Thursday, October 18, 2007

Adult Food

I'm an adult. I'm a chef. I know what good food is, and what food isn't supposed to be good. But...

Don't you ever get a craving for something you ate when you were little but you know you shouldn't still like as an adult? And then do you get angry at the people who made up such a stupid unwritten rule, that you have to stop liking something just because you're a grown up? It makes me want to kick them in the shins for making me and all of the other adults who sometimes feel guilty about the fact that they really aren't adults feel bad. (Did ya get that?)

I know I shouldn't like Chef Bourdee anymore. I recognize that those little marble sized meatballs probably aren't meat, and if they are, I probably don't want to know which part of the animal they came from. I can comprehend that those little square raviolis that are swimming in the impossibly thin and viscus sauce are not the best I can do.

But damn it, sometimes I just want to open a can and eat them until my tummy hurts. No need to heat it. Just eat it out of the can like an impatient teenager who is late for drama club.

And what about animal crackers? I'm not talking about the ones you get before you go back to college for the semester that come in a giant sized bag that inevitably rips before you are done with them. I'm talking about the ones that come in the little boxes that look like circus trains and have a little white string for a handle. The ones that taste more like cookies than crackers and are much more detailed than the grown up version. (The ones that you used to try to sneak in the shopping cart when you were in the grocery store with your parents).

Grown ups like cookies. We like detail. We may not like the circus, but we can appreciate a whimsical box when we see one!

Bagel Bites seem to be banned too. What's up with that? Just because I am supposed to know that eating those little snack sized pizzas as a meal is bad doesn't mean that I should have to lie about who I live with (kids/no kids) when I reach into the freezer.

Yes, I can afford a real pizza pie from a reputable pizza joint. But damn it, I want popable pizzas from a cardboard box every now and then! Is that too much to ask?

I can't even get into the way you are looked at in the office break room when everyone is eating Lean Cuisines and Hot Pockets and you whip out a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. (And God forbid you hate the crusts and cut them off!) It's like you suddenly have blazing red flaming hair in a sea of pretty blonds.

And no one wants to be the ugly girl.


Asara said...

I am also an adult. I carry an aluminum lunchbox with Care Bears on it to work every day. It usually contains a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which, one time, was cut into the shape of a heart. I love Spaghetti-o's, and prefer Campbell's Chicken and Stars soup over any of the fancier brands.

I may be an adult but that does not mean I have to be a grown-up!! :)

Brian in Mpls said...

I love me some animal crackers

Danielle A. said...

Two things.

1. This is the way I feel about Kraft Mac & Cheese. Yes, with the powdered cheese.

2. When I was an RD, my parents came over to my apartment for dinner once. They called from the grocery store that morning and said they'd bring dessert and had already picked out a pie and put it in their cart. But when they arrived, there was no pie to be found. Instead, they had brought one of those giant teddy bear jars of animal crackers. Why? Because my then 43 year old Dad couldn't resist - he's really just a big kid at heart. :)

Kat said...

Hmmmmm Ravioli in a can. I haven't had any since college. I think I had them at least twice a week. I miss them. How come they are so damn tasty? Do we have indifferent taste buds? HELP! Now I want some.

tegdirb92 said...

*smile* Don't you realize that is the ENTIRE reason why I had kids, to enjoy the kid food!! LOVE bagel bites AND love the HAPPY MEALS at McD's (I've been known to buy them simply for the toys)....

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I used to get made fun of for packing a peanut butter sandwich for lunch at my old job. I didn't care. I'm not a lunch meat person and I don't like leaving food in community fridges anyway.

I think I had a weird appetite as a kid though, my mom was always on one diet or another so a lot of the foods we ate were suggestions from like weight watchers...there was this apple sauce mixed with rigotta cheese that I loved. Then I didn't have it for years and one day we had some left over applesauce and some rigotta cheese...and it was just as good as I remembered!

Travis said...

Dammit! Let's march on this!

I will eat Mac & Cheese. And I will eat the pink & white circus animal cookies. Oh! And mini corn dogs!

I won't eat them all the time. But when I have that craving, I will satisfy it.

Who's with me??

Amazing Gracie said...

I'm in line, Trav!!! And I thought I was the only one who secretly devoured canned ravioli. I smother it with grated cheddar and parmesan cheeses. Also canned tamales - gross - but again, it's the cravings! A little diced onion and'll kill the taste of anything!

Mags said...

Trav-I can't believe I forgot about corn dogs. I don't know if you remember or not, but I am the girl who snuck a corn dog in my side towel at that huge catering party I worked at over the summer.

And then I went into the bathroom and ate it! LOL..

Marilyn said...

I love mac and cheese... There's an Italian Restaurant in the Denver area that has it on the kids menu... but they'll make an adult sized portion if you ask for it special. It's the best mac and cheese I ever ate... but I'll make it with velveeta or out of a box and I still love it that way too. Canned raviolli is actually a special treat here, and I don't think we've ever had bagel bites, because I don't do convenience food very often. It's too expensive. I actually baked my own bread for a long time because it's a few cents cheaper.

Julie said...

**Goes over to Trav's side**

Did the pizza rolls take over the bagel bites? Well if there are gone that was really short lived!