Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Toosdae ?'s

Top of the mornin' to ya happy readers! In light of the fact that I wish I were rich, here are a few questions about what you would do for money...I am definitely looking forward to reading your answers today, as I think a few of you will come up with some doozies!!

1. For $1000 would you allow a stranger to slather your entire body with Mayonnaise in a busy downtown area? The stranger is of average looks and will be fully clothed*. You would be allowed to wear a bathing suit and flip flops, and could shower immediately afterwards. If not, how much would it take for you to do this? Would another condiment be better?

2. For $500 would you rather have to convince 10 strangers of the opposite sex to kiss you on the lips (just a peck) or rub lotion on your back? If this isn't enough-how much would your request?

3. For $250 would you call a respected but manipulating family member and tell them what you really think of them? You would not be able to preface the call with "I'm getting paid to do this" and you wouldn't be able to clarify it for 24 hours. If not-how much would it take?

1. I don't think I would do this for $1000. I'm not a tremendous fan of Mayo unless it's in Tuna or Potato Salad and having it's greasy, smelly mayonnaisey stench on me is making me sick right now. I would however, allow someone to put mustard on me-even though I'd probably be yellow for a couple of days, the $1000 would pacify me.

2. Yeah. I do the kissing for $500. I'm not sure I'd succeed in getting 10 men to agree to kiss me on the lips, but it might be pretty fun trying!

3. No. I wouldn't do this. Though I tend to me on the mean side to my mom sometimes, that's out of frustration. I couldn't call my Nana (who is that family member) and be disrespectful to her, no matter what I thought. I just respect her too much and wasn't raised that way.

*(This comment is mainly for Brian and Tommy who'll no doubt say "If she's hot enough" or something like that!!!"


~paige~ said...

I would do all of the above. I would do the first one because I think it would be pretty funny although I would need to shower right after.
I would do the second one (with the kisses) for no money but with enough alcohol. What the hell. Why not?
I would also do the third one for free if the person drove me crazy enough and if I felt strongly enough.

Asara said...

1. Hm...Mayo is kind of ooky. I think I'd let someone put ketchup on me though. Or spray cheese. That's a condiment, right? :)

2. I could probably get them to rub lotion on my back :) Kissing is just too personal, IMHO. I'd tell them, "hey, I just got a tattoo on my back, and I can't reach it, could you please put a little bit of lotion on it?" It works!

3. I couldn't do it. It's been 29 years and I haven't been able to do it yet.. I don't see it happening, for any amount of money. Sigh.

Rocketstar said...

1.Who wouldn’t, that an easy one.
2. Kissing for $500, I’d do it.
3. “a respected but manipulating family member” – I don’t have one ;o)

Mags said...

Paige: Wow-you're easy. Give this girl a drink and not only are dances made up-but she'll kiss strange men and tell ya off! Splendid!

Asara: I'd love to watch someone spraying you with cheese. That would be wicked funny.

Rocket: I'd say you win the "I'm the luckiest bastard" award b/c you don't have a family member to tell off...

~paige~ said...

mags are you saying i am a volatile hooch? lol

Mags said...

Paige....yes. But that's just part of your charm. ;) LOL!!!!!

Thomas said...

1. Not for $1,000. I don't want every Joe Schmoo downtown to see my humps. Maybe for $2,000, though.

2. I'd go for the kiss and while I'm at it, I'd be thinking about either you, 108, or Paige (depending on my mood at the moment).

3. Not for $250. Maybe for a G.

Claire said...

Well i love making people pee their pants!

1. Not in a bathing suit.
2. Kissing, but i don't think i would have much luck!
3. Oh yes!

Brian in Mpls said...

Hot Hot Hot...You got the mustard I will bring the dog;)

1.) Yeah of course I would as long as it is not winter once that stuff freezes to you and starts to dry and crack a lot of skin and hair come off and it is pretty painful...

2.) Average Friday night if I get more kisses then slaps I win...I do this for free

3.) This is how my family spent easter. The $250 would have been bonus I would have gladly taken to the bar

Mags said...

Thomas: I think it's only fair that since it's Toosdae and it's my question, that you think of me. ;)

Claire: Just flash your pretty blue eyes dahling-the men would flock to you!! You could play here in the states too, men seem to love accents.

Brian: If you only knew how much I love hot dogs...

And also, good point on the freezing....though I think it being extremely hot would be disgusting too.

C-Unit said...

1.I would def. let someone do that for $1000. No question!
2.I think you are all wrong about not having luck with the kiss. Men are very willing in that area. All you need is charm =)
3. Mags- same answer here.

OrioleGal9 said...

1. I would do it, but I will agree with Mags, that I couldn't do Mayo. I like the idea of cheese in a can or maybe maple syrup. I think that mustard or ketchup may sting due to the acid in them.

2. I would go for the lotion on the back, getting money for it and getting little backrubs. No complaints here!

3. I couldn't do it for $250, it would have to be signifigantly higher amount!

the108 said...

I'd do them all. No questions asked. Although, If I'd gotten cash each and every time I've told off a family member I'd be rich.

Dean used to know this guy who would set up a table on the pier where we lived and on the table he'd put everything in his refrigerator with a sign that said, "when I reach $500, I will mix everything together in this bucket and eat it." This was how he paid his rent...lol.

Mags said...

C-Unit: You have the same answer as me about Nana? I bet Lash would do it! LOL.

Oriolegal: Very true about the back rubs, but that would mean lifting your shirt or wearing something skimpy in order to allow them to rub you with lotion...

108: I need to get me a pier! That's wicked funny! Did you ever wait and see if he got there? That would never work in my town!!!

Skittles said...

1. I wouldn't hesitate at this one for even one second, except for the wearing a bathing suit part. If I could be fully clothed? In a heartbeat!

2. I'd agree to either one, but aren't sure how many takers I'd get ;)

3. A big negative on this one. For NO amount of money.

One who listens said...

Hello all! I can't believe it's Toosdae already.

In fact, I don't believe it. I think Mags is making it up, and it's really only Monday.

But I'll still answer her questions despite the fact that these questions are very disturbing, and it's obvious that someone not a million miles from here (but maybe a few thousand) has some sort of food/kissing fetish. ;)

[1] A thousand dollars. Hmmmm.. I'd barter for more, but would probably do this, providing it's from foot to head, rather than the other way round. The smell would be too overpowering otherwise.

[2] The rub lotion thing would be easy. You just go down to the beach when the sun is hot, and look a bit lost and ask if they wouldn't mind, but you can't quite reach a bit at the back.

[3] Yes, I would. My respected members of my family rely on me to tell them when they've overstepped the mark. They're not good on the old tact, you see.

Of course, if the strangers were hot, I'd have to deal with a jealous girly. I'd have to tell her it was only for the money. :)


Mags said...


Food & Kissing=2 of the bestest things in the entire world.

Thank you very much!

GMadrid said...

1. $5000 and ketchup.
2. Kiss definitely because I am charming.
3. Don't need to pay me I have already done this.

Josh said...

1. Have you seen the gas prices recently? I'd do it for $50

2. Women are already trying to kiss me without me getting paid for it, so I think it'd be rather easy. Hehehe.

3. Yeah, I think I've actually done that before without getting paid for it.

This was fun! Take care

Mags said...

Greg, meet Josh...Josh, Greg.

With Greg's charm and Josh's confidence, you should make a killing.


Flipper said...

1) yes i would do it. I wouldnt like it, but i would do it!
2)yea the back rubs....im sure i would have to split the money with cw lol
3)I would never be able to unless it was right after something huge happened....ill speak my mind if someone does something terrible and over the line....but I wouldnt just call a family member up and bitch them out, its the loveeee baby! so there. ha.

Linda said...

1. As much as this doesn't sound too appealing, I need the money so what the hell? While we're at it do you think we could add some bacon, lettuce, and tomato throw me between two slices of bread and call it lunch? (That doesn't sound right but I typed it so I think I'll leave it!)

2. I think I would prefer the kiss but do I get to pick the strangers? And are you sure that I get the money or do I have to pay them?

3. No, I don't need $250 badly enough to hurt anyone's feelings, relative or not!

Josh said...

Lol! You're funny Mags! And did I mention really, really good looking- sorry watched Zoolander last night.

Greg, could be my wingman!