Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's All Gravy, Baby

I have always appreciated the little things, whether a kind gesture that someone did not have to do or the way a napkin is folded and artfully displayed on a table. These are the things that make life wonderful and having an eye for detail does not hurt.

I grew up sitting at a long, formally dressed table for Thanksgiving dinner. My Nana's black and pink china would carefully be placed around lovingly, signifying the beginning of the holiday. If I was lucky, I was allowed to help my Aunt Sue set the table. For me, I think this was the beginning of my love for traditions, entertaining and fine china.

Villeroy & Boch is also a company rich with family and history. In fact, it is still family owned after 260 years in business. They are the largest porcelain manufacturers in the world and are proud to say their dinnerware adorns the table of the Pope, royalty and the rich and famous. Today, their fine collections are available to people like you and I, in time for Thanksgiving.

My favorite of their dinnerware is from the classic collection. It is called Golden Garden and its style, not surprisingly, resembles my Nana's china (with the exception of the black). Its pattern is delicate and pretty and would no doubt make your Thanksgiving Day table shine. It has always been my opinion that presentation is just as important as the food itself, and inviting your guests to share with you these wonderful pieces, you are showing them how much you care. And I guarantee, they will either praise you to your face, or tell their other friends and family how every detail of your table was taken care of.

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Linda said...

I did this one, too, and really liked the tableware that I picked but there's no way I could ever afford it! Guess I shall have to wait until I am either royalty or a member of the rich and famous!