Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Halloween the Movie

In the sixth grade I was trying to edge my way into the bff spot of the most popular girl in our little school. I was already part of her click, but not quite to that point where we could share our most intimate sixth grade secrets with each other. In order to prove myself worthy, I, despite my fear of well, fear, sat through Nightmare on Elm Street.

It was terrifying. To this day I sometimes think about it-especially when I am in a bathtub and I hear what sounds like Freddy's fingers scraping against the pipes below.

I never made it to the bff spot, but I did manage to scare myself so much that even in my 30's I still remember that classic movie.

Another classic horror film is Halloween. Originating in 1978, it became the highest ranking independent film of its time. Like Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween's ability to get under the viewers skin proved to be its secret to success.

On August 31 Halloween the movie opens in theaters everywhere. The twist? It is written and directed by none other than Rob Zombie.

It is said that having Rob Zombie write and direct this film will make it wildly new and exciting. His "throw-back style" and attention to detail will easily make this the most horrifying Halloween yet. Personally, I think that being so fresh out of the "amateur filmmaker" status means that his newer, fresher perspective and willingness to push the limits will certainly bring more to this film than you can imagine.


Crazy Working Mom said...

I can't wait to see this one. The trailer made my skin crawl!!! Rob Zombie should make this movie awesome. :)

Girl...Freddie scares the living daylights outta me!!! Yikes!

Morgen said...

Remind me to tell you my Nightmare on Elm Street story...

From a marketing standpoint, why is this movie being released in August instead of October?

I don't know - I watched 28 Days Later recently, and I think that was my scary movie quota for the year.

That "classic" Halloween theme song at the end of the video clip made the hair on the back of my neck stand up!