Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Celebrity Makeover

Every woman I know has wanted to look like someone else at least once in her life. Whether it is a friend or family member, or a celebrity, they have mimicked fashions, makeup and hairstyles. Every girl would, at some point, like a celebrity hairstyle-but without the work!

I recently had a FREE Virtual Makeover. Signing up was easy and playing was fun! Take a look at one of the looks I tried on:

Rachel McAdams

Getting my celebrity makeover was a piece of cake! I simply uploaded my photo, modified the alignment by moving a few dots they provided and voila! I was ready to play with makeup, hairstyles, hair color and even accessories. I was very impressed with the overall accuracy of the placement of makeup and hair-especially on my lips! Typically, makeover software is just a tad bit off making you look more like a clown than a sexy diva!

Because it is so easy to use, I played around a bit more than I should admit! At first, I changed my hair style, but left the color brown, like I wear it naturally. I added lipgloss and eye shadow that I would never have the guts to wear in real life, just to see what it looked like. Thank goodness for this program, because I instantly saw how horrible it looked!

The last change I made was to my hair color-being someone who has always had very dark hair, I chose to go blonde. Upon changing the color, I noticed that if I looked quickly, I looked like my little sister, Flipper. So, just for fun, I modified my style like hers, and this is what I came up with:

If you squint really hard, it kind of looks like her, right? Well, at least I can leave the blonde hair to her thanks to my virtual makeover. Stop by and check out the Makeover Gallery today!


flipper said...

lol im sitting at my comp squinting. it a rough world out there being blonde watch out lol

crazy working mom said...

Beautiful, Mags! :)

Hair replacement said...

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