Friday, June 01, 2007

Country Club Quote of the Weekend

"Actually, I put the flames out with my bare hands."

Said by me to Deep Ebony.

Let me explain:

Tonight I was to be a runner. Again. And it's not that I don't like being a runner, but it's tiring. And I want to, you know, cook. The sous chef told me to go outside to wait for the grills to be done so I could run platters of food up to the banquet hall. But when I got outside, there were just starting to cook.

So I jumped in. I grabbed some tongs and put the raw meat onto the 800 degree grills. It was hot and my hand burned, but I figured, hey, I've got to get used to it, so I sucked it up.

Well, Deep Ebony had a bucket of ice water in which he dipped his hand in repeatedly to cool off his skin before putting it over the fire. The other guy out there with me was making fun of him. Though I thought it was a good idea, I also recognized how impractical it is.

So I rolled down the sleeve of my chef coat and again, sucked it up. And man, did it HURT! But I managed to turn over a whole grill of ribs without taking my hand away at one point.

The executive chef came out and said, "Hey Mags! How's it going out here?" Of course I was lovin' it, so I exclaimed something like, "It's AWESOME!" Then he saw the water. And he asked what was up. And then saw me.

And I told him I'm trying to toughen up. They all laughed, but sure enough, everyone in the kitchen came out to see this "competition" between us.

It was all in good fun, and he's a good sport. But at the end of the night we were putting away the hot boxes full of sternos and I used my side towel to get them out. But he didn't see that.

So looked at me in a defeated way and said, "Don't tell me, you just picked those up?"

And I said, "Yes, and actually, I put the flames out with my bare hands."

Everyone got a huge kick out of it. It was a good night because before this, I didn't really feel like one of the gang. Now I do.

Also surprising: Talking about euthanasia and depression over the grill. It was nice.

Profile Pic

Now Serving: Rude Pie

One of the rudest things happened to me last night, and it was done to me by someone I don't really care for, but pretend to because of school.

BagPipeWilly is not my favorite classmate. To be honest, I didn't like him from the very beginning, but faked it because it seemed as though he would continue, and everyone else liked him.

There have been several times in which he's been rude or insincere and I really don't like the way he could care less about any of us. We've worked closely together for the past year and a half and he really wouldn't care if we got hit by a bus tomorrow.

Unless we were carrying a 6 pack of beer, and then he'd be pissed that he couldn't drink it.

My other 2 classmates and I care about each other. We tell stories, share our lives and ask about how things are going. BagPipe on the other hand, sits back and listens and when asked a question says things like, "Oh, what? I was zoning out. I try not to be involved."

Well, last night, I was talking about the country club with one of my chef instructors and my classmates were in on the conversation. We were eating dinner, so I looked over at BPW to include him and he pretended at first to be listening.

Then, he did it. He nodded his head and fluttered his eyes and pretended to be falling asleep! And he had this little smirk on his face the whole time. Bastard.

I gave him a dirty look as I shook my head in disgust and I said, "Never mind". Everyone else was wondering why I stopped and I just said, "I'll talk about it later" and I glanced at Matt so they'd know it was his fault.

A few minutes later he said, "So, you have to work on Friday and Saturday?" Trying to get me to continue...and I just said, "Nope." and got up and went into the kitchen.


I have half a mind to go into the directors office to tell on him about how he's not worked any internship hours since February! Meanwhile, we've all been slaving away, killing ourselves with work, jobs, school and home while he's just sitting back drinking beer.


*I know that at least a few of you think it's funny how he played like he was falling asleep. But it was really rude and it hurt my feelings. If our relationship was different and we were true friends, teasing would have been OK. But we aren't. He did it to show me that he really could care less about what I was saying and instead of just zoning me out or quietly listening (I wasn't asking for response) he chose to make me feel like an idiot. And I am not an idiot.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thursday 13-My Loves

Thirteen Things I Love About U!
Can U Tell Which One Is Yours?

1. I love that you are open and honest with your children, even if it's the hard thing to do. The 108, Kyra!
I love that you are constantly trying to better yourself and are willing to share the process. Skittles!
3. I love that you listen to your heart & stick it out because of the love you have for him.Mo Mo!
4. I love that you always have time to listen & you put your heart into everything you do. Megan
5. I love that you remember the smallest details of my life & that you use them to teach me.Oriolegal!
6. I love that even though you are in pain, you tell ME to keep my chin up. Callie!
7. I love that you are super silly and you understand my weirdness. C-Unit!
8. I love how passionate you are about making sure people do the right thing.Asara!
9. I love that you are gentle and kind and can make me smile when I do not want to. Greg!
10. I love that you found your stress reliever & that you spent the $ to follow that dream. Paige!
11. I love that the goal you set has to do with something you love doing, and that you do it often. Claire!

12. I love how caring you are about other people's feelings & how you feel bad for lonely people.Flipper!
13. I love your sense of humor because it is a mixture of intellect, suffering & perversion. Brian!

*Though many of these may apply to more than one of you, I had specific people in mind when writing these. Each love applies to a different person.

Also, please know that if you are not on this list it does not mean that I do not love you! I simply means I only had 13!

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

Smoke & Mirrors

It wasn't until my house got robbed that I understood how large items could get stolen without people noticing.

Or how taggers put their colorful expressions on the overpasses above busy highways without being run over or stopped by police...

It's because people turn a blind eye.

When my parents were younger they stole a huge wall sized mirror from a hotel room. They were so drunk that they carried the thing out right past the front desk-without even thinking that they might get caught. Perhaps it was their confidence that made the attendant believe that this was really THEIR mirror, but most likely, it was just that she didn't care enough to stop them.

After Jamie was court ordered to leave my home, he was told to get a police escort to go with him to get his belongings. He ignored the order, and instead, stole most of my valuables and trashed the house.

He stole things that required him to make many awkward trips back and forth, all in the front yard in plain view of my neighbors.

My nosey neighbors. The ones who notice when there's a car in my driveway-who know the color, the state it is from and the person who sits in the car.

I was also having trees cut down, and the tree man was in the yard, watching him take things away.

But when the police questioned them-all of them-no one saw anything.

To this I say, "Bullshit". Even if you did not think he was doing anything wrong, you saw him. You saw him drive in or you saw him making multiple trips to his car, or you saw him driving away. Perhaps you even saw him kicking in the door.

But you did not say anything. You allowed it to happen. You did not call the police and worst of all, you did not mention anything to them when they knocked on your door to investigate.

And this, I am sure, happens all of the time.

WIIFM? What's In It For Me? That's the way people live these days. No reward=No clues. No neighborly help, no "Please don't take that mirrors".

Bath tubs disappear from the 10th floors of hotels, people break into houses and children disappear.

I was saying to my friend the other day that back when I was a kid, me screaming "Leave me alone!" or "Don't Touch Me!" would have sparked concerns and someone, no doubt would ask me if that was my Mommy. Today, people just scoff at the "parents" and walk the other way.

When in fact, they should be wondering if the child is being abducted. Sure, kids have tantrums...but don't you wonder sometimes?

Whatever happened to looking out for each other?


Waking up late sucks. Especially when you smoked meats in school the night before and you are paranoid that you smell like a hickory smoked BBQ.
I hate it when men walk with one hand in the pocket of their pants. They either look like they are trying to fondle themselves or trying to look like a runway model. Either way, they just end up looking lame.
I also severely dislike the wallet when it is placed in one of the front pockets instead of the back. When positioned in this manners, it looks like the man has a tumor growing out of the side of his leg.
I just made myself gag with that last comment.
I had to move this picture from my line of vision because she's so cute I can't stand it.

Someone got flowers at work yesterday. I'm jealous. That's not a hint for one of you to send me flowers. But if you want to, I wouldn't want to stand in the way of your happiness. 8)
I don't know why so many people die over Krispy Kreme donuts. It's true that they are not horrible. But they are certainly not worth waiting in line for 30 minutes or more for.
My lawn is threatening to overtake my home if I don't mow it today. Yes, it talks to me. No, I'm not crazy.
I would love to come home one day to see my lawn already mowed for me. And one of my neighbors would come out and say, "I know you're really busy, so I thought I'd help you out this week." That would be nice. Really nice.
No work tonight. But I've got to do some fastidious housekeeping and lawn mowing tonight. Ick.

Wordless Wednesday

Heaven: As viewed thru Love Bug smathered glass-es.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Toosdae ?'s

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a safe and FUN Memorial Day weekend-and I hope that you are ready to answer this week's Toosdae ?'s!!! Remember that one of my most faithful Toosdae girls is not around this week (Damn chick is on her honeymoon!) so you'll have to make up for it.

Answer away!

1. How many times do you use a towel after showering before you put it in the hamper to be washed?

2. What kind of soap do you use? A bar of soap, body wash, etc...

3. Do you typically shower every day? If so, do you shower in the morning before work, or at night before bed?

1. I typically use a towel about 3 times before washing it, but sometimes I have to admit I'll use it 4 or 5 times if I don't have clean ones ready. In the summer when it's humid, I usually use them about 2 times before they are washed.

2. I use Dove Pink Soap because it smells pretty but not overly perfumy, and it has a moisturizer built in. Sometimes I use my girly body wash too, but not on a regular basis.

3. Yes, I typically shower everyday. In fact, I hate not showering because my hair feels super gross to me by the end of the day if I don't. I shower in the morning before work so that it wakes me up and I feel refreshed, but sometimes a night time shower is the best.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Florida Dreams...

There's a moment during every trip to Florida I take in which I think, "Maybe I should move back." The picture above was one of those moments for me.
I miss having an active social life. I miss seeing my friend Oriolegal and hanging out for hours talking about nothing. I miss our dinners. It's not until I see her that I realize just how much I miss her. In fact, I must have showered her with 100 kisses on her cheeks when I first saw her.
Then there was YellowBox, the handsome boy who so willingly stepped in to be my date. I haven't talked to him in about 7 years, but it was as if we'd never stopped. He was always a good friend to me when I lived in Florida. He provided me with thousands of laughs, lots of hugs and the best Tuna fish sandwiches this side of the US.
And being at Disney again was wonderful. Roaming around with another good friend, Mith A, reminded me of the fact that in Florida, finding someone to hang out with is never an issue. And neither is making new friends.
But these moments pass and I've learned to cherish the time I do have down there, with people I really miss. I wish there were a way that I could have everyone in New England with me, but I can't, and so I always look forward to phone calls, blog comments and emails, and silly text messages.
But nothing beats laughing at a secret joke over dinner, dancing until you can't breath and sipping mojito's until last call.
Nothing except: holding hands with a blue eyed 5 year old as you explore the yard for flowers, or making her smile when she doesn't want to just like I did to her mommy when she was little. Or laughing until your sides hurt with your curly haired sister-especially when you know her laugh has been hiding for a while. Or being able to walk-ever so proudly-on your little sisters college campus, just as she's about to successfully complete her first year.
Or GNO's and family grad parties with jeeps that get stuck in the mud. Or pigs that eat pumpkins, husbands who love to dance and daughters who contemplate hiking with cows.
Or someone who listens and makes you laugh when you don't think you can. And random cd's, late night swims in a backyard pool. And having someone you know you can always count on when it really counts.
Yes, my Florida friends and memories and adventures are wonderful and I love them. But until they move home, I'll have to live with the little visits.
Visit Highlights:
*Dinner at the Animal Kingdom Lodge with Mith A. Getting a $160 meal for $80. Drinking Mojito's in the lounge, African Wine with dinner and Pistachio Creme Brulee.
*The Carousel of Progress, Pirates and Monsters Inc. Spaceship Earth. Pineapple and vanilla swirled ice cream, drinking around The World.
*Searching for Duncan
*Being sent to Daytona (and hour out of my way) and driving back in time to sit by the pool.
*OMG YOU HAVE HAIR! Getting a big hug from an old friend and hanging out all night.
*Having Daryl Talley at our table:
*Getting tipsy until last call.
*Losing a bet about a phone call that "would never happen."
*Being told that you are missed. By lots of people.
And best of all, not feeling that deep depression that used to hang around the day I got back. 8)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I'm Baaaaa-aaack!

Did ya miss me?!? I'm going to be honest-I didn't miss home. This trip was too fast and too busy for fact, I'm tired now, but thought I'd share some pictures...stories will come later.

I got my hair did before I went away...When I got there, this was the rental car I got...a PT Cruiser. It was pretty cool-roomy and comfy to drive, which was most excellent-I'll tell you why later...
Before dining at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge with the lovely Mith A...Cocktail hour at the Tampa Club with people I used to know...My HOTTIE of a date and my old friend, YellowBox...(You can tell I have a few glasses of wine in this picture-all red and shiny. Ick.)Me an' my girl...(Yes, I'm a tall girl, but she's a short girl!)Especially for Flipper-a YUCKY windshield because it's LOVE BUG SEASON in Florida!!!
Legally In Love...