Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Toosdae ?'s

Wow, Toosdae already! Thank you all for being so understanding last week when I didn't make my normal blog rounds...I'm happy to have more time to do that again, and look forward to reading all that you write in the future...that being said, I am hoping to read your answers in my comments section!

1. What do you hate most about being an adult?

2. What food did your parents make you eat when you were little that you hated then but you like now?

3. What was the biggest lie you told your parents when you were between the ages of 5 and 11?

1. I hate that I have to be responsible with money and pay bills. I greatly dislike the responsibility associated with owning my own house, and miss being able to just pick up and go without worrying about what's left behind.

2. I did not like spinach at all when I was little, but now I quite like it cooked. I'm still not a huge fan of spinach salads because I don't like the texture, but steamed or wilted in a pan with garlic and salt and pepper is pretty dang tasty.

3. Without a doubt the biggest lie I told my parents was that it was not me who carved "I love Todd, TLA" into the bathtub. I was maybe 8 which made my only sister at the time around 2. Obviously, she could not write. My father turned off The Wizard of Oz which was on TV that night and made me sit in my bedroom until I confessed. To this day, I never have.

And, incidentally, if you were to look closely, you can still see it!


Brian in Mpls said...

1.) The fact that I can't move it like i used too...but other then that I love being high in age and experience, although I would not refer to myself as a grown-up

2.)I have never been a real picky eater. I used to not like tomatos but now I love them with a little salt

3.) Its not my pipe i found it

Asara said...

1. baby weight.

2. I gotta agree on the spinach. I don't like spinach salad either, but a nice spinach and artichoke dip, or some spinach in my pasta is quite the tasty treat!

3. I can't remember a big lie, but I do remember once I was told that I couldn't do anything until I finished my dinner.. it was mountain peak, and I still can't stand it today. I ended up in the basement with a plate of cold mountain peak, and when I thought the coast was clear, I dumped it in the trash. I don't know if my parents ever knew that I did it, but they never said anything, and from then on my mom would save me out some hamburger meat so I could have a hamburger, so it worked out!

Mags said...

Thank God-I thought no one was going to play Toosdae's today! 8(

Brian: I'm not grown up either. I think that's a good thing...

Asara: What the hell is Mountain Peak? I do not think I would like that either.

flipper said...

1)well im far from a grown up. i dont like having to really plan my feature, not just dream about it. i have to make good decisions and cant just hope for the best, gotta realllly try my best, or else....
2)hum....i use to eat more as a child actually....i use to like meat and baby peas, and dont now....maybe broccoli......i like it now with butter and salt/pepper or with cheese. yummy.
3)thats hard to think back to. i remember once mom asked me if u used her lotion and i said no, but you could smell it from a mile away.

Dixiechick said...

1. Having to get up early for work. Oh and bills

2. Turnip greens... I can eat an entire pot of them now. Just make sure there is cornbread on the table as well.

3. I can't remember that far back. I do remember one time getting in my grandfather's farm truck and putting it in gear. But I didn't touch the gear shift... nope I sure didn't. It just rolled away on it's own... ;-)

You're not going to believe this, but I have a post saved about racism... which I will not tolerate to any level... I'm going over to read... Thank!


Josh said...

1. Having to be responsible with money.

2. Artichokes

3. I told my dad I had a dream that God took me to heaven.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

1. honey when you get to be my age you get to do pretty much anything you want to again. it's great!!

2. asparagus

3. oh no you don't, i'm NOT telling! ha ha... nope, not me.

smiles, bee

Mags said...

8) Bee...you're so funny!!

Flipper-I wish you liked meat. It would open up a whole new world for you! LOL.

Claire said...

1. The fact that i don't feel like one!

2. Ermmm Curry, use to hate all spicy food now i find that i add sweet chilli sauce to nearly everything :)

3.I didn't steal that money!

Mags said...

Oh Claire, you naughty girl! You stole money?

Sheesh. ;)

And I love sweet chili sauce too-curry I'm kind of picky about, but some are really good.

Danielle said...

Sorry I'm late... month end!!!

1. Same as you - bills and money. I remember when I got $40/week for babysitting my siblings and felt rich!

2. My parents made me try things, but never continually eat things that I didn't like when I tried them... so I really don't have an answer. :)

3. I also didn't lie much as a kid, so I really can't remember this. Oh! No wait, that's not true. I lied and told my mom that I didn't know anything about sex when she asked me what I knew because it was time for "the talk". The reality was that I'd heard ALL about it at school. :)

the108 said...

1. loss of the so called freedom that we so looked forward to having as kids.

2. Ham.

3. That I loved them.

Mags said...

Danielle-for some reason your answer to #3 brought Hot Chocolate's "You Sexy Thing" into my head.

LOL...how long did it put your mom off from giving you the talk?

crazy working mom said...

1. Work!

2. My mom did not make us eat foods we didn't like.

3. Yikes...I think it would be about who stole my step dad's cigarettes when my sister and two step brothers were caught smoking in our room!

Danielle said...

None... she handed me a book. :)

Danielle said...

I guess I should mention it was needed because I was getting my boobs, and I also got my "womanhood" within a year afterwards. Mom's instincts that it was needed I guess.

Mags said...

Ah...it's always the boobles...and that pesky womanhood that gets 'em every time.

Linda said...

1) Being the one who has to bring home the paycheck and also being the one that has to agonize over not being able to pay all the bills!

2) I'm with you on spinach. Hated it as a kid and now I quite like it - especially creamed!

3) That I wasn't pulling bubbles in my room when I was six. Funny - those tell-tale rings on everything ratted me out and I got my mouth washed out with Ivory soap. To this day I still have trouble eating Cheerios as they taste soapy to me!

Lisa said...

Ooo...I love creamed spinach too Linda! Yummmmmmmmm

Morgen said...

1. bills
bills, bills, bills, and more expletive deleted bills
why can't we go on the barter system? I'll gladly give you a rooster for a month's worth of air conditioning...

2. Nothing, I guess that's why I have this weight problem. I'll eat anything. EXCEPT beets!

3. That I raised the money to buy those baby chicks, when my sister knew I'd taken the money from her purse. Mom believed me, her favorite. My sister never forgave my Mom for that.

Julie said...

Okay...sure I'll play!

1. Must be paying bills.
2. Broccoli or Cauliflower.
3. "Why of course I took my vitamin." BLEH!!

Marilyn said...

I almost missed toosday and I love toosday! My purter is acting funny so I'm not getting around to things till late.

1. Work... I wouldn't mind the bills if the money just magicaly made it into the account.

2. Broccoli. Sat in front of a plate of it for a week once.

3. I bit myself and blamed my sister who soo deserved it but I was caught because I'd lost a tooth.

Travis said...

1. Going to work when I'd rather be playing.

2. Broccoli or asparagus.

3. I don't recall anything specific, but probably something to get out of going to school.

Lois Grebowski said...

1. Loss of innocence
2. Carrots - Mom used to do this NASTY carrot casserole thing (grated carrots, egg and cheese). I'll eat them just about any way but that!
3. Still not tellin'

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I did that last thing...except into my bedroom furniture...

Asara said...

Yes, I know it's been like three days, but I sort of went on vacation, and we came back early, so this is the first time I've had a chance to catch up!

Mountain peak.. it's hamburger meat and corn and probably some other stuff mixed together with tomato paste (it's the corn mixed in that gets me), with mounds of mashed potatoes on top to make the "peaks". My brother loves it, I can't stand it.

And on a funny note.. I just tried to do a Google search for "recipe mountain peak hamburger" to see if I could find one. Apparently that's just what my mom called it, and nobody else has heard of it, but my comment up there was the 5th result! :)

Asara said...

I stand corrected.

Mountain Peak Casserole Recipe