Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Toosdae ?'s

Hi everyone-I'm still feeling very under the weather, but quite frankly, I couldn't stand laying on the sofa any longer! Please take a minute to answer this week's Toosdae ?'s.

1. What is the most sick you have ever been and how long ago was it?

2. Do you like to be babied when you are sick or left alone?

3. What is your favorite "Make me feel better" food?

1. Though my temperature got to 101.1 yesterday and I had an allergic reaction to my medicine (read: barfola) I think the sickest I have ever been was 3 years ago during the Christmas season. I caught one heck of a stomach bug and was out of commission for over a week. I was so sick that I did not even eat on Christmas Eve, which is the best day of the year to eat in my family.

2. Though it's been a VERY, VERY long time since I've been babied when I was sick (think college and Seany Mike) I do like to be babied. I'm not talking up your butt baby me, but more like asking if I need anything, rubbing my head when I have a fever and bringing me cold drinks and medicine.

3. Honestly, as a hater of chicken noodle soup, mine is white bread toast and butter with a whole bottle of iced cold gingerale. I love those two things anyway, but when I am not feeling well-no matter what the illness is, I somehow feel like I'm on my way to getting better after I have those things.


~paige~ said...

1) the most sick I have been was with food poisoning and believe me, I just wanted to die! It last 2 days I think

2) I like the same kind of "looking after" as you Mags, just offers of drinks etc but then leave me be

3) gingerale hits the spot and something warm and baked is my comfort food

Bond said...

1) well i had a 2-day migraine on Fri/Sat....and two months a kidney stone attack...

2) What man does not want to be babied when they do not feel good?

3) Ginger Ale was the drink I always got from mom when sick...i don't eat a lot when feeling poorly

Asara said...

1. I had the stomach flu about 4 or 5 years ago, I couldn't keep anything down, and ended up passing out in my bathroom from being dehydrated.

2. I like to be babied, but not smothered.. if I want something, I want someone to get it for me, but I don't want someone hovering around my bed waiting for me to want something :)

3. I'm a chicken noodle soup girl, but it's gotta be Campbell's. I've never liked ginger ale, I prefer a nice cold orange juice.

Brian in Mpls said...

I hope this finds you feeling better:(

1.) It has been a while since I have been really sick I usually get a little cold once a year but nothing that lays me up.

2.) Both..lol

3.) Salad and Pasta from Primas

Josh said...

Hey, I hope you get to feeling better. How's the diet going? I want to lose 30lbs before I go skiing in January. Wish me luck!

1. I got bit by a stink beetle the summer after I graduated & had an allergic reaction. My throat started to swell up, and I had to go to the ER to get a steroid shot. I wanted to die.

2. Just leave me alone to my PS2, and do whatever I ask you to.

3. Does Vicodin count as food?

C-Unit said...

1. Prob when I had the flu a few yrs ago.
2. Of course I would like to be babied but that will never happen in my house!
3. Giggle noodle soup, but thinking about it makes me feel like im sick. I dont want the cold weather back just yet. Summer is going too fast!

Twyla said...

1. What is the most sick you have ever been and how long ago was it?

Well it's a tie for me. When I was pregnant with my 2nd child and having morning sickness day and night, I got strep throat. Having your throat almost swelled shut and hurting like hell and having morning sickness did NOT mix well. I wanted to die. Then 2 days after she was born, I got a bladder infection. It hurt so bad that I couldn't get out of bed. I was taking care of a 2 year old and a new born and not sleeping. I ended up at the ER. I really thought I was dying then.

2. Do you like to be babied when you are sick or left alone?

I like to be waited on, but not smothered. If I need a drink or something, I love to have someone there to get it for me, but I'd rather be left alone in bed.

3. What is your favorite "Make me feel better" food?

Surprising I don't have one.

Mrs. OrioleGal9 said...

Sorry I have been MIA, but I am back from lovely Canton, OH and the Football Hall of Fame!

1. I guess it would be a horrible flu I had in Feb 2005, I had just started a new job 4 days prior and then had to call in sick, but it was obvious that I got sick from others at the new job. Everyone was sick and passing it around. I was out of commission for a week and could barely get out of bed.

2. I have to say a happy medium between the two. I like to be asked if I need anything or someone there to get me what I need, but you don't need to be by my side 24/7.

3. I have to say all the typical comfort foods (as long as it's not a stomach virus)...mac and cheese, chicken noodle soup, even ramen noodles, tomato soup and grilled cheese. When it comes to drinks, it's all about the apple juice, again unless it's a stomach thing, then it's all about the ginger ale!

flipper said...

1) flue type sick, a few times. everytime it lasts 2-a week+ its hell.
2) i like having someone ask me if i want anything and to take care of me so i dont have to while feeling yucky but i like to just rest by myself.
3) gingerale. i dont like eating when im sick like that cause i know it isnt worth what'll happen next. crackers if im starvin =)

katherine. said...

1) kidney stone attack. The first time was about twenty years ago...and several times since. It is far worse than childbirth. I know. I've done both.

2) left alone. As long as someone brings me food and drugs (laughing)

3) as long as I can eat...Mexican food is comfort food for me.

tegdirb92 said...

I hope you are feeling better soon :)

1. I had pink eye--which turned into strep, I sneezed and blew out a blood vessel in my eye and the pinkeye got worse. Was about 14 years ago (wow, that long ago?)

2. I like to be babied!! Of course I have been known to make my sickness more than it really was so I could sneak in a four hour nap :)

3. I think just plain old bread, but when I feel better I want an entire feast!!

Gel well soon, Mags!!

For the Love... said...

1. Kidney stones while 6 months preg. (not worst illness but most painful)

2. Not really babied but please get me what I ask for and then go away.

3. Salty Chicken Noodle

Mags said...

I see a reoccuring theme here with you-it seems that most of you have wanted to die during your worst sickness. 8(

Paige: What was it that gave you food poisoning? Do you remember?

Bond: Kidney stones, yes. I remember the story. 8(

Asara: I loves me some OJ too, but not when I am sick. It's too thick.

Brian: With what kind of dressing my darling? A good wife needs to know these things.

Josh: I still have a little fever today and it still hurts to swallow a bit, but I'm a little better, thank you. Good luck on the diet-I've lost 5 pounds but in the last 2 days I've eaten toast and on Atkins, that's bad. But I'll get back on track...

C-Unit: I agree-summer IS going by fast.

Twyla: Oh my-I can't imagine that combination-I can see why it was your worst!

Mrs. O: Apple juice is another good one. I actually like it MIXED with ginger ale sometimes when I'm sick. I love gingerale.

Flipper: You get sick a lot. You need to eat meat. Ha ha ha...any opportunity for me to tell you that I want to cook you food I'll take. ;)

Katherine: Mexian anything-I'm with you on that!

Teg: Being that I know how it feels to have your eyes all funkified-ick. That must have been horrid. I'm glad it was a long time ago.

Mags said...

Oopps: For the love of...kidney stones WHILE preggo? Yikes! I'm hoping everything came out alright! (On both accounts)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well last winter i was sick enough to miss a cruise! i think that was pretty much it.

i like to be left alone and i like to sleep.

plain white rice or plain pasta, nothing on either, nothing...

feel better honey!

smiles, bee

Dixiechick said...

. The most sick ever was with food poisoning back in 1987. I had eaten Domino's pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms... I don't eat Domino's anymore.

2. Leave me the heck alone and let me sleep ... but if you feel the need to wake me up make sure that I'm babied alot ... ;-)

3. Chocolate... lots and lots of chocolate ... especially chocolate ice cream... yummy!!!


Marilyn said...

1. Bladder infection. I can handle anything as long as it isn't nausea and vomiting.

2. I want to be babied and I want SOMEBODY ELSE to do all of the housework and meal preparation that abosolutey has to be done. Expecting me to do it when I'm sick is just wrong.

3. See number two. I'm not picky. Canned soup would be wonerful as long as somebody else heated it up.

~paige~ said...

mags...it was while in the dominican public. we stuuuupidly decided to eat "off the resort". bad idea. we both thought we were going to die. both ends i tell you. we lovingly coined it the "puerta plata splata"

~paige~ said...

that should have said the dominican republic

Linda said...

1) I'm either very lucky or very old and can't remember as I couldn't tell you when the last time I was really, really sick was. There was the one time back in 1984 when I got food poisoning from a bad burger at a Denny's and then had to fly from Oakdland, CA to Hartford, CT the next day. That was really, really, really bad!

2) I think I prefer to be left alone when sick rather than have someone baby me. But then again, it might be nice to try to babying sometime, too!

3) Hot tea and toast. That's what Mom always gave us when we were sick and I still remember it well.

Mags said...

Paige: It's all good-I knew what you meant. ;) I'm glad I've never visited Puerta Plata Splata.

Linda: You ARE very lucky.

FRIGGA said...

Okay, I'll play! :-)

1. 3 years ago, old chocolate. It was the first time a doctor ever told me to put the pill there, which I refused to do. Yeck.

2. A little of both. I like someone to make sure I have the necessities, but I need lots of sleep.

3. Chocolate cake.

I hope you start feeling better soon. :-)

Travis said...

1. The most sick was late 1981 when my knees were ruined - the shock of it caused terrible chills, sweats, and nausea, not to mention the pain.

2. I prefer to be left alone.

3. Mac & cheese followed by CAKE!

Mags said...

Frigga: Yay! I love it when you come over to play! I'm still in awe over the fact that you got poisoned from chocolate. Yet another point on the board for vanilla.

Trav: What happened to your knees? 8( And somehow, I just knew CAKE would have been the answer. ;)

Morgen said...

Sorry, I'm a day LATE again!
1. I think the most sick I can remember - as in "I wish I would just die, I'm so sick" was from dysentery.
I caught it on the plane back from Spain. That was a NASTY plane, and I'm sure that's where I got it.
My doctor said, "how many times per hour do you have diarrhea - three or four?"
I said, "Doc, I'm dying here - it's like three or four times every 15 minutes"
He was shocked that he saw a case of dysentery in Dayton, Ohio.

2. I would love to be babied, but I can't say that I ever have been.

3. starchy food - mac & cheese or rice, or tapioca pudding. with 7-UP or ginger ale

Travis said...

Mags - My knees were destroyed playing football.