Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I'm finding it extremely hard to stay motivated to wake up and go to work these days. It's a cool job, if they ever give me something to do. I've asked my boss several times for work, and he always puts me off. So, I sit at my desk waiting for his phone to ring and hand out keys.

He almost always picks up his own phone, and people need keys like, once a week.

I like to feel as though I am important-that what I do helps someone get their job done faster, easier...better. Or that what I do helps get the final product out the door. I don't like feeling that if I took vacation days for the rest of the year, no one would care.

I left my old job with the same company because I didn't get enough work. I work faster than the average person, yes, I realize this. And I've learned to adapt accordingly. But this position is worse. There's literally nothing going on. I'm told it will pick up soon and that I won't be able to breath when that happens.

Bring it. I've had too much breathing room. Give me work. I'm able, and I am willing.

I need a reason to wake up in the morning.

Switching gears-

I got a 96 on my Menu Planning project!!!! It's worth 60% of my final grade in the class, and I couldn't be more thrilled. Know-it-all got an 84. I feel bad for him, but also feel happy that we will be more even now with our grades. We've always been neck and neck and I hated it. I don't feel so bad because he knows why his grade is bad. He waited until the last minute when we had 11 weeks, and he's taking the result in stride.

We've actually become pretty good friends. With just 4 of us in the class, it's easier to talk and to support each other. What's nice is that we work alone now-not in teams, and so we're very helpful to each other. I like it.

I gave my chef instructor his card yesterday, and I'm glad I did. I was in my classroom in a lecture when he passed in the hallway, and his face lit up and he smiled a HUGE smile. It made me feel good that he knows that he influenced me in such a positive way. I'm glad I did it.

Patissier is going to be my favorite class-I can tell. Cake baking, Petit Fours and decorating. I've already learned how to make a rose out of frosting-which I could never do. 10 minutes with this guy, and I'm doing it. Amazing.

Also, he knows Colette Peters- the Queen of cake decorating. In fact, he knows her well enough that she came to a party that he threw and brought the cake! Way impressed...

This mod is the death of my diet. It's literally impossible to be on the South Beach or Atkins diet while in culinary school. Especially because I have French Regional Cuisine (Lots of Puff Pastry) and Patissier-so, I'm going to just eat right when I can, and in school eat what we make. Hopefully someday, I'll be skinny again...

Lastly, I got my chocolate fountain in the mail today. I can't wait to try it out!!!! (I have to test it, of course, before the party!)


Skittles said...

Hopefully your job will pick up soon like they said.

Woohoo on the 96! That's wonderful :)

I'm glad you gave him the card!

I can't imagine sticking to a diet with all that yummy stuff you're doing!

Mags said...

Skittles-you don't know the HALF of the yumminess that's coming this mod!! Yesterday was our first class of cake/pastries and while we were making yummy cake, our chef MADE US DINNER!! MMMM. Pasta galore. The night before we made the best potatoes I've ever had in my entire life.

I almost asked if I could bathe in them they were so good. ;)

Segue said...

I finally got around to looking up the word "randomivity". I was correct: it is not a real word, but it did score a definition in the Urban Dictionary, so you're off the hook.

Nothing is worse than being at work with absolutely nothing to do. Probably the worst offender in my experience was the Air National Guard, where we would be at work for literally a 10- or 12-hour work day and perform absolutely zero work for several days in a row. I feel for you.

You could bring your chocolate fountain to work, and dip random things in chocolate, like pens, staplers, etc. Or you could set it up in the bathroom and serve treats to the bathroom social club.

Mags said...

Segue: My college roomie and I one day "made up" randomivity. (Even though it existed)

I never thought about actually being the HOSTESS of the bathroom social club. What a great idea!

crpitt said...

Woo hoo indeed on the 96%! i got my first counselling portfolio back, its just a pass or fail thing, and i pased!
I am glad you gave the card, he sounds like a great person and a valuable contact to have.
Does this mean you will be making profiteroles?

Mags said...

Claire: We made profiteroles in our advanced baking class a couple of mods back. This is cakes and Petit Fours mostly. And decorating. Yay!

OrioleGal9 said...

Just remember portion control... I too am trying the motto of "All things in moderation"...Granted we had a sales meeting this morning and my boss brought bagels, although I ate one (they were on the smaller side) it was a whole grain bagel. That means a salad for lunch and maybe dinner too!

crpitt said...

Oh i missed the profiteroles!(sad now) but then again that means you can already make them!
I am looking forward to some cake recipes then, nothing too hard though, i haven't done well with them in the past.

Monkee said...

Hey, I know who colette peters is! I've seen her on the cake challenge shows on food network. I LOVE her cakes.

Mags said...

crpitt: I don't think I was posting recipes here when I did them...or pics (b/c I don't have any LOL) BUT, I will be making them for my job in March, so I'm sure to post pics then. I promise, just for you. ;)

Monkee: She's amazing. If I ever become a cake decorator for a living, I'm totally going to make cakes like her crazy lopsided ones with COLOR galore! I just love 'em.

Making a cake tonight I think...maybe pics tomorrow.

Josh said...

Congratulations on the good grade! You earned it.

Sounds like you need a commission job. I mean, I hope you're being paid at least hourly or salary, and your position must at least be important enough for them to have you working it. But I know what you mean, though. I get pretty restless myself, when I'm not doing anything I feel is productive.

kristarella said...

At least you've asked them for work. It's not your fault there's nothing to do. Hope it gets better.

Well done on your grade, very cool.

Maybe you could try Weight Watchers. I don't know about America but in Australia they have this points system where food is worth points and you're allowed a certain amount per day. So if you have to eat cake you can just eat less of something else to even out your points - I think you can save up points too if you want a treat. Anyway, don't stress about it just be a brilliant chef :)

crpitt said...

Thank you kindly!!!lol!

Angel Feathers Tickle Me said...

"How we feel about ourselves crucially affects virtually every aspect of our experience...from the way we function at work, in love, in sex, to the way we operate as parents, to how high in life we are likely to rise. The dramas of our lives are the reflections of our most private visions of ourselves!"