Monday, January 08, 2007

Weebles Wobble...

It's not that I have a real "problem" with little people.

And by little people, I don't mean midgets. The tiny people I speak of are the little (mostly) girls ('cause let's face it, you wanna feel sorry for the 5'4" man) who tout statements such as:

* "My old friends and I got together and talked about who got fat since high school."

* "I'm so full-that 2nd Saltine really put me over the edge."

* "I'm mortified. I had to buy a size 2 in these jeans."

These are the girls who were born with small bones and short statures and never have to worry about where they'll buy their next pair of jeans, because, for the most part, stores cater to them.

Yes, we know. You are skinny and beautiful and many people love you.


But don't discount the rest of us-the girls who know what it feels like to walk down a street without one single man making eye contact, or who can't buy a wedding dress because stores don't carry double digits.

We are beautiful, and our worth is not computed by our size, and neither is yours.

I am caring and generous and thoughtful. I think about how my actions will affect others, and if it will hurt someone when I laugh. I'm spunky and adventurous and can easily be the life of a party.

But you don't see that. You only see a size, a shape, that's not perfectly like you. You see someone who can't compete with you athletically or socially because, in your mind, you are superior.

Well, little girls, I am here to tell you that you are wrong.

Because I'd rather be fat than a snob, any day of the week. And when I'm skinny, I will never find my happiness in someone else's misery like you do.


One who listens said...

I'm 5'4"!

I got a mention in Mags' blog! Yay!

And I never comment on how big people are unless it's to say they've lost weight since I last saw them.

My mummy taught me that if you can't think of anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Owl. :)

Mags said...

Really? You're 5'4"? You don't seem that little in pictures. You must just associate with other short people.

Wow. I never knew.

One who listens said...

I always stand near the vanishing point so that you think it's just a perspective thing. :)

Yep. I'm teensy, but I make up for it by being extra, extra happy with added happiness.

I'm as happy as a 7 foot person, but it's all squeezed into little me.


Mags said...


Yes, it must be the smile that radiates from your face that deflect the tininess.


OrioleGal9 said...

Ouch...who said something, I want to come beat their tiny, non-existant *ss.

Mags said...


I love having friends who will beat people up for me.

No one said anything to me...just some observations and intuitions.

Segue said...

Those girls annoy people of all shapes and sizes.

For what it's worth, I broke up with my last girlfriend because she was too skinny (among other reasons).

Bond said...

Maggie...Excellent words today.

I can not beleive you walk down the street and men do not make eye-contact though...

Sorry hard for me to believe...not with that smile...

Skittles said...

Here, Here!!!!! *applause*

Erika said...

"We are beautiful, and our worth is not computed by our size, and neither is yours" I love that!

I come via Skittles! Great blog... I will be back!

Mike said...

What a post. I'm Skittles hubby BTW. Theres much to be said about plus size women. It isn't in the appearance, it's whats in the heart. I'll be back to see what you post again :)

mist1 said...

Ouch. You know, some of us are just skinny. And sometimes, people only see that about us.

Just came through from Skittles, felt compelled to throw in the skinny voice.

crpitt said...

There was a girl just like that when i was in school, she was known (behind her back of course) as the 'poison dwarf', she was horrible, but all the boys thought she was lovely!

Mags said...

To all the people who came here by way of Skittles, THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY!!

To Mist1: I don't mind skinny people-just the ones who think they are better than everyone. ;)

mist1 said...

I have weight issues that one day I hope to get over. If the skinnies look at you meanly (is that a word?), it's because we're hungry.

kristarella said...

I don't know if it's more annoying when people think they're all that or when they complain about fattness after eating a chocolate brownie. My three friends are fairly skinny, they're gorgeous all three of them in their own ways, not undue to their personalities. We went out for iced chocolates the other day and when we were all finished and rather full they were talking about their tummies and it was so annoying. I kept quiet because I'm at least two sizes bigger than the largest one. I'm not huge, but because I'm short my weight is probably more than it should be and I'm trying to eat healthy foods. Do they really think that about themselves, do they think that the tiny curve at their belly is a problem? I'd rather see a tiny curve than ribs. Girls are weird.

the108 said...

HA HA HA @ Mist1 "If the skinnies look at you meanly it's because we're hungry." Too damned funny.

I'm not asking to look like skelator or anything because I think that some skinniness is downright gross, but I do get really sick of being a fat ass. And before anyone yells at me as a lot of those thin beauties do and say, "then get off your ass and work out!" I have and I lost 70 pounds this year. I was so proud of that and am now upset to find myself pregnant and gaining weight

Here's what I hate about being a fatty:

I hate how impossible it is to shop for clothes.

I hate feeling like the mattress my husband is lying on while we're getting it on.

I hate wondering if he's having to imagine some porn star while he's screwing me just to keep it hard.

I'm sick of watching 98 pound women strut on the catwalk as if they look attractive or healthy in clothing that no person in her right mind would ever wear.

I hate knowing that if you're a woman who weighs 145 then you're considered fat, but if you're a man who weighs 200, you look pretty good.

I hate watching people effortlessy and with no consequence, inhale a bag of Doritos where as I eat one and I've got an extra butt cheek.

I hate knowing that there is almost no reason to do my hair or put on makeup because hairdryers and eyeliner do not cause you to instantly drop 50 pounds and make you appealing to men.

I hate knowing that until I am about 8 months pregnant, I'm just going to look fat.

Let's face it, personally knowing your vagina if your fat can be a real chore. On one side, why shave it when you're not getting any and on another side, why shave it when you can't even reach it to masturbate effectively? This also applies to fat men who cannot locate their penis's and must install a gps system in their drawers.

On a good note, fatty's can have fun. Anytime someone asks me if I've seen so and so, I tend to reply : "Yeah, I ate him. Gimme about 24 hours and I'll tell him you were looking for him."

I hate that fat chicks are always having to defend their beauty. For as many fatties as our country has, it's bizarre that it seems to be the last, big example of bigotry left. I'm surprised we're allowed to vote.

I hate saying that I'm okay with being fat when I'm not. I wanna make heads turn. I'm sick of being the girl with the great personality. Besides, if you can get past the fat ass, I'm a terrific lay :-)

Sorry for the blog within a blog. Great subject!

Finn said...

Found this entry through The Bestest Blog of the Day and Skittles.

Excellent post. And I say that as a former skinny girl who had a baby and became a regular girl.

I can't vouch for your inside as I don't know you, but the outside's pretty hot if you ask me. You're beautiful.