life. I wore longer skirts and stopped wearing shorts. The only walks I took (for fear of sweating) were those I took alone.
People on the outside never knew I was feeling this way. I hid it well because I was the comedian. I was the one who always made them laugh-the one who took risks and dares and who always listened to my friends with caring and compassion. I laughed when I wanted to cry and I hid behind sweaters and jeans.
It took me a long time to get over this-and in truth, I still think about it everyday as I pass a mirror or am standing next to a skinny girl. It's sad that an otherwise confident woman like myself still feels inadequate simply because my mother thought it was funny to tell me my "thunder thighs" really showed themselves off in that skirt, or that I shouldn't wear a certain dress because my arms were too big.
I am 31 years old, and if you were to ask her, she would say that she was joking-that it was harmless and that I laughed right along with her.
But tears don't have to fall for someone to be crying. The louder my laugh, the sadder I was.
And that is the honest to God truth.

Top Chef Results

The people voted and the results are in....

With 41% of the vote: PORK LOIN will be the protein

With 47% of the vote: ARTICHOKES will be the veg

With 37% of the vote each we have a tie between: RISOTTO and ORZO. As I already have RISOTTO in my house...RISOTTO WINS!

And with 43% of the vote: SHERRY wins!!!

THANK YOU ALL FOR VOTING THIS WEEK! Stay tuned for a recipe this weekend...

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Aiken (as in Clay)
Achin' (as in pains)
Bakin' (as in cakes)
Cakin' (as in, um, cakes)
Fakin' (as in LIAR!)
Gapin' (as in, close your shirt you hussy!)
Rapin' (as in you dirty bastard you belong in jail)
Tapin' (as apparently in "his penis")
Vapin' (as in making someone disappear with vapors)

The first person who correctly tells me what this means (in comments) gets homemade brownies made by me sent to their home. Anyone? Anyone?

Lookie What I Got!

My friend Claire from over the pond sent me a lovely birthday card along with my very own cartoon that she created JUST FOR ME! Below are her sketches and brainstorming ideas...

And then the final product!That there is one pretty lookin' Moo Chef! There's no way SHE'S single though, with all of those udders stickin' out of her shirt. ;)

Thanks for the birthday wishes, and for my cartoon Claire!

Top Chef: Week 4

Forgive me my friends for in my harried state of excitement about last week's P&P (It's been a week already?!?!) I completely forgot about Top Chef! Vote for your favorite ingredients below and don't forget to come back tomorrow to see which ones won!

*Notes: I sometimes have things that are not truly "Proteins" included in that poll...that is because they are meant to be the main ingredient...for instance, this week will be Portabella Mushrooms for the Non-Meat eaters...

Don't forget to come by tomorrow to see which ingredients won

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Can Do Now That I'm Out of School...

1. Pluck and groom my eyebrows obsessively. You don't know how hard it was for me not to do this everyday for the past 15 months! And I not only am obsessed with grooming them, but I find it terribly relaxing...

2. Apply my nightly skin care routine. I used to fastidiously wash, exfoliate and moisturize my face and neck every night pretty much without fail. However, when you are living a life on the "run" these things get thrown to the side. I usually just washed my face in the shower at night with regular soap.

3. Read books that have nothing to do with cooking. Now, I love me a good cookbook or a story about how a chef came to be, but it's very refreshing to be able to read real novels again. They are good for my soul. (Brian and Rocket-stop making those faces)

4. Clean on a regular basis. Again, when you are just basically dropping your work clothes at the door and putting on a uniform your house gets pretty disorganized and disheveled. I'm still in that state now, but once I get out of my "I'm being lazy because I can" mode, my house will shine once again.

5. Mow my lawn on a more regular basis so that my neighbors do not petition again me. Or buy me a cow.

6. Shop. This isn't a good thing. I haven't been on a shopping spree in quite some time-mainly because I can't afford it, but also because I had no time. Well, I can now happily mozy around the stores looking at all of the lovelies that I can't buy.

7. Eat healthy. Or somewhat healthy. Dieting is pretty much non-existent at culinary school. Especially because you're eating so late at night! But, huzzah! I can now try to slim down and get healthier by eating earlier and eating food less in fat.

8. Exercise. Though I busted my ass in school mopping and running around (you SAW that sweat on my brow in last weeks pics, right?) it's not the same. I have a gym membership that I was gifted at Christmas and am happy to say that I am planning on going sometime next week, and then on a regular basis.

9. Wear jewelry. In the kitchen you can not wear rings or hoop earrings, both of which I wear daily. I wear 2 rings and 6 earrings. Over the course of the year I have lost all of my earrings and so I had to replenish them this week. I am now fully adorned and only have to take off my rings when I go to the club (though I take off my hoops too)

10. Save gas! I anticipate this to be rather significant as I drove 40 minutes total each day I went to school...3 days a week! So, Yay! (Even though I just paid $2.99 today!)

11. Nothing. Really. I don't have to study on Sundays after work. I don't have to read or study during lunch. I have no papers to write and so I can blog. Or read. Or sit and stare at the walls. It's very weird.

12. Everything. Really. On Monday's, Tuesday's and Thursday's. I can go to dinner with friends, see a movie, take a walk (oh how I miss walks!) or find a new restaurant. I can even go back to experimenting with my cooking like I used to do!

13. Sleep and take sleep aids. I can go to be before 1am (though I still can't very often) and I can take sleep meds early to ensure I have 8 hours between sleeping time and waking time. Being that I always got out of school at 11pm and home by 11:30 and wake up at 6:30 am, I never could do, I'm catching up and refilling my sleep bank. 8)

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


As I listened to the archived version of myself on The Mo Show last night, I realized that I said something that I have never once said, even to lovers..."Well, you know my anus already". It's amazing sometimes what comes out of this mouth.

I am not a stupid person but when someone tells me a half truth and I catch on, I feel like one. Why do people do that? Is it just to me? Do you think I will not catch on?

Fresh, ripe mangoes dripping with juice down my arms and down my chin is a glorious thing. Licking off the sweet nectar from my fingers as I close my eyes and sigh...that is one of the many definitions of happiness...

I found out that someone in charge at work ordered a flat screen monitor for one of my co-workers and after it had been there for 2 days (being used by the co-worker) this person came over and took the screen for their own use. That's crazy!

I have applied for 2 baking positions and one chef demonstrator position. The baking ones are a stretch but the other is up my alley.

There are many definitions for the word. Most of them are noble and one of them is not. That is the one I would use to describe you.

I also found out that someone has a legitimate crush on me from my company. And of course, he's an odd little man who grumbles when he talks and, who seems to be not quite a man but not quite a midget. It's all very strange and I've found myself dodging him whenever I can because it is just awkward.

I am sad to see blindness in anyone, but to see it in everyone is devastating.

It is good to laugh with a friend for the first time-even if it is only for a few minutes.

Wordless Wednesday

What I really want to post is not appropriate and so instead I give you a stock photo which is very peaceful and serene...

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Did Ya?

Did ya miss it?If so, you can still listen to the archives here. And, if you listen carefully...someone you know *might* just pop up as a caller. ;)

Great show tonight Mo!!!! (As always)

Of Note...

Please scroll down for today's Toosdae ?'s-but not before you read these important announcements...

Black & White?
Of all the people I have met in my life, no one is as passionate about equality in race as my friend Greg. He works as a Residence Director for a major CT University and, in my opinion, is a fantastic role model, mentor and friend to his students. (And to me!)

Please take a few minutes to visit his blog today-he writes his reaction to an article about a horribly racist town in Louisiana and the students who are stuck in a violent pattern or racism and ignorance...


I'm a FoMo, are you?

Listen live at 6:30pm EST TODAY!

Toosdae ?'s

Wow, Toosdae already! Thank you all for being so understanding last week when I didn't make my normal blog rounds...I'm happy to have more time to do that again, and look forward to reading all that you write in the future...that being said, I am hoping to read your answers in my comments section!

1. What do you hate most about being an adult?

2. What food did your parents make you eat when you were little that you hated then but you like now?

3. What was the biggest lie you told your parents when you were between the ages of 5 and 11?

1. I hate that I have to be responsible with money and pay bills. I greatly dislike the responsibility associated with owning my own house, and miss being able to just pick up and go without worrying about what's left behind.

2. I did not like spinach at all when I was little, but now I quite like it cooked. I'm still not a huge fan of spinach salads because I don't like the texture, but steamed or wilted in a pan with garlic and salt and pepper is pretty dang tasty.

3. Without a doubt the biggest lie I told my parents was that it was not me who carved "I love Todd, TLA" into the bathtub. I was maybe 8 which made my only sister at the time around 2. Obviously, she could not write. My father turned off The Wizard of Oz which was on TV that night and made me sit in my bedroom until I confessed. To this day, I never have.

And, incidentally, if you were to look closely, you can still see it!

Monday, July 30, 2007



And, this is the view from my seats...

Ok, so it is not until September...whatev-I'm still EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fenway, here I come.

Lost It

Dear Little Green Man Who Keeps Stealing My Shit:

Stop it. It may be shit, but it is mine, and I need it. Bring it back right now.

Thank you.



Dear Evil Baseball Mongers:

You suck.

You have made it nearly impossible for the normal working class to watch a live baseball game. You swoop in with your fast fingers and unlimited credit and you buy up entire rows and sections at my beloved Fenway Park. And then you sell them for asininely high prices and charge me $50 in shipping. OR you have seats that are in the same row but 10 seats away from each other.

And man, that sucks.

I have not been to a live Red Sox game in 2 years because of you. Stop being greedy and release your tickets for a fair price so that I can experience peanuts and Cracker Jacks, home runs and pahking my cah in Havahd yahd.

Bring baseball back to the people, oh Evil Baseball Mongers-and the world will be a better place.

Manic Monday: Miss

Monday's are MoMoLicious!

There are many people and things I miss, but the person I miss the most is my Papa. To many of you who have read my blog or known me for a while, you know how much I respected and loved him.

He was funny and sweet and always had a smile on his face, and more importantly, in his eyes. He taught me that no matter what happens in life, you can get through it if you always remember your smile.

He doesn't know that he taught me that, or maybe he does, but he taught me by the way he lived his life, not by speaking those words. I realized it when he was lying in his hospice bed hooked up to oxygen. I had not seen him in over a year. When I walked into the room, his eyes lit up and his smile warmed my heart. I knew it was the last time I would ever touch his strong hands or feel his breath on my cheek when he kissed me hello, and yet, I knew that the gift he had given me would last many lifetimes.

I think of him at odd times-when I smell a skunk (as he is the only other person I know besides me who likes the smell) or when it is 11:11 or 1:11. When I hear a trucks air brakes I smile, and whenever I am at the Magic Kingdom in Tomorrow Land I have visions of him laughing at himself because he rammed into things with his ECV.

He comes to me in dreams and in times of desperation, I have felt his arms around me. He is not gone, he did not die...

But I surely do miss his laugh.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Many Thanks

Two things are apparent to me:
1. I have wonderful friends, both in real life and in my blog life
2. I should open a restaurant because with my blog friends alone, the tables would be packed!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, a thousand times, THANK YOU for all of your support, encouragement, advice and affirmations over the last year and a half. I am truly blessed to have each and every one of you in my life.

Also, thank you for all of the birthday cards, birthday blogs and comments...I had a great birthday-complete with a lovely spa pedicure, dinner with silly girls and a trip to the casino. Sadly, I did not win a dime. 8(

Thank you again everyone-I am looking forward to having more time to catch up with your lives now!