Friday, October 05, 2007

Mad Gringo

Aloha Friday! No work 'til Monday! That is the song we sing here at work, when the long hours of the past week are fading and our patience is running low. We wear jeans, and most men wear hawaiian shirts. We are ready to relax, take our time-ready to go slow.

What does it mean to "Go Slow"? Perhaps it is laughing with your family and friends, or talking long walks in the woods, miles away from civilization. For me, going slow usually means sitting on my deck with a nice bottle of wine and a good book, escaping into a world that is not mine. What do you do to go slow?

The Mad Gringo is a company that knows all about going slow. When its creator found himself stressed out and ready to explode, he took a trip to Mexico to relax. Upon arriving, he met someone who held a secret-the secret to being happy, relaxed, and to have the ability to go slow.

After several hours of talking, drinking and eating, the secret was revealed indirectly. The Mad Gringo quit his job, and began selling hawaiian shirts, because they say, "Drop the to do list. Lose the cell. Grab the flip flops."

Visit The Mad Gringo today and start going slow in their extensive line made from silky soft rayon. Dive into the tropical lifestyle and by all means, go slow.

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Palm Springs Savant said...

good tip...thanks for the site Mags