Saturday, February 03, 2007

Restaurant Quote of the Weekend

"A flower for a flower..."

Said by PRMan01 to me as he put a sprig of basil in the pocket of my chef coat.

He's usually nicer to me than to anyone in the kitchen, but tonight, he was particularly sweet. Though the "If I were single..." with suggestive eyebrows and a wink was a little creepy.

No fights tonight. Yay me!

My feet hurt really bad today, and so does my back. They sell sex toys for lonely women, how about robots that give massages?

Cause I really need one.


the108 said...

Screw the robot... they need to hook us up with sherpas or something that follow us around and rub our feet whenever we deem it necessary. Then again... if Fonzie were here....

Skittles said...

What a sweet thing for him to say :)