Thursday, January 25, 2007

Green Goddess Ice Cream

avocado ice cream isn't as icky as most of you fact, I think some of you would even like it! Mine's a little bit too crystallized because I don't have an ice cream maker-I simply put it in a bowl in the freezer...but, for an impromptu adventure, I think it came out quite nice.

It's very subtle and inviting. There's a certain earthy flavor that comes along with it, naturally, but it's delightfully sweet and creamy's got good umami (mouth feel)-it fills your whole pallet up.

Just by accident I am drinking gingerale with it, and it's actually a nice combination!

And, though I can't see myself craving avocado ice cream on a regular basis-it's very refreshing and quite yummy! In fact, my whole bowl is gone!


Kyra said...

That is awesome! I'm so glad you made it.

Thanks so much! Can I link you up tomorrow (I'm too tired and lazy tonight, lol) on GourmetMango?

(PS: I'm also Kai on TheBuzzQueen as well.)

Skittles said...

That does sound like an odd concoction, but oh, I love avocados!

Mags said...

Kyra-Of course you can! Thank you for the inspiration!!

Skittles-Be daring-try green ice cream. ;)

Segue said...

It looks like wasabi.

Now there's an ice cream flavor that would never take off...

Segue said...

Gourmet Mango's author is "Kyra"? That's random.

Mags said...

Segue: I know, isn't it funny?

the108 said...

I've had to do a couple of double takes now that I keep seing "Kyra". At first I thought I had been leaving you comments that I couldn't remember. Then, I wondered if I had been writing another blog without knowing it. Hee hee.

kristarella said...

Cool, perhaps I will make some today :)

Last time I made ice cream, actually it was sorbet, I was told to stir it every hour or something if I didn't have an ice cream maker. It took longer to set but it was yum afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Hi to everyone =)
thx for u

Chef Jules said...

Well, now! I have yet to incorporate avocado in ice cream, but it is certainly something I will give a whirl or my name's not Gastronome Chef Jules! A delight to the taste buds, I'm sure!