Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Game of the Heart

This time of year always makes me miss being a part of a softball team.

From 3rd grade through 12th grade I played faithfully, mixing with girls both above me and below me in the small town caste system we created for ourselves.

Though all of my years were special, the ones spent in high school really stay with me. Yes, it was more serious and our stats meant more. But I think mostly I enjoyed it because by then, we were little adults who formed their own opinions, had our own quirks and appreciated life for different reasons.

I've talked often about my love of the earth defrosting, the birds peeking their little beaks back into our world, filling our ears with their joyful songs and chatter. These things all mean spring to me. But something is always missing.

I miss the smell of the dirt on the diamond-the dust that always coated my hands after practice. I miss the smell of the cold leather of my glove, the bruise that stayed on my left hand the entire season from my short stops forceful throw.

I miss the smell on my skin after hours of being in the cold spring air, slightly salty from my sweat, but clean from the breeze that drifted through the apple orchard that lined the field.

And of course, there are the sounds...

The crack of the bat, the thump of the ball as it hit my glove-the laughter. I even miss the sound the batting cage made from the rainy days spent inside, sliding on the smooth tile floors in sweatpants and socks.

Yes, those days were special and always, in the first months of spring, my heart still anticipates my time on the field, playing a game I will always love.


OrioleGal9 said...

Yay, I'm the first comment.

I also used to play softball in the Northeast and I too miss the start of spring which means softball/baseball season! The crack of a bat or a ball in a glove are music to my ears. I still remember being on the diamond in the cold and on this day it was sleeting and the sound the sleet made on the batting helmet and then how much whacking the ball with an aluminum bat killed your hands when it made contact! OUCH! But those were the days.

Baseball opening day is right around the corner and I couldn't be more excited!

Go Orioles! Hopefully this will be our year.

OrioleGal9 said...
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Mags said...

"Go Orioles! Hopefully this will be our year."

Or...hopefully NOT!

You forget, dear friend, that you are posting on a RED SOX lovers blog. ;)

OrioleGal9 said...

I can handle a Red Sox lover....however, I can't stand the Yankees! At least we have that in common. I just don't want to be a cellar dweller this year with the Devil Rays. But since I live only 3 miles from the Devil Rays stadium I don't want to see them in the cellar either.

Skittles said...

That sounds like it could have been in Field Of Dreams :)

Mags said...

Oriolegal: One of the games I might go see is actually the Oriole's vs. RS.

Which is weird, b/c that's who I usually end up seeing when I get to a game. Oh is baseball, and as long as it's in Fenway, they could be playing the little league for all I care!!!

the108 said...

I had a dream about baseball the other night. I'm like you.... doesn't a good game sound like fun right now??? The way I differ is that I don't like to watch it.... I just like to play it. I'm like that with most sports,

Travis said...

So evocative. I started thinking about football practice in high school.

Go Dodgers!!

Rocketstar said...

You said soft balls, hehehehe

-- Bevis