Saturday, January 27, 2007

Restaurant Quote of the Weekend

"For someone as fat as you are, you're awful concerned about what other people are eating!"

Said by me, in response to one of the dishwashers making someone feel bad because they were eating garlic bread by saying, "All of you heavy people shouldn't be eating so much garlic bread."

I almost got beat up.

The thing is, this always happens to whole life! I'm ALWAYS the person who sticks up for other people when no one else wants to. ALWAYS. I'm the one who talks to the boss when the crew is angry and hates him, I'm the one who tells the bully to pick on someone their own size, and I'm the one who tells a rude person to shut up when they say something inappropriate.

And inevitably, the very people I stick up for end up still being nice to the people they were complaining about, making me look like an ass.

Every single time.

I feel good about the fact that I don't let people be mean to others and that I'm brave enough to tell it how it is, but I just wish, for once, someone would stand by my side.

Especially when the person I yelled at is from the wrong side of the tracks and is 16 times bigger than anyone in the place...

Friday, January 26, 2007


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I've done some updating-

1. Please welcome 2 new food blogs to my blogroll:

Matt Bites and Gourmet Mango

If you love food, stop by and say hello...

2. Visit my "Poetry" box in the sidebar. It features links to poetry I've written here on the blog. Some are serious, but some are silly.

3. Also notice my "Favorites" box. This has links to some of my favorite posts as well as the (almost) obligatory "100 Things About Me" post. It's been updated since the last time you saw it.


Yesterday I prank phone called someone-except in reverse...

I was just about to change into my uniform for school when the phone rang. I'm not sure why I even picked it up-no one knew I was home, it was 4:15pm.

Me: Hello?

Background noise...and then:

Male Voice: HI! Is your dad home?

Now, it's important to say here, that only one man calls me. And the man on the phone sounded like him-but with a funny "I'm trying to disguise my voice" kind of way. And though I don't think I've ever got a "Is your refrigerator running" phone call from him-it's not impossible if he's in a silly mood...

So-I played along.

Me: " just missed him. Sorry. It's too bad, really."

Male: "What?! He's not home? (chuckles) His car is in the driveway."

At this point I'm thinking, "This might not be Greg. But still, it could be." So I keep playing.

Me: No...I said he's not home. You should call him back later. Thanks for calling though."

Male: "Oh. Did I wake you up?"

Me: "Uh, Noooooo."

Male: "Oh. Maybe you know the answer to my question-Rob and I are having an argument. What color are the Bears uniforms?"

At this point-I know it's not Greg. The man's real laugh is nothing like Greg's and also, Greg would know this, and so would his brother, who, incidentally, is named Rob.

I don't crack though-I still let the guy think I'm "Al", his friends daughter.

Me: "Um...that would be a no. You should call my dad. He'd know."

Male: "Yeah, alright....I'll call him later. Go back to sleep."

How could this guy think I'm his friends daughter the whole time? I can see how he'd think it was me before we talked for 5 minutes, but at some point he must have been thinking he dialed the wrong number.

The worst part was that his tone was kind of, "I'm a 45 year old guy and you're 14" flirty. The man he called should be really worried...

In any case, I thought it was funny that I ended up tricking him the whole time, making him think his friend wasn't home...sometimes, wrong numbers can be fun.

Have a good weekend everyone-I'm off to a comedy show with some new friends from work (gasp!) and then working at the restaurant...check back Saturday night and Sunday-hopefully I'll start Restaurant Quote of the Weekend up again, and Sunday I'll have a new recipe!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Green Goddess Ice Cream

avocado ice cream isn't as icky as most of you fact, I think some of you would even like it! Mine's a little bit too crystallized because I don't have an ice cream maker-I simply put it in a bowl in the freezer...but, for an impromptu adventure, I think it came out quite nice.

It's very subtle and inviting. There's a certain earthy flavor that comes along with it, naturally, but it's delightfully sweet and creamy's got good umami (mouth feel)-it fills your whole pallet up.

Just by accident I am drinking gingerale with it, and it's actually a nice combination!

And, though I can't see myself craving avocado ice cream on a regular basis-it's very refreshing and quite yummy! In fact, my whole bowl is gone!

Avocado What?!

I stumbled across a gem of a website for anyone interested in food: Gourmet Mango.

While perusing her site, I noticed a strange and interesting recipe for avocado Ice Cream...yes, avocado. I began wondering just what it would taste like, how it would feel in my mouth, and if I could make it...considering she posed the question, "Is anyone brave enough to try it?"

So, I did.

It's not done yet, but so far, it tastes pretty good...

12 oz. (3 medium/large) avocados
1 cup whipping cream
1 cup milk
1 cup sugar
Juice of 1 lemon

Blend everything together in a blender, chill until completely cold and freeze in an ice cream freezer.

Since I'm only 1 person and I doubt people are going to line up at my door to taste it, I cut the recipe in 1/3. Also, I only had 1 avocado left!

I don't have an ice cream maker, so I'm not sure how it will come out. I'll post pictures later when I get home from school!

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things I Wish Today
1. That I didn't over-reduce my balsamic reduction during my practical the other day. Twice. Leaving no time to try a third time, making me have to use it a little gloopy. Making me get 3 points taken off of my grade. (Still my favorite dish-seared tuna over white beans with lightly dressed greens...orgasmic, really.)

2. That we were not at war

3. That I studied more for my wine final. I have a bad grade (80's) from one night of insomnia and I really need to pull that up. I shouldn't have blown off studying.

4. That I never made those bad cakes...especially the fish one.

5. That it was a snow day and I couldn't get out of my house...therefore, (and logically, really) I had to stay in bed all day reading and being warm and cuddly.

6. That I didn't cheat on my diet on days 2 and 3 so that I could today. (Pulled Pork Sandwich from field trip Tuesday-couldn't be avoided and alcohol Wednesday, also, couldn't be avoided.)

7. That I lived in ignorant bliss about things like money, love and societies perceptions of the chunky girl.

8. Did I mention donuts? Yeah. I guess I kind of did. See #6.

9. That IBS and Diverticulitous-like symptoms would go away. Or match the symptoms list more closely. Either way, I'd like the pain in the butt to stop. (Cue the cymbal-that was a good one!)

10. The oil and electricity were free and I didn't have to get goosebumps all over my body every morning.

11. That I had a cuddle buddy more often. Because, as you know, oil and electricity are not free.

12. That my kitty didn't run away. But only when she was sweet. You know, that one week when I first got her. Yeah. I'd like her back, my little Sophie.

13. That it was dinner party time. I believe Individual Beef Wellies are on the menu, but whatever it ends up being for sure, it involves tender beef. Someone should write a song about that...tender beef.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I Was Tagged...

For only the 2nd time in almost 2 years, I've been tagged to do a meme. (Thankfully) And, since it was my dear Owl who tagged me, I will oblige. So, without further Ado, here are

5 Things You May Not Know About Me
1. When I get nervous, I have to pee a lot. Maybe I was a Cocker Spaniel in my last life...
2. I'm way too competitive and sometimes I feel like a bad person for being happy that I scored higher than someone. And especially when that someone got 9 wrong and I got 2. (And he almost cried)
3. Before I started culinary school I hated 2 things: Salmon and Goat Cheese, and mildly hated Lamb. Now, I like all 3 enough that I will eat them if presented to me. I was even craving goat cheese the other day.
4. I've worked for a company since May and had 2 jobs with them so far. I am not given nearly enough work, and therefore, feel invisible and insignificant. You can imagine how that makes me feel.
5. I'm throwing a 1920's Murder Mystery Party in February and am so excited that I'm already planning the menu and thinking about the decorations. It's consuming my brain so much that I had to promise myself that I wouldn't do anything for the party today. Instead, I'm planning more for the catering job in March.
That's it. It was hard to come up with things on the fly like that...I'm not going to tag anyone, but if you aren't part of the Skittle's circle where this is going around, feel free to tag yourself and come back to let me know you did it!!


What a member of the opposite sex says, "I'm not trying to be fresh but..." and then proceeds to try to take a rogue hair off of your shirt, the only possible response can be, "THEN DON'T BE!" while you jerk away.

When someone says, "I'm not trying to be fresh" they really mean, "I'd like to touch your boobies (or, as they've recently been named, "The Bazoombas") and I'd like to trick you into thinking I didn't mean it."

The jerking away thing? Yeah. It'll make things awkward for you.

Going on a lame field trip is worth it when you are given a $20 gift certificate to shop in their store. Especially when it's a store for chef equipment!!

Opening a new restaurant is indeed a lot of work. However, when students from your school come to visit and eat, you should be truthfully optimistic and accommodating. Telling us, "If I knew it would be like this, I would not have opened it." is not appropriate.

Sometimes you can tell people something point blank, and they just won't get it.

Sales people are sometimes too knowledgeable about the things they know and therefore, don't listen to other people who know things too...this is terrible, especially when those people are potential customers.

This bitch is the proud owner of a chocolate fountain! $21 on EBay baby! Catering supplies are growing...

The above is a picture of what I'm going to do with the fountain at my catering job in March...the things sticking up are skeweres with strawberries, pineapple and home made marshmallows...the purple stars are going to be flowers...the green is fake grass on top of foam to look like grass. Neat, huh?

Sometimes there is just too much information on the internet to get what you need...

Hunting for a new 40 hours

A good pickle is paramount to a good BBQ meal. It almost erases bad service. Almost.

And, I hate to break it to ya-24 days have passed...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Toosdae ?'s

Hi everyone! I hope this Toosdae finds you happy and healthy, and ready to answer some questions!!! I did pretty good last week-let's see if I can break the record!

1. Name 2 things you are craving today.

2a. You're touring an art museum and find that it has a special exhibit promoting the beauty of the human body that features live nude models. Would you walk into that room?

2b.What if you personally knew one of the models: would you walk into the room then?

3. Choose a free gift: a daily back massage, dinner at a restaurant twice per week, or a brand new book twice per month.

1. Crispy garlic bread and soft kisses. Neither of which I can have today.

2a. Yes. For sure.
2b. It depends on who it is. If it's a teacher or a boss who does this on the side, no...or my sisters boyfriend. But otherwise, yes.

3. I'll take the book please! Unless, of course, I can switch restaurants and then I'd take that...I'm all about exploring good food these days.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Today I'm starting a diet. The "South Beach Diet" to be exact. I did Atkins and lost 40 pounds and have just now (2.5 years later) gained it back. That's pretty good, considering that everyone told me I'd gain it all back right away, but bad because I did gain it back. The South Beach Diet is a little bit more realistic in that you're allowed to eat things like corn, tomatoes and other fruits that you are pretty much not allowed to on Atkins. It seems a lot healthier, and easier to follow.

That being said, it starts out the same way that Atkins does-by not allowing grains or fruit during the initial stage. It's usually 2 weeks, but you can extend it if you have a lot of weight you want to lose, as this is the rapid loss stage. I'm going to try to prolong it for as long as I can. THAT being said, I go to culinary school and test the things I make. I am bound to run into carbs and fruits, especially in my next mod, which startes next week. (Cake baking/Petit Fours and International Cuisine to name a few) My plan is to stick to the diet during the day and when I'm not in school, and to sample a bite or two of the carb laden things. I will, however, eat what I can from the dish: meat, chicken, veggies...until the next stage when I can start introducing things back into my diet.

The menu is pretty good-I downloaded a bunch of recipes and went shopping. I prepared the lamb chops with mint pesto and served it over mashed califlower. It was good, but I'm not a huge fan of the classic mint and lamb combination-I much prefer rosemary and garlic. The next time I prepare it, I will do that instead.

Breakfast today was an egg white fritata with cherry tomatoes, green peppers and onions with cottage cheese and lowfat cheddar.

Lunch will be a cobb salad with a hard boiled egg, chicken strips, turkey bacon bits, bleu cheese and avacado. I added chick peas because I'm crazy about them, and they are on the approved foods list. This is served with red wine vinegar and olive oil. I have edamame for one snack (LOVE IT) and celery stuffed with soft cheese for another.

Dinner will be fish because I have my fish practicle tonight...hopefully I don't get the bread stuffed lobster...I'm not sure I could resist that one!! Wish me luck. I would like to lose 100 pounds. I don't think that is realistic though, because I know myself. Perhaps this will be my year to prove myself wrong...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Thank You Card

So...I am taking your advice and am going to give my chef a card this week. My last class with him is tomorrow, then a field trip on I'll put it under his office door on Thursday. How is this inside the card...a good balance of funny and sincere but not mushy, right?

The card I was going to get you said this: To say “thank you” in some cultures I would be giving you a goat, or perhaps a necklace made of teeth…(And on the inside) It sort of makes you appreciate this card a little bit more! 8)

Instead, I opted for a “normal” card, so that hopefully, you’ll know how truly grateful I am to you for being such a wonderful instructor and chef. You’re quirky, upbeat personality is refreshing, your culinary background inspiring and your personal stories invaluable. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and for truly caring about our education.

And, though I understand that “those who can’t, teach” (your words, not mine!) and that your ‘parachute” might be a different color than the schools, it would be a great loss to the future students if you left. (I’m giving you this card now, and not at graduation just in case!)

Thank you, Chef B, for showing me that a passion for food and cooking can survive, even after 26 years of experience. It’s been a pleasure being your student.