Friday, June 15, 2007


I guess it was all of those brains I ate that made me feel so good, but man-I feel REVITALIZED!

I'm still tired. 1.5 years of not sleeping a lot catches up with a girl. 8) But-the end is in sight, and I will talk to my Dr. about a new drug (Thank you Mo & Kyra for suggesting/caring)

The thing is, I've had trouble with sleep for as long as I can remember-in high school I'd sit up in my room easily until 3am and then have trouble waking up in the was the same, though there it wasn't as obvious because everyone stayed awake.

Needless to say, the combination of work, school, work, life, house, and drugs have made me very, very tired, and I will ask him for help soon.

It's a beautiful day here in CT today-sunny and cool and the birds are chirping. I have already started some laundry, have eaten lunch and am planning on getting the dishes all set too-and last but not least, I will mow the lawn.

And then, it's on to fun times with my friend Megan...drinks, food and lots of laughter, as is usual with her.

I can't wait...

It's going to be a busy weekend. I have people coming by for some items I sold, I want to try to meet up with Anthony (The possible roommate) and then I work all night. And Sunday is the same....So don't worry if I'm not around-I'll be back for sure on Monday!

Have a great weekend, and thanks for your concern....


I only got about 1 hour's sleep last night-so I called my supervisor and told them I am home if they need me...I am going back to sleep now.

Check back later-I'm sure I'll post something. In the meantime-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Should I?

I need your opinion:

Should I take in a temporary renter?

I'm struggling with money right now and am planning on selling my house by the end of the summer (or at least trying to). While looking on Craigslist I saw that a professional male was looking for a place to live for 3 weeks in July because his lease is up and he is moving out of state and doesn't want to extend.

He's willing to pay anywhere from $400-$500 for the month. It's only July.

I contacted him and told him that I would ask that he helped mow the lawn and clean up after himself and he said no problem. He also said that he'd only be there for 3 weeks because he'd use the last week of July to relocate.

It sounds great in terms of quick money-especially since I'm hardly around and when my schedule lets up, he'll be gone.

But...I'm worried.

I don't know him (obviously I would meet him before I said yes). I haven't had a roommate in a LONG time. And having a stranger live with me will be weird.

Should I take the risk? Or should I just pass it up? Your opinion would really help me. I feel obligated to tell him whether or not I'm truly interested very soon.

I just emailed him and asked his age (he used "coz") and to tell me more about himself...\


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

8 Things I Know

I saw this on Linda's site and thought I'd tag myself...mainly because no one tags me, but also because, hell, I'm tired!

Here are 8 things I know...

1. When the people I care about are having problems, I want to beat up the people that are hurting them. And when it's not people that are causing problems, I want to give everything I own to them so they'll smile again.

2. Pulling a muscle in your chest hurts so bad it will cause you to pass out.

3. Some people will always be the victim. It was true with Jamie, and it's true with others. Although you would have thought I'd have learned my lesson about getting involved with these people years ago, I didn't-but now, I have.

4. Loving the "show" aspect of the culinary field makes me more attractive to employers than those who simply want to cook.

5. I am charming in a sarcastic sort of way.

6. Jewish people love Chinese food. The reason why-well, that's still debatable...

7. A hug from a child is just as addicting as crack. Perhaps even more...

8. True friends come in all shapes, sizes, colors and locations.

A Painted Love

I love art.

Did I ever tell you that? In high school, I barely blinked during the slides in art history & in college, I never skipped a class. I was always mesmerized by the fact that someone, somewhere, sometimes thousands of years ago, touched that very object.

And poured their heart into that one brush stroke or carving. Now that is powerful.

I could (and have) spend hours walking the halls of most art museums. Often, I set off buzzers or get asked to "step away" from the paintings because I'm so close I almost touch them. It's not because I want to deface them, or even put my fingers on them, but more that I want to see the tiny details-the proof that another human made them.

One of my most favorite artists is Marc Chagall. His colorful, whimsical and often odd paintings revolve mostly around his first wife and God, and sometimes, both. I was lucky enough to see 2 of his paintings in NY at the Met years ago. Below are 2 of my most favorite.

The Bride

Three Candles

Imagine being loved so much that you transcend death and live through your lovers' canvas.


Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Payment Terms

Toosdae ?'s in a post below...go there now if you haven't yet answered them! Before we get started, I'm going to have to ask you to get off of the couch...

I've mentioned before how weird things happen in the bathroom here at work...first I was stopped by a (then) stranger and asked what size shoe I wear. She proceeded to tell me a long story about this pair of shoes she had but couldn't wear and told me she'd bring them in for me.

Uh...ok. Freak.

Then there are the people who seem to want to talk you through EVER little part of your pee pee experience-they won't shut up, even after the stall door is closed.

Don't these people know that talking through stalls is only acceptable by best friends and maybe lovers?

There's the lady who takes long naps on the couch who gets mad if you come in to use the bathroom while she's in there, and the ones who have meeting type conversations for a LONG time.

And now, there are the people who stop me for recipe advice.

This is a new thing, but it's happened almost every time I've gone to the bathroom today and last week. And those of you who know me in real life know, I go to the bathroom A LOT.

It started with Potato Salad and Mashed Potatoes, went to Cakes and Rice. Today, it's been Chicken and Stuffed Peppers.

I'm going to have to start a side business in the bathroom, charging for these consultations...there are 2 couches in there...

Toosdae ?'s

1. If you had to eat one thing (the same dish/item) every hour (with the exception of 8 hours for sleep) for 2 days in order to be awarded $1 Million, what would you choose and why? You would have to eat a full portion each time you ate.

2. Are you allergic to anything? If so, what.

3. Two restaurants are equidistant from your home, equally easy to access, have identical food and pricing. Everything is exactly the same except for the staff and the decor. What would make you choose one restaurant over the other?

1. For $1 Million dollars I would choose to eat a grilled cheese sandwich each time. I'm a big fan of cheesy, buttery, crispy grilled bread so it's kind of a no brainer. I would however, probably suffer the "binding" consequences of cheese, but what they hay-I'd be rich.

2. To my knowledge I am not allergic to anything except maybe Poison Ivy. I did have a weird allergic reaction to a peach yesterday in which my face blew up and I had a red bumpy beard and rash on my face, but I think it was just a one time thing. Oh~wait a minute-I do sneeze and get itchy whenever I smell the cologne "Tommy" for men. I hate, hate, HATE that cologne.

3. The very first thing would be if one were not clean, or if one was cleaner than the other. The second thing would be whether or not the staff was friendly and attentive. I truly will drive out of my way for someplace that remembers who I am and treats me like a regular (if I am one). Being a special customer always feels good.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Manic Monday: Friends

Being tired is alright with me if it's the result of talking on the phone with a friend...In light of my tiredness (you expected this, right?) I would like to share one of my favorite poems about friendship....

To A Friend
~Grace Stricker Dawson

You entered my life in a casual way,
And saw at a glance what I needed;
There were others who passed me or met me each day,
But never a one of them heeded.
Perhaps you were thinking of other folks more,
Or chance simply seemed to decree it;
I know there were many such chances before,
But the others-well, they didn't see it.

You said just the thing that I wished you would say,
And you made me believe that you meant it;
I held up my head in the old gallant way,
And resolved you should never repent it;
There are times when encouragement means such a lot,
And a word is enough to convey it;
There were others who could have, as easy as not-
But, just the same, they didn't say it.

There may have been someone who could have done more
To help me along, though I doubt it;
What I needed was cheering, and always before
They had let me plod onward without it.
You helped to refashion the dream of my heart,
And made me turn eagerly to it;
There were others who might have (I question that part)
But, after all, they didn't do it!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

On My Honor...

I'm going to try my best...but I just don't know what the will mean.

Today was day 1 of a 20 day stretch full of doubles. No days off. Aching feet and a tired back. Bloodshot eyes and wrinkled clothes.

Extra money and lots of learning.

But it may not be filled all that much blogging. You know me, I blog almost everyday and am addicted to it. But there might come a time where I'm just so sleepy that I can't convince my brain to write anything you'd care if I'm gone, don't worry. It just means I'm sleeping. Or working. Or...both.


Today was fantastic. I worked the grill with the executive chef and I guess I did well because towards the end of the shift, he left for the night. But left me to work the grill.

Only 2 other orders came in, but still, it was nice.

I'm also happy because I am becoming friends with a few people, and really feel like I'm fitting in. The only trouble-which really isn't trouble-is that I seem to be the only one who doesn't smoke pot.

I'm ok with that though.

I'm off to bed now because my whole body hurts and I'm extremely tired...I hope you all had a great weekend!