Wednesday, January 31, 2007


So, it's no real secret that I'm broke. I whine about it here sometimes when the pile of bills gets too high, and the oil in the tank runs low. That's why I was so pumped when I received all 4 of my W forms. I could file taxes.

As I began the process, I happily plugged numbers in, clicking boxes and shuffling papers, dreaming of maybe for once being able to patch the hole in my roof or replacing the faulty sump pump in the basement. Instead, I was shocked to see my numbers dwindling-down to $100 back.

I hadn't put in deductions or anything like that yet, but still, at this point I usually have about $1500 already to get back. Then I spotted it: My new company has not logged any of my medical insurance. Sure, they've been taking the money out each week-but it's not on my form. In fact, they have me listed as retired.

This all stems back to my start date in May. They input my birthday wrong, and in turn, delayed my insurance from starting. I thought the whole mess was straightened out.

Now, instead of getting my return back in 9 days, I have to wait for them to fix it. Actually-I have to find out who to talk to in the company (there's a whole lot of "I don't handle that, call so-and-so" and then "Oh, I don't know why she told you to call me-she's the one who does that").

Sometimes, I truly wonder who I pissed off and how long they'll hold this grudge...


EC said...

Ugh, that stinks! I know, I used to look forward to tax time with a vegnence myself - however this year I'm getting a mere $348 back :( Compared to my usual $3000 at least, I can certainly feel your pain!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

now tell me one more time, why is it that you like that company you work for so much? and don't do your own taxes, there are lots of deductions you may not know about. good tax preparers get you more than they cost back honey, usually anyway. and lots of places do them free if you meet certain qualifications. you ask me or sarge if you have questions, ok? smiles, bee

Morgen said...

Call your company's payroll dept.
Skip HR unless they do the actual payroll, which probably not if a big corporation.
Payroll is the dept that has to figure this out.
Get names of the people you talk to - and do not hesitate to ask for a supervisor if you're getting yanked around.
I used to be in HR, and would sometimes have to fight the payroll dept on behalf of employees. Sometimes the payroll clerks think they just have to sit there and deal with numbers, not with people.
Don't give up on this, whatever you do -- this is too important.
And Bee has a good suggestion - get all your deductions, etc. by going to a reputable tax preparer. They're worth it!

Mags said...

Well...apparently the form isn't wrong.

My company doesn't tax us on our benefits. So I'm not going to be getting much back this year. IN fact, I may have to pay.

Life just keeps on coming.


kristarella said...

Ugh, I was going to say they are lame for doing it wrong. Now I think they're lame because you're getting less back - does that mean you got paid more week to week?

Our financial year doesn't end until 30 June so I won't see any of the whopping amounts they've taken out until July.

Mags said...

Kris: Well, kind of. They just don't take taxes out of the amount I pay for benefits. But it's hard to see at the end of the year how this is benefitial for me, b/c I count on the lump sum.

I suppose it's better, but like I said, I count on that money each year...

DinaLove said...

Blech. But even having said that, stick it out, chin up, think positively, and all that new agey crap. It's just a step in a staircase and you'll either have to go up or come down from here. Best wishes, love!