Friday, April 13, 2007

Maggie, By Numbers

I admit it. I stole this from one of my hot MN here to find out which one.

NINE Things on my mind
1. Should I move?
2. Is it just running away?
3. When will my dress get here?
4. When should I put my house up for sale?
5. Will the fondant be OK?
6. Is that freaking ulcer on my cornea coming back?
7. Where is love? (As in the song from Oliver)
8. Why?
9. Why not?

EIGHT Things I touch every day
1. My hair
2. My alarm clock
3. My coochie...hey-no one likes a dirty girl! On second thought...
4. My car keys
5. My computer keyboard
6. A book
7. Toilet Paper
8. My house alarm

SEVEN Things I Shouldn't Do
1. Love too much
2. Touch my face
3. Bite my nails
4. Eat at school
5. Over wear my contacts
4. Be impatient with my Mom
5. Take all of my vacation time just because I'm bored
6. Go shopping when I have no money
7. Ignore the "check engine" light

SIX Things I want to do before I die (Only six??!!?!)
1. Get remarried
2. Have a baby
3. Get and keep a best friend
4. Learn to play the piano
5. Open a successful catering business
6. Find inner peace
Honorable mentions: Open a non-profit community center, write a book, publish a picture book of food, travel to Italy, Greece, Spain, Ireland and France, make Greg a good cake.

FIVE Things I wish I could teach the world
1. Everyone deserves to be fed
2. How to make one meal their family will request for years.
3. How to provide food for themselves even when they think they can't.
4. That I'm really lovable
5. That holding a door for people is the right thing to do, and saying Thank you when it's held for you is even more right.

FOUR Things I am wearing
1. Black underwear
2. Lip gloss
3. Red Shoes
4. A smile

THREE People I would like to trade places with for a week
1. My niece Mariah
2. Ina Garten
3. A man with a really big penis....just kidding...that's kind of an inside joke.
3. My future self

TWO People I miss
1. Nelson
2. My Papa

ONE Thing that makes me sick
1. People who lie to you because it's easier than telling the truth.


Brian in Mpls said...

Where are you debating on moving to? Minneapolis by any chance?

I cracked up when I read things I shouldn't face. I used to be married to an aesthetician who would spray me with water whenever I touched my face and basically convienced me that I was going to die if I ever touched it.

Black Underwear = Thong?

I never thought I would say it but getting remarried wouldn't be such a bad thing...with the right

I would love to learn one meal that people would request for a life time...let me know what you got.

Good post:)I like these ones every once in a while to get to know stuff about people that you normally wouldn't know.

Callie Ann said...

I love your post. Super Duper. Keep on touching the coochie don't want no yucky coochies'. Your doing Good Mags Great Post. Very Good. You made be laugh already and it's 6:22 am. I waiting on the darn coffee to finish.

Rocketstar said...

Why are you thinking of moving and selling your house?

Mags said...

Brian: Thank you for the inspiration for this post! I didn't know you used to be married-and also, that she treated you like a cat. (Isn't that what your supposed to do to cats when they jump on your tables?)

Callie: Yes, yucky coochies. ;)

Rocketstar: I am thinking of moving to Boston after I graduate in July. Why? Because I am single, young and this is the time to explore. There's a big food culture there, and it's a vibrant city with the greatest baseball team in the world. ;)

And also...why not?

Ok, ok...there's also the "Starting fresh" thing too. I'd like to do that again.

Thomas said...

Black underwear. As Borat would say, "Wah-wah-wee-wah!! Very Nice!!!"

the108 said...

Black underwear make vajeen not sag like goat.

Mags said...


Let it be known, my vajeen does not sag like goat....

Skittles said...

I wonder how many hits you'll get for saying coochie? :)

You ARE lovable!

Thomas said...

I'm wearing teal ones today myself.

Mags said...

Thomas: Please tell me they aren't Dori's...

Danielle said...

If you move to Bawstin, we should get together for coffee. :)