Monday, December 31, 2007

Manic Monday: Keys 2 The Kingdom

Once it was decided that I was indeed going to be allowed to move to Florida for a semester to participate in their college program, my parents and I had to figure out the logistics. I would be living a couple of miles away from Disney and though they did have a bus that would pick me up each day having my own transportation was important-especially because I'd be working past midnight quite often.

The first option would be for one of my parents to drive to Florida with me and then to fly back to Connecticut, but that option was expensive and money was tight. But I couldn't very well drive all the way to Florida alone. Enter the auto train.

The auto train leaves Lorton Virginia and goes straight to Florida, about 2 hours away from where I needed to be. I have a pretty good sense of direction and had driven long distances, so it didn't bother me that I would be going it alone for the end leg of my journey. In fact, I welcomed it.

My father and I packed up the car and began our trip to Virginia. It was about a 6 hour trip from where we lived in CT and about half way we stopped for lunch. The train was leaving in about 4 1/2 hours, so time was tight, but we were ok if we stuck the to schedule. After a nice lunch and bathroom breaks, we went outside to being our last leg of the trip together.

And then I realized I locked the keys inside the car.

I'm not certain why I did that, but I remember it had something to do with the fact that I thought I had given the car key to my dad and that the other keys on the ring were to the house-which I wouldn't be in for a few months. I was wrong.

With time ticking away and no way of getting help (no one really had cell phones around this time) I started to panic. I was angry with myself for making such a stupid mistake and worried that I would miss the train and therefore miss the mandatory check in at my new home. I noticed that across the street there was a fire station and I ran over hoping they could help.

After a few minutes of begging, one fireman took pity on me and walked over to my car with me. He told me that he wasn't suppose to do this, but that he'd let me in the car if I could prove it was mine once it was open. At the time, I thought that was silly because the car was packed with luggage and girly things-obviously the car was mine! But once the door was ajar, I showed him my license and registration and he went on his way.

And we went on ours.

I made it to the train on time, and spent the next 24 hours reading, writing and thinking about what was to come. And the rest is history...

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Let It Snow

When I was looking for an apartment I asked the realtor what people did with their cars in the winter. He told me that people just park on the street like normal, unless it's a Snow Emergency. "But" he said, "that hasn't happened in a while."

I laughed and told him that he should prepare for lots of snow this winter, b/c I'm moving to Boston and these things seem to happen to me. In todays news on

"Greater Boston may set a record for the snowiest December in the city's history this month, weather watchers said yesterday.
more stories like this

Area residents should expect up to 6 inches of snow by early tomorrow, far exceeding the 1.1 inches needed to break the record of 27.9 inches, which fell in 1970, according to the National Weather Service in Taunton."

At 5pm I got an email telling me that the mayor had declared a snow emergency for my area. It didn't start until midnight though. Thinking that I'd be smart, I hopped in my car and went to search for the lot I was supposed to go to. However, there are lots of signs saying that it's only 2 hour parking, and knowing my luck, I'd get towed. So I called city hall and asked how early I could park in the designated lot.

She told me not until midnight.

What?!? The city actually wants people to wake up at midnight to move their cars during a blizzard to fight for parking spots in a far away lot? (I actually asked her that specifically) She yelled at me.

Frustrated at the fact that every time I call city hall about this issue I never get answers, I went back to my apartment and packed a bag. I am now sitting in a hotel room near work hoping that I made the right decision.

Feeling helpless I posted a question about this subject on Yelp! Based on what one guy said, I think that I may actually be able to stay parked on my street. But chancing it means possibly being towed. So tonight I'm sucking it up and enjoying my king bed and free breakfast and in the morning I will call the police department and specifically ask about streets I can and can't park on during an emergency.

Because city hall and the snow emergency hotline don't seem to have answers or care about helping new people adapt.

It better damn well snow a lot for all this crap!


I was given the exciting task to "find neat little places to eat" around Boston now that I live here. It's an assignment that I do not mind tackling at all. Last night I could hardly sleep because I knew that today I would be trying a new bakery.

The bald man that came to my first dinner mentioned a bakery just around the corner. Well, about .5 miles away anyway. It's off of a little side street and when I checked it out on Yelp, I found that the reviews were very good.

How exciting! I know I'm a geek, but when I though about city living, I thought about open air markets, festivals and bakeries. I always thought that it was somewhat romantic in a non-romantic kind of way (if that makes sense) to be able to walk down the street on a Sunday to get fresh pastries and bread. I imagined lazy Sundays in PJ's with a big cup of coffee and a paper or laptop overlooking the city while slowly eating the pastries.

And today, that was my life. And quite frankly, it makes me smile. There are a few things missing from this scenario, but they aren't worth mentioning because today-they don't matter.

It's a beautiful day today in Boston, and Sunday mornings are quiet in my neighborhood. I love walking on days like today, and so this adventure was already off to a great start. When I reached the street the bakery was on, I was met with this:

I was afraid that the shops would be closed (because the one on the corner was) but luckily, I came quickly upon my destination...The tiny bakeshop tucked away on this side street is an amazing find. Not only are the artisan breads beautiful (like the one in the window) but as I soon discovered, their breads are out of this world. I went in for a Morning Roll-which I'd heard were fantastic and came out with 2 morning rolls, an almond cake, a croissant with Gruyere cheese (which I will gently warm today for lunch) and a small loaf of French bread for dinner. I am beside myself (really) at how happy this find has made me. I can't wait to have guests over so I can bring them here for yummies on a Sunday morning.

A bad picture of a good roll....MMMMMMmmmmmmMMMMMM!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Today In Boston

Today I was supposed to have an interview for a line cook position up the street in Coolidge Corner. I got there about 5 minutes early to find the restaurant locked-not so odd. So I waited until 2pm when my interview was scheduled for and called the restaurant. No one answered. So, I waited another 5 minutes and called again. No answer. After about 12 minutes of waiting and calling, I left. The chef invited me to come at 2pm and knowing that his door was locked, he should have been waiting for me. Or at the very least, should have answered the phone.

It's rather disappointing, mainly because it is a cute restaurant and it's less than a walking mile away from my house. But, truth be told, I don't want to work for someone like that anyway...

Instead, I walked around Coolidge Corner for a while. I stopped in for a free champagne tasting where I sampled for the first time Dom Perignon. It was quite good, I must say. I've heard that it wasn't that good but I disagree. It was (of course) my favorite of all that we tasted.

Outside the wine store there were door there is a coat shop that specializes in fur coats, and I was "lucky" enough to watch them in action. (New camera-not yet good at taking pictures=blurry)Today was also Haymarket day, and I took $11 and headed to find some cheap food! I specifically wanted to get some white fish, green beans and fruit. Anything else would be a bonus in my mind. The first thing I bought was swordfish. It's practically the entire fish-that's how big it is! I paid $7. Then I got 3#'s of green beans for $1, a pint of strawberries for $1, 3 bunches of asparagus for $1 and 4 oranges for-you guessed it, $1. The oranges were the worst buy b/c just a few booths down I could have gotten 8 for $1. Oh well. Next week I'll walk around first before buying anything. I also want to get some cheese next week, and if they still have them, cherries.

After I spent my $11 I walked to the T, but not before stopping to see what was going on near Faueuil Hall. These guys were giving out free Snapple. I'm not sure why.
This girl really stunk. She looks neat, but I saw a man like this in San Fransisco and he was so still and elusive-this girl...well, she's looking at me.
And this clown...he just made me smile because he was silly...

Then I came home, did laundry and cleaning my living room. (I took down the tree) And there you have it, my fascinating Saturday in Boston. :)
PS. Last night was fun-I got called up on stage to be part of the show. Nothing more to really say about it, just that I had a great time!

Friday, December 28, 2007


Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape
A one-winged fairy
hides on the side
waiting for someone
to let their wish slide
out of their heart and into
her hand
so she can set it free
like a grain of sand.

A one-winged fairy
has no where else to be-
her fairy friends have snubbed her,
so has her family.
Her shadow isn't balanced
and her feet are planted down-
she's the only one-winged fairy
on this side of town.

A one-winged fairy
waits patiently to be seen
so she can prove her worth to all
the others who are mean.
She knows deep down she's worthy
and that she has the right
to have a sense of belonging-
to not be afraid at night.

A one-winged fairy
can make your dreams come true
if only you'd see past her flaws
and bring her into you.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Minus One

I went in to buy a belt, and came out with a jacket, pants and two shirts. (And the belt) I didn't intend on buying the extra clothes, but when I tried on the size I am accustomed to wearing, I found that they all were too big! When I tried on the next size down, they fit like a glove and boy, did I look goo-od. I couldn't resist.

The sales people at Lane Bryant don't get excited for you when you excitedly tell them that the clothes you are buying are a size smaller than you would have bought a month ago. I suppose I understand, I mean, when I am transformed into a hot skinny girl again, I will no longer have to buy their $45 shirts and $69 dollar pants. My flub means money to them.

You can't really see the color in the picture, but this is my new outfit. It's a gray suit (jacket & pants) with a crazy cool flimsy shirt with yellow and black and gray on it. I'm excited because it is the type of outfit that I can mix and match (Stacy & Clinton would be so proud!) and can dress up for work or down for, oh I don't know-a comedy show! Tomorrow night I'm wearing this top with jeans and black boots.

So yay for 1 size smaller! Oh, and to the crazy girl on the street who said I needed to lose weight-you'd better watch out, because when I become a hot sexy skinny girl, your boyfriend's gonna want me. ;)


As 2007 comes to a close, people everywhere are compiling lists-best movies, worst red carpet gowns and a plethora of others that I can not even begin to write about. This morning when I turned on my 'puter I saw a list that I thought would be funny: "Weirdest Sports Stories of 2007".

Sure enough, it was amusing but you know there is one that I need to openly post. Vinny-close your eyes...

4. Man, that bugged me

There's no other way to get around this, but in 2007 it became abundantly clear that God hates the Yankees.

How else can you explain
the plague of locusts that He sent to torment Joba Chamberlain just when the Bombers were on the verge of tying up their divisional series with the Indians at a game apiece?

OK, so they were technically midges, an insect related to the mosquito. But we're claiming poetic license in this instance.

Clearly disturbed by the insects that were swarming around his head, face and neck, Chamberlain surrendered the tying run in the bottom of the eighth inning, setting the stage for the Indians' dramatic win in the 11th.

After taking the Sabbath off (allowing the Yankees to win Game 3), God came back strong in Game 4. And while none of the Bronx Bombers busted out in unhealable sores (at least, that we know of) and frogs didn't rain down from the heavens, Chien-Ming Wang did suffer a meltdown of Biblical proportions, allowing Cleveland to advance to the ALCS.

...Yup, He smote the Yankees alright, and if anyone ever doubted the power of prayer, the proof is in the pennant.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Weekly Review in Boston

Last week in Boston:

*I went to my very first hockey game ever and liked it a lot. I think I might go to another one soon. The only thing that bothered me a little bit was how excited people got when two players beat the shit out of each other.

*Found another connection. I've gone to places around the city before and am slowly figuring out how they all connect to each other. When the light bulb goes off, it makes me smile. It means I'm closer to really calling Boston home.

*Finally found Haymarket and fell instantly in love. It's crazy and crowded with vendors yelling and people shuffling money back and forth. I bought 6 lemons for a dollar and Greg got 3 pounds of bananas for a dollar. 3 POUNDS! I could have gotten a whole box of asparagus for $3 but didn't have anymore cash. Did I mention that I love Haymarket?

*Got LOTS of pastries and rainbow cookies at Mike's Pastry in the north end.

*Had breakfast at Zaftigs and decided that I shall go back for lunch soon.

This week in Boston:

*Hosting an outing to a local improv show in the north end. There will be 6 of us, and it should be a great time. This will be the farthest I've traveled by T alone at night.

*Re-arranging my living room after the Christmas tree is taken down, putting up 2 pictures, finding a pot rack and hanging my magnetic knife rack. Dishes must be done too.

*New Year's Eve in Boston with strangers. I'm a little sad that I'm going to be spending New Year's with strangers, but everyone else has plans and I don't want to sit alone in my new city while the new year rolls in. I plan on having tons of fun, regardless of who I am with.

In the works:

*Currently trying to locate the best venue to host a wine tasting event.

*Planning a get together at my place with a few girls I've met over the last month.

*Buying Red Sox tickets.


*Hockey is fun to watch live.  Although I did get a little sad at how excited the fans get when the players are beating the shit out of each other...
*When someone who knows you well says, "You're going to think it's a weird gift" they're probably right.  (But that doesn't mean it's not a good gift)
*I can see clearly now the...oh, wait.  I can't see.  That's right.  :)
*Learning new stories about you grandparents is nice.
*Toy parrots can sometimes look real.
*I stuck up for my Mother & my Nana on Christmas Eve and shut my wicked aunt up.  Then I was told by my real aunt that she wished she had the balls to do that herself.
*Overheard on Christmas Day: Don't sit on the toilet seat, it has a hole in it....That's OK, I have a crack in my butt, so it doesn't matter"
*Going to the cemetery against your will is so not fun.  Especially when you stay in the car and everyone else goes to the grave.
*I still think it's weird that people find comfort visiting bones in the ground. (Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there, I did not die)
*It is HARD to lay a rug under your bed all by yourself.
*Waking up the day after Christmas because you have to work stinks-big time.
*Medicine changed my life. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Those of you who know me, know that Christmas Eve is my favorite day of the year. I have a large family and we all pile into my Nana's house for lots of food and laughter. It is, without a doubt, one of the only constants in my life that I still hold near and dear.

That is what Christmas is to me...

But what girl would tell you that presents aren't fun? That's what I thought. This year was a fun gift year for me, and I'm going to share some highlights. Just because I can. :)

Weirdest/Most Creative Gift: Bongers

Most Stylish Gift: Brown Suede Boots with a wedge heal

Most Practical Gift: Black TV Trays for the girl without a table

Shiniest Gift: Magnetic Knife Rack

Gift I Finally Got After 2 Year on my Wish List: Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Best Smelling Gift: Lemon Kitchen Soap

Most Technological: Cool Pix Digital Camera

Best Gift: Text Message from a Friend

I had a fantastic Christmas-but not because of the gifts. Nothing means Christmas more than family and friends, getting together and breaking bread...I hope that you also had a wonderful holiday.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Soiree: Summed Up

After arriving home at 5:15pm I ran around my apartment like a mad woman trying to make myself look presentable for the soiree.  It was snowing heavily and so that walk from the car to the apartment building made my hair flat and my mascara run-not exactly the way I'd like to be seen in public.  The problem with running around like a mad woman in my apartment is that you end up looking like you just ran a marathon=sweaty.  Nonetheless I called my hostess to make sure everyone was still going.  A few people canceled, she said, but she would be there for sure, along with a couple of others, making our total 4 instead of 11.
Getting to the T was not a problem, nor was making the connections.  The problem was the 2 block walk from the T to the museum.  The sidewalks that I have encountered in Boston so far are not very well maintained in the winter.  They end up being a sloshy, snowy mess and are very difficult to walk on.  I wore boots and jeans so it wasn't so bad, but it wasn't fun either.  I got to the museum with flat hair-luckily no runny mascara.
Once inside the soft glow from the indoor courtyard warmed me instantly.  Chamber music was playing softly and trendy people milled around with glasses of wine and sparkling water.  It was just like I'd imagined.  While I was in line, someone came up to me and asked, "Are you Mags?"  She didn't look like any of the people who were supposed to attend the event with me, so I was very confused, but said yes.  "Your hostess asked me to tell you that the rest of your group is inside."  Um...ok.  Thanks.
I checked my coat and walked around and it wasn't long until I found the group and quickly fell right into the conversation.  Our hostess was a little older than I am and works as a holistic counselor.  She's got a high energy level and is very welcoming-it was easy to feel like I've known her for a long time.  Two other girls were there-a medical student (who I loved) and a girl who works for Harvard.  I liked her, but not as much as the other two.  We are going to make plans after the holiday for them to come over for dinner or dessert, so that's nice.
As we walked around the museum, one thing was constant-none of the art was labeled.  I saw many nice pieces, but can't tell you what they were-with the exception of a Rembrandt painting that I recognized from art history in college.  I take that back-one thing was labeled-the Rembrandt painting that was stolen-who's spot on the wall still remains empty.  Another note about the museum is that because it was an after hours party, the lighting was very dim.  While this was beautiful in the courtyard, upstairs near the art and exhibits it was quite frustrating.  We found that appreciating the museum was rather difficult and instead opted to wander around talking to each other more than soaking up the culture.
Which is ok too.  But I love me some art, and I was looking forward to seeing some and learning something new. 
After taking a cheesy survey (where we were tricked into thinking we'd all get a gift afterwards but instead got 1 gift card to the cafe for all of us!) we began our journey back home.  Three of us were taking the train while our hostess was riding the bus, so we parted ways with her and trekked back to the T, where the 3 of us slowly broke up and went our separate ways as well.
Overall it was an enjoyable time, and I look forward to visiting the museum during the day and perhaps taking a tour so that I can learn more about Isabella and her home, as well as identifying the pieces of art that are displayed.  I also enjoyed meeting the girls and am happy that we all have interest in meeting up again soon. 
A note about food/drinks.  The food was in the cafe and the cafe was extremely small-it seats like...8 people.  So we didn't go in there, but I did have a drink that consisted of the juice of a blood orange (yum!) and champagne.  They served it in a stemless martini glass which was very cumbersome to walk with-I might have suggested they use a traditional champagne flute instead, but I didn't.  It was a wonderful drink and very refreshing and I'm glad I chose it over my traditional red wine.
This long weekend is a full one with a special house guest, a haircut and lots of gifts to exchange. :)  I may find time to post between now and Wednesday, but if I do not, please have a safe and happy Christmas.  Lots of love to you all.  :) 


Thursday, December 20, 2007

What's Cookin? Gingerbread Popcorn!

It's been a LOOOOOONG time since I did any What's Cookin' posts, and I'm not sure why.  So, I'm going to start 'em up again.  They're usually on Sunday's, but b/c of the holiday and the baking schedules and all, I thought I'd post it now...this is a great tasting treat that you can make ahead of time and bag up for gifts.  It's pretty economical to make too-especially if you cut the recipe down. (I didn't use 15 cups of popcorn!)  So, without further ado:
15 cups popped popcorn
1 cup butter
2 cups packed brown sugar
1/4 cup molasses
1/4 cup corn syrup
1 tablespoon ground ginger
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking soda

Preheat oven to 250

Line 2 large baking dishes (I used 9 X 13 pans) with foil and coat with cooking spray. Fill each with 7 1/2 cups popcorn.

Combine butter, brown sugar, molasses, corn syrup, ginger, cinnamon, and salt in a large, heavy bottom saucepan. Heat over medium heat until mixture boils. Boil for 5 minutes; stirring frequently. Remove from heat and add baking soda. Pour over popcorn; toss to coat.

Bake at 250 for one hour, carefully stirring the warm mixture about every 15 minutes. Cool completely.

*Notes: Be VERY careful-the candy coating is VERY hot and will stick to skin like crazy glue just long enough to burn you good...NOT a good recipe for kids to help with.

In The Garden

Tonight I am attending a soiree. Doesn't that sound magical? It's a soiree in a courtyard that has been entertaining guests since 1903, created by a woman who loved the arts, a good dinner party and The Red Sox-in short, a woman I think I could have been friends with.
Isabella Stewart Gardner was an amazing woman for her time. A world traveler, she managed to compile what can be considered to be one of the "most remarkable and intimate collections of art in the world". After her death, Isabella's collection remained relatively unaltered.
The after hours soiree begins in the courtyard and will have live music, art and cocktails. I believe we will be offered special tours with our admission and giving an inside look at the museum. It should be very interesting and I am extremely excited to be going. I've always loved art and going to a museum after hours (with other people) sounds fantastic.

The only trouble is that I have no idea what to wear. The dress code is not really mentioned and never being there, I have nothing to go on. I will have to travel by T alone, so wearing a skirt doesn't seem practical nor does wearing high heels. Though it was suggested that I wear a low cut shirt and a high slitted skirt, I think I am going to opt for a nice sweater and perhaps a pair of dress jeans with boots.

This can always change at the last minute...

I'm not certain if I will be allowed to take photos, but I will bring my camera just in case. Of course, I will let you know how it was. This is an event through the website I joined, and there is always a chance that I'll meet some crazies. :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


*God said, "Let there be light" but the devil said, "Let it be fluorescent".

*It's delightfully silly that a 5 year old would continue to ask for a Nutcracker for Christmas. (Of course I got her one...actually, 2. Santa & Mrs. Santa)

*John & Kate Plus 8 sucks you in so you can't get off the sofa.

*Just as I thought that I had a great laundry experience, my last load didn't dry. :(

*Meeting people for the first time when you have a migraine really, really stinks. It makes me feel like I am back in high school when I couldn't communicate who I really was. Luckily, I'll get more chances to prove I'm not some boring zombie girl. Who squints a lot.

*Tomorrow night I am going to an evening Soiree at a museum. I'm pretty excited. It's a very "city" thing to do.

*It is mother fucking hot in my apartment. I'm sorry for the eff word, but even with the windows open, it's like the Amazon in here.

*Asian porn has weird music. (I can only imagine how many people are going to get here b/c of that point.)

*This world keeps getting smaller and smaller...

Wordless Wednesday:A Very Boston Christmas

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Toosdae ?'s

Look at what I found (my Toosdae badge). Yay! This weeks questions are geared towards drivers licenses. I don't know why. But-answer 'em anyway! :) Have a great Toosdae everyone, and know that I will comment on your answers when I get home!

1. Are you an organ donor? If not, why?

2. Are you a registered voter? If so are you registered to a specific party?

3. Do you like your drivers license picture or do you go to all costs to keep it hidden?

1. Until I moved to Boston I was not an organ donor, but when I went for my new license I thought, "Why the heck am I not an organ donor? That's stupid." So I checked yes. Before I thought it was kind of gross, but when I die, my soul can't be given to another person, so why shouldn't my eyes and my heart help someone else?

2. Yes I am and I am registered as a Democrat, though truth be told, I vote for the person and not for the party.

3. I hated my CT picture because it looked like I was wearing tons of makeup (which I wasn't) and I still had bangs. My MA license is actually pretty good I think, and I don't mind showing it at all.

Monday, December 17, 2007

It Still Cracks Me Up

There are certain things that make me start to laugh immediately when I think about them.  Sometimes it's just a chuckle and other times it's that quivery body shaking laughing that makes your body jiggle.  I like that have these moments-and love that people will sometimes just randomly hear me giggle to myself for no apparent reason.  Only at my publishing job did people ask me what I was laughing about and giggle along with me.  Perhaps in time the people at my new job will do the same, but for now, I'm still the new girl, giggling in my cube.  (I don't think anyone even heard)
Buy why am I laughing now?
1. In an email to my boss I typed "I sweat" instead of "I swear".  Luckily I caught it before I sent it out-spell check would NOT have caught that!
  ---> This error made me chuckle at the reaction that he may have had.  He's a pretty fun guy, so it could potentially have been funny. 
However remembering this made me do that quivery body laugh I was talking about earlier...
2. In the publishing job I often had to typeset ads for vehicles that were being privately sold in our publication.  People often wrote amazingly detailed text about how awesome their cars were-to the point where we would think, "Why are you selling this?"  So the ad copy was extremely important and people (rightly so) were very picky about what went into their ad.  One night we were there pretty late and I was tired and looking forward to going home.  I was supposed to write this: "Must Sell" but instead, I typed, "Musty Smell".  Now, I know it's not really even funny, but it gets me every time.  'Cause a musty smell will NOT help sell a car!  (I caught that one in the proofing step too.)
--->Knowing there was something that I DIDN'T catch makes me smile...
3. My friends and I went out for our monthly GNO (Girls Night Out) dinner and I convinced them to take a picture.  I am extremely proud of this still because Megan HATES to get her picture taken, and I now have 2 pictures of her!  I was going on the road the following day to take photos of the vehicles I spoke of earlier and so I used that camera to have the waitress snap the pic.  Two days later when the publication came out my CSR received a phone call from a jolly man who's ad was wrong.  He said, "Turn to page 57 and look at the ad for the truck."  He waited for her to turn to the page and then said, "I'll take the one in the middle."  Well, as you can guess, the photo of the 3 of us appeared in his ad instead of his truck and I was the one in the middle!  :)  I got many, many calls that day from my co-workers all over the country teasing me about that photo, and luckily the customer was not upset.  If he was, I would have been in A LOT of trouble.  As a manager, I knew better than to take a personal photo with the office camera...but my boss laughed it off, and we were ok.
Thanks for going down memory lane with me!


Two Chickens

The following things are inevitable:

1. On the eve of my biggest, most important (debut) catered party prep, it will take 8 hours to drive from my house to the house I will be cooking in.

2. That an electric juicer will lure both my niece and my little sister into helping me, on separate occasions. :)

3. That the flatware rentals will fill up the entire van which was supposed to also hold the food.

4. A second snowstorm would be dubbed a Nor'easter and therefore will make every citizen of CT flock to the same supermarket I needed to shop in.

5. My prep day fell exactly on the same day as my Mother's birthday.

6. The road to get back from the birthday dinner (which never has traffic) was bumper to bumper.

7. My mother will insist on watching tv in the same room I am sleeping in, even though I am drop dead tired and have a huge day ahead of me.

8. That I would forget about a step while unloading, making me fall gracefully (Hey-I caught myself on the doorknob!) making me sprain my ankle.

9. That I would be in the same room with the cutest boy this side of the Mississippi for 9 hours and not be able to kiss him.

10. That I bought the hardest tortellini EVER. (That means it takes 20 minutes to cook)

11. My Mother would come to the kitchen window and try to chat.

12. That even though you plan and double plan, there will be things you forget to pack.

13. I would miss the exit for the highway making my trip home extra long.

So, this post makes it sound like the party didn't go over so well, when in fact, it was pretty much a smashing success. The hall looked pretty and the bar was very well stocked-the DJ was great and my food was a hit. With the exception of the tortellini every dish went out pretty much on time and I'm actually really proud of myself.

The first reason is that though I have some experience cooking on a line (at the country club this summer) most of my experience is more like catering. And when I have cooked on a line, there were other people working different stations-for instance, one station would be cooking pasta and the other meat. I was doing every dish off of one stove without an expediter. (The person in front saying, "I need 3 beef and 1 chicken") What got confusing was that there were 2 chickens-an adult meal and a child's meal-and the waiters didn't always say which was which on their tickets. Thankfully the cute boy mentioned above jumped in and helped me out and we were able to get the meals out ok.

This was the second time that someone has said to me that the meat I've made was the best they've ever had in their lives. The first was after my P&P dinner at school and I was very flattered-but that girl was very young. She hasn't eaten as much beef as the guy who complimented me last night!

My father and his business partner were very pleased with the party, and the guests left full and happy, and to me, that is the best sign.

But man am I glad it's over!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I'm home in Boston once again, after 4 days in CT. It was a long and tiring 4 days but ultimately successful. This is what I came home to:

Yes. That's a car. Luckily not MY car, but it very well could have been if I was here this weekend. The piles of snow are enormous, as you can see, and the puddles were knee deep in some areas. I don't have boots. It wasn't pretty.

My car is still jam packed with pots and pans and boxes but I couldn't get them inside because of the weather. Here are 2 things I learned about city living this weekend:

1. Get waterproof boots
2. Buy a shovel-otherwise, you may be stuck in the parking spot that you hunted for (for hours) until spring.

And that, my friends, is all I have to say about that. Update in tomorrow's post about the party this weekend....

Friday, December 14, 2007


If you are ever on a game show and you are asked "How long does it take to drive from Boston to CT while driving 10 miles an hour the entire way?" the answer is: 8 hours.

Yup. 8 hours. That is how long my 2 hour drive too me today. It was horrible. Not only were the roads treacherous (I didn't see 1 snow plow on the main highways!) but I was hungry & hot. My driver's side window is broken and in order to see out of my windows, the defroster had to be blaring the entire time. Holy cow-my face was bright red!

I keep counting on my fingers to make it stick that it really took 8 hours. I thought about stopping at a hotel once I got to CT but the exit ramps were in a horrible state of repair and I did not know how the side roads would be. Not to mention, I don't have the money to just randomly stay in a hotel.

Once I got to the rents house, I was unable to get up the driveway. Growing up in this house, I've dealt with this problem my entire life. It's frustrating but I've learned that if you have persistence (and an empty road) you can keep backing out of the driveway and you can try again. Each time you get a little farther and finally you make it up the tiny hill. However, once up the hill, you have to go around a bend, and then up another little hill. This is almost always where I either have to call for help (as I did tonight) or walk up the rest of the way until someone pushes me out.

Needless to say, I was spent when I got here. I was greeted by my most favorite person in the entire world (who looks more and more like a little lady every time I see her) like this: "Trey broke up with me but now he wants to marry me again." Yup. She's only 5. Her "boyfriend" and her have been in love for a couple of years now.

Once I ate some (nasty) pizza and stretched my legs a bit (I didn't dare stop to do that on my trip!) I dove right into starting my desserts for Saturday. Rye Bread helped me juice the lemons and crack eggs for my lemon tart filling and after she left to go home I made 2 orange cheesecakes. The plan was to make 2 more (the blueberry ones) but I didn't buy enough eggs in my quick run this morning, so it'll have to wait until I shop tomorrow to do that.

In additon to picking up the dishes and buying all of the food (oh-and making it all!) I am bringing my car to be fixed in the morning. AND it's my Mom's birthday, so we are going out to dinner at 7:30. This is good. I work better when I have deadlines.....oy. I'm going to be one tired girl!



Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I'm Making 4 Saturday
(HUGE Catering Event)

Hi everyone! Saturday is my "big event" and I'm going to be frantically cooking from today until then. Boston is supposed to get hit with about 8 inches of snow beginning late morning/early afternoon, so I am heading down to CT (where the party is) shortly. I'll try to take a break and make some rounds today and tomorrow, but if I'm completely MIA until Sunday night-you'll know why. My stats have been really crappy lately, telling me that everyone is mad that I can't leave comments during the week. :( They haven't been this low since my first year! (Could it have to do with Google Rank?)

Anyway...without further ado, I give you: Thursday 13!

1. Salmon Tartare

2. Horseradish Encrusted Beef Tenderloin w/ Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

3. My favorite Tuna dish EVER (Coriander Encrusted Tuna over White Beans with Cilantro Pesto and Balsamic Reduction)

4. Chicken Saltumboca w/ Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

5. Tortellini with a Rose Sauce w/ Mushrooms and Spinach

6. Spaghetti & Meatballs

7. Chicken Tenders & Fries

8. Blueberry Cheesecake

9. Orange Cheesecake w/ Chocolate Crust

10. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

11. Lemon Tarts

12. Tiramisu

13. Salad with Roasted Beets & Goat Cheese

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Randomivity: Part 2

Normally I would simply go into my "Edit Post" function in Blogger to update a post mid-day, but I can't do that here from work. are some other things I want to add to my randomivity list...scroll down for Part 1 today. 
*Did you know it is impossible to lick your elbow?  Go ahead.  Try it.
*I bought $400 worth of alcohol last night in a package store in NH.  It was fun.  Now-let's hope my car doesn't get broken into tonight!
*If I'm buying a headboard from you and then you email me asking if I need a tv stand and I say "yes" and ask you some questions, it's weird that you would reply back saying "I will soon place an ad for the tv stand."  Why did you ask me if I was interested?  Wouldn't you rather just save your time by answering my questions since I'm already buying the matching headboard from you?  This seems like a no-brainer to me.
*Sometimes you can't help who you hate.  Yes.  Hate is a very strong word.  I know.  Thanks, Mom.


*Volunteering for a project at your new job sounds like a good idea-until your ear falls off.
*No matter how much fun I have after work with friends-the going home part always ends the day with crap.
*It's nerve racking when you think you will run out of gas while looking for a parking spot.
*I didn't mean to scare you all with the post I wrote before this one.  I'm not leaving-and if I was leaving, I wouldn't just go without goodbyes!
*Finding a headboard for $25 is exciting.
*Having to accept someone else's terms because you are desperate really sucks the big bologna pony.
*I wanted to write "pogna" instead of "pony".
*Remember that although I can't leave comments on your blogs while I'm at work, I am still reading and try to go back when I get home to comment. :)
*I have more of a social life here already that I did in CT where I grew up.  I don't have any plans this week because of money, work and my catering job, and I feel like I'm missing out on cool stuff.
*Having a visit from Megan on Sunday will make up for it. :)
*A 1-winged fairy can still grant wishes, right?
*My Disney stuff brings me great joy every time I walk into my cube at work, but also a little sad when I realize that at least 2 people on it have passed away.
*I can't wait to eat my favorite tuna dish of all time on Saturday.  I secretly am only making it so I can eat it. :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On Blogging & Friendship: Leaving

Over the years I have grown to love some of you and I have found comfort in seeing your names pop up in comments or by reading your emails.  I've always been the girl who gets attached to people who either don't exist (Dawson's Creek/Real World New Orleans) or people who I don't know in real life.  And when I start to think about how crazy it might seem that I get emotionally tied to you all, I remember how harsh this world really is and that support and friendship comes in all different shapes and sizes-and forums. 
And then I don't feel weird about it at all.
I have met some of you in person.  Through Mo's BlogTalk Radio show, I have heard your voices, your laughter-your tears.  I have received mail from you, gifts from you and in some cases I have written your address on gifts of my own and sent them all over this world.  And it brings me great joy to call you friends, even if we will never hug other than like this: (((hug))).
Some of you are new friends, others I have known through blogging for years.  And just like my IRL friends, I would be sad if you were to suddenly disappear.  It's a real concern I have, being friends with bloggers-that one day you will up and leave without a goodbye, without a story, and without a forwarding address.
There used to be 2 bloggers in particular who's friendships I deeply valued.  One of them turned their back on me last summer when I was going through a very rough emotional time-prior to getting medicine.  More than hurting me, it angered me and I now realize what a fake he really was.  The other, however, was one of the sweetest people I have ever heard of-so innocent and pure with a silliness that tickled my love of randomivity. 
And then one day he stopped blogging.  And then he was back.  But then-gone again, this time without explanation.  It made me sad to not see his comments or to read his thoughts, but I knew that there was a lot going on, and that everyone moves on at one point or another.  I understood while I missed him, and that was that.
Until today when I sent out an email and included him-like I have many times before.  And received a message that said: "Please remove me from your list and do not contact me again."
Now, I know that I have not done anything to warrant this response.  I know that he simply must be leaving the blogging world-and that is OK.  (Both of his blogs no longer exist)  But it's weird and hurtful to me to have gotten such a response-especially after 3 years of having a "friendship" with this person. 
Leave, disappear-stop blogging.  Fine.  Stop befriending strangers from across the globe.  Also fine.  But to write a one line email asking to not be contacted again after all these years is just weird and strange, and quite frankly-out of character, and it hurts my feelings. 
And perhaps it is my fault for caring.  But I can't just read your thoughts for years and years without feeling, and in turn, can not simply walk away without wondering what is going on...

Toosdae ?'s

1. When you buy presents do you: wrap them yourself, have your spouse wrap them or pay a sales person to wrap one?

2. When most people think about the holidays (especially Christmas) they think: Food! What is your most favorite food during the holidays in your family?

3. When you were little, did you have a specific kind of cookie that you left Santa every year? Did you ever leave anything for his reindeer?

Bonus/Curiosity Question: Do I have any Jewish readers?

1. I always wrap them myself, and have since I was little. I love wrapping presents and making them look pretty for the people I give them to. Except for those pesky crazy shaped ones that you can never make look pretty. I hate them.

2. What I love the most about my Christmas Eve (the biggest holiday we celebrate in my family) is the never ending rotation of food. Fresh Manicotti & meatballs, marinated pork or beef tenderloin, stuffed artichokes and clams on the half shell. Plus all of the side items we all bring and the desserts...I especially love honey ribbons-a ribbon of crispy fried dough drenched in honey...mmmmm.....

3. I don't remember ever insisting on a specific kind of cookie, but I think it was almost always the sugar cookie. I think it was the easiest to make and we typically had all of the ingredients to do so. As for the reindeer, I did insist that we left a carrot for them-though in hindsight, I realize that I should have left more than one!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Manic Monday: Ornament

Monday's are MoMoLicious!

The colors of my youth: gold, maroon, green-proof that I was born in a decade full of corduroy bell bottoms and ribbed turtleneck sweaters. These colors were not simply used to blackmail the children of the 70's-they spilled into other areas of our lives.

The sofa in my living room was a deep green hue emblazoned with orange and gold flowers. Maroon spilled into my mother's wardrobe in leather high heeled boots-my favorite to step into during the many hours I spent paying dress up. Yes, these colors more than any, remind me of the first five years of my life, and when I think of my New York Christmas's, gold creeps into the memories.

Each December my Mother and I would open boxes and boxes full of ornaments in preparation for our annual tree decorating. Buried under the silver and gold tinsel and big colorful lights were the ornaments wrapped in silky golds, reds and blues. These were the first balls I always reached for.

Perhaps it was their soft texture or the way they seemed to shine even without the lights-but they were my favorite, and I insisted that I should be the one to place them lovingly on each branch. When the tree was full of these fabric ornaments, my mother and I would step back and admire my work. I'm certain she must has re-arranged them once I was tucked in for the night; after the lullaby's and Rockabye babies were sung and sugarplums were dancing in my head. But while I was awake, I was allowed to feel the pride of creating a beautiful 70's Christmas tree all by myself.

Today, only a couple of those ornaments are alive-they've long since unraveled or been lost-but every time I see them, I remember the excitement I felt standing in our living room on the 2nd floor of our New York apartment, on the verge of decorating a masterpiece.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Girl Brunch

Yesterday I met the girl who contacted me because she couldn't go to my dinner last night. She just moved here from Chicago two months ago and doesn't know many people either, so she invited me to a Women's brunch that she was going to this morning. So, we coordinated a meeting on the T (she's a few stops away from me) and made our way to the restaurant.

I was apprehensive about this women's brunch. It was put on by a women's organization that's geared towards young women. I was worried that the women there would all be skinny bitches who were fake or high powered man-hating women. While there were definitely women who were fake there, I also met a few "normal" girls and actually had a nice time. I don't have much to say about it, other than there is a possibility of a get together later on with a few of us for cooking and wine, and there apparently was one a group of these women who put together a club of some sort that has to do with food and they now want me to be the organizer. We'll see about that one-most of the people I didn't like were the ones who wanted me to do this.

This week's agenda so far includes an after hours party at a museum and perhaps going to see the Nutcracker. Now, I'm off to find something to do today!

Friday, December 07, 2007

The Fireplace

As you may recall, tonight was my dinner with strangers through the website I joined here in the city. After begging the members of the 30 Something group for women to sign up (b/c before it was just me and 4 men!) a girl I met during brunch last week RSVP'd. At the last minute, the park ranger flaked out saying that he couldn't come because he had to pray.

Which is totally fine. But why'd he sign up if he prays on Fridays? I dunno. He's apparently a very interesting man, as 2 of my guests met him at other events. In any case-another woman did show up-her name is very ambiguous and none of us knew her gender until she joined us at the bar.

I was, of course, 1/2 hr early. That part really stunk, because there's always the "What if people don't show up?" factor to these types of things (though I'm learning that this never happens really with this site). The first man to arrive-yup-the baldy. He's actually not a shiny bald like his picture suggests, and he's Persian and somehow, this made it ok. He wanted to go inside and wait at the bar and I hesitated-which he later teased me about when we were all done with dinner. The other man who came is probably in his mid-late 40's. A very nice man, but obvious that he thought I was pretty, and that made me kind of nervous.

All of us got along very well and had several extremely interesting conversations ranging from 400 # jelly fish to a cutting edge rapid eye movement therapy for people who are suffering from a trauma. When our food came, we all felt comfortable enough to share some-right off each other's plates. It was a comfortable and fun time and I think we all agreed that if we see each other in an event in the future, we'd like to go along too.

In fact, the chauffeur (the 40 year old) said that this was the best event he's ever been to, and the best company too. (He and baldy McPersia have been members for a couple of years) So that made me very happy. When we were getting ready to leave, the 2 men asked me if I wanted a ride home-of course I said no! After they walked away Sue-the girl I met before at brunch asked me again, but I declined and told her I would take the T. And, I'm mostly glad I did.

Mostly glad only because I got on the D train instead of the C train and had to walk the "You need to lose weight" route, which is ok, but I had on high heeled boots. (My feets hurt!)

The totally glad part was the REASON why I got on the wrong train...I was being talked to by a very cute boy. Now, what girl wouldn't get flustered by that?

I was the only person on the platform waiting for the T until he walked up, and passed me to go to the end of the dock. At this point, a light went on in my brain telling me that I also needed to be up there b/c I had to pay money instead of having a handy dandy card. So, I walked over to where he was and sort of hung back. I felt a little weird that I just followed him down the platform at 10:30 at night!

When I stopped walking he turned to me and said, "Is it like this all winter?" He was talking about the T platform and how it was caked with snow and ice. I said, "I'm not sure-I just moved here last week." He laughed and asked where I was from and I told him. He told me he was new to this particular area too and that he moved here in June.

Then he pointed to the restaurant I just came from and said, "That place is supposed to be a nice date place, I've wanted to try it, but it's not the kind of place you go alone." To which I replied, "Yeah...I felt the same way, so I invited 5 other people and made it a fun night instead of a date night." We talked back and forth about music and other things, and then the train approached.

He said, "Here's our train!" We were finishing a conversation, so I didn't think to check which train he was speaking of. (Ok, ok...I admit I was flustered. Remember, I don't do well with the direct flirt-and he was flirting.) So, I hopped on right after him and waited for him to put his money in (he doesn't have a card either!) and followed him in. 2 stops later, I realized I was going to the wrong place. Luckily, I knew the next stop well (it's where I ate Thai and Taco's..and dessert last week) so I stood up and said, "This is me" and got up.

I played it totally cool. He said that it was nice talking to me and that maybe he'd see me around again, and that was that.

Have I mentioned how much I love it here? :)

Tomorrow: Brunch with the ladies and a possible new friend and then home to decorate for Christmas!!!

Katherine-I hope this post quenched your curiosity about the dinner.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Drag

Tonight I was supposed to do laundry...instead, I walked a mile to buy a Christmas tree. For a couple of weeks now, I've been passing a tree vendor on my home from work. I never had enough cash to stop and there is also tons of traffic at that time of day. When I got home tonight, I had to park down at the end of the street which is close to an ATM. I took the opportunity to get cash for a tree, and for my dinner tomorrow.

After changing into jeans and sneaks, I started the cold walk to the tree vendor. On the way, I stopped and bought a tree stand. I picked out the tree and started dragging it home.

In a city like this, in the area I live in-I would have thought that this wouldn't have been so crazy, but apparently it was. I got so crazy ass looks as me and my little tree made our way back to my apartment-all in all, about 5 blocks. The funny thing is-it only took me about 45 minutes to walk there, buy a tree stand, pick out a tree and pay and walk back. I was very surprised, and though it may have been weird to see me dragging my tree behind me as I walked home, I found it amusing and it made me happy.

But realistically-how can a fresh cut Christmas tree NOT make you happy? The sap is still on my hands, and my living room smells so good. Without further ado, here is my first Boston tree:

It looks big because it's a close give you some perspective-it's actually a little over 5 feet tall...

After brunch on Saturday I'm going to come how and decorate the apartment and the tree-and wrap gifts. I might even bake some cookies. There're lots of things that I want for Christmas, but I already feel like I've gotten what I wanted the most...

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Thursday 13: Steak & Ice Cream

Thirteen Things I Am GLAD About

13. Hardly any traffic on the way to and from work each day.

12. That I am not color blind and that I can see and appreciate the splendor and subtlety of all colors.

11. My view of the city from my chair in the living room

10. The sound that the T makes as it stops outside my building

9. My new job with nice people and WORK!

8. That my sister and niece have a place to call their own

7. That my other sister will be closer to home and therefore, happier

6. Christmas is coming and I have most of my Christmas shopping done-and most of it was tax free! AND I get to see all of my cousins and aunts & uncles on my most favorite day of the year! (Eve)

5. Stop & Shop delivers :)

4. That though we had a snow storm and it's frigid cold out, I do not have to shovel or worry about the amount of oil in my tank.

3. The name I pulled for secret Santa (I can't wait!!!)

2. Finding the website that can potentially help me make new friends-and definitely will get me out in the city exploring new places.

1. That I love it here and feel very at home, and at peace-something I haven't felt in a long, long time...

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Late Post

First, Katherine: Nope...I wasn't near the truck that crashed and burned...thank you for checking up on me! :)

If there weren't people on the sidewalk, I totally could have gotten a prime parking spot tonight when I got home from work. In fact, I was almost into the spot (which was wicked tight) but in order to straighten it out I would have had to bump the car behind me. Like I said, if people weren't around, I would have gotten into it no problem. Instead, I parked just around the corner. I tell you, I seem to really be getting the hang of parking. Though-I haven't tried parking on a busy street yet. That'll be a whole different challenge!

As you know, I started my new job on Monday, and so far I really love it. The people there are insanely nice and I'm already 100 times busier than I ever was at my old job-which is actually disgusting, considering it's my first week here. I think I'm picking up on things fairly quickly, and though I know I have a long way to go, I think I'll have a handle on it soon. The commute is a breeze so far. No traffic either way and it only takes me about 1/2 hr if that.

On the way home tonight though I noticed that my window had fallen down into the door. That really stinks for a girl who has to pay tolls. (No, I haven't got a speed pass yet) The guy looked at me pretty funny when I stuck my hand through the little crack of the window and dangled the dollar bill at him. Oh well. I fixed it enough to feel comfy with it on the street parked, but at some point, I'm gonna have to get it fixed.

Kat: I finally saw my loud neighbor and he is indeed Asian. He's a small little fella too. I only knew it was him because as I was walking up the (5 flights) of stairs I heard his cough. I knew it had to be him. He didn't make eye contact at all even when we passed each other so closely that we could have touched shoulders. So any case, the mystery is solved! I have gotten back at him by letting my alarm go off at 6:15 and hitting it until 6:30 every morning. :)

The event website that I am signed up for is going well. My dinner was RSVP'd to by 1 other woman, and the rest are men. This is going to be interesting...I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!! Another cool thing is that a girl contacted me b/c she couldn't go to the dinner on Friday but wanted to meet me b/c she's new to the area too. She invited me to a Women's Brunch on Saturday. It's free and it's all about women in the area networking and meeting up and stuff. If nothing else, it's a good way to meet people and to get to know this girl who lives just up the block from me. It'll be an adventure!

That's all for now. I'm sorry about not posting this morning. I wasn't sure if I could post a blog from work (I know I can't read comments) so it was a crap shoot. For future reference, I can't. :) I'll try to post late at night or first thing in the morning so I won't fall behind.

Hasta la pasta!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Toosdae ?'s

How is everyone on this lovely Toosdae? I sure hope you are all smiling and that if you aren't, I hope that you have someone to comfort you. Take a few minutes to answer this week's questions, and remember that though I'll read your comments, I can't respond to them until later.

1. If you could have any type of hair or hairstyle in the entire world, what would you choose? How close is that to your natural hair?

2. What tool or tools are specific to the job you do? If you are retired or do not work, what do you use on a regular basis that we might not use?

3. What do you think your most annoying trait will be when you are old? (Let's say 85 yrs old)

1. I have always wanted a head fully of wild kinky curls-like some African American women have. Though I'm the whitest white girl there is, I think it's quirky and cool. Though my hair has a natural wave to it, I straighten it everyday. It's totally not quirky.

2. Well, I'm going to choose the chef thing b/c that's obviously a bit more unique. There are lots of tools that we use that you don't on a daily basis, but I'd say the average cook doesn't use a birds beak knife very often.

3. Considering I annoy some people now when I ask, "What?" I think it'll be a loss of hearing. I have trouble with certain pitches already, and my grandfather was partially deaf, and my mother is as well. It could happen...

Monday, December 03, 2007

A Park Ranger, A Photographer & a Bald Man

What do a Park Ranger, a Photographer and a Bald Man all have in common? They've all RSVP'd to my dinner out on Friday.

They're all men. And did I mention-one of them is bald? I might not be able to eat.

To remind you all what the hell I am talking about-I signed up for this networking site here in the city where people can invite others to join them for any number of things-Brunch (like I did Sunday) Dinner, Drinks...Music. As the host, you choose the location, set the time and the number of guests it's limited to, and then you post it up on the site. People RSVP to whatever events they want and you all meet up at that location.

It seems like a pretty cool way to meet people in a city of people who don't really seem to want to be met. (Sure people SAY they want to meet new people, but they avert their eyes and stick to their own.) I have wanted to go to the restaurant I chose but didn't want to go alone-it's just fancy enough that I'd feel a little bit funny, especially on a Friday night.

So, in any case, I set this thing up, made the reservations at the restaurant and waited. Today 3 people RSVP'd. Did I mention they are all men? And did I mention the bald?

I'm sure I mentioned the bald.

This isn't supposed to be some dating thing for me. I surely hope that women RSVP to this as well, but if they don't, I hope that these men aren't the flirty type. I don't do well with direct flirts, and I will NOT enjoy myself at all if there is any of that going on.

Please-PLEASE let women RSVP...I should have thought of this possibility when I put it up there....

***Update: Durning the night, another man RSVP'd. This one is NO WAY in his 30's. Only 2 places left, and I'm not sure a woman would come now. :(


As I sit here on my new chaise in my beautiful apartment, I can see downtown Boston twinkling in the horizon. There is a cool, soft breeze rustling the curtains and my belly is full of chicken and dumplings. And, I got a parking spot right in front of my apartment when I got home from work.

Life. Is. Good.

Today was my first day of work, and overall it went well. If I haven't told you yet, the people are wicked nice. (Listen up-ask anyone that knows me...I've used "wicked" since high school.) I woke up at 6am to be sure I had time to shower, clean my car off (from snow) and drive the 25 minutes North. I was 1/2 early. The snow storm wasn't too bad here in Boston, but near work and in New Hampshire it was worse. That meant that the person who was to meet me was very late, and the person who will be training me (my friend Danielle) worked from home. And, my boss left early for a vacation day.

It's all good though. He showed me how to do a few things and provided me with a huge stack of paperwork to widdle through, which-truth be told, I milked because there wasn't much for me to do.

This isn't going to be like my last job though-where they told me I'll be busy all of the time but instead I had nothing to do but blog. I have a very good feeling about this place, and I'm very excited to be there.

First Positive: My boss is THE nicest person. Seriously, no one has a bad thing to say about him, and it's because he truly is a sweet man. He even bought me lunch today. :)

Second Positive: I already have a friend there-Danielle, who incidentally (Positive #3) used to do this job and is going to be training me.

So, first day=a success!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some blogs to read!!

(Don't forget to come by tomorrow for Toosdae ?'s!!!)

Workin' Girl

Monday, Monday...It's already Monday. And that means I start my shiny new job today! The commute is supposed to be pretty bad with snow and ice, but I'll try to drive safely. I work to the North of Boston and that is where it's supposed to snow heavily. I'm most concerned about the drive home, and where I am going to park when I get here.

I called the governor's office yesterday to find out about parking bans and such during snow storms. I found that I do not have to move my car unless it's declared a snow emergency. Nowhere though, does it define what an actual snow emergency is. So, I asked. Apparently it is 8 inches. Now, the ladies at brunch told me they've seen people get towed for 2 inches.

So WTF am I supposed to do? Not sure. I did sign up to get an email and a phone call if a snow emergency is declared. If that is the case, I have to park in a designated lot and trek it back to my apartment. I pretty much know why people sell their cars when they move here. Still on the list for a spot of my own...

So, anyway-I'm starting work today! I'm pretty excited about it because even though having a week off to set up house and to explore, I'm ready to start feeling needed again. :)

Bad news though, my friends-I am told by an inside source that though I can read blogs, I am not going to be able to comment on them. Don't think I've forgotten about you all-I'll comment on things when I get home when I check my emails...

I hope everyone who is in the Northeast is safe today!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Beantown Brunch

It's going to snow in Boston tonight. :) Right now it is 27 degrees out and overcast-yet I still have my living room windows wide open. It gets pretty hot in here, being on the 5th floor and all. Yesterday I worked for most of the day on getting my bedroom all set up. I had my bed made and my books on the shelves, but my clothes were still in suitcases and on the floor. It took about 3 hours, but it's all put away. I also put all of my bathroom stuff away-I had to buy a little cabinet to house it all, and before yesterday, it was all still in a box on the floor. I am happy to say that except for the fact that I need a curtain in there (so people can't see my shadow through the window) it's all set. Pictures are hung too-that's a good feeling.

My kitchen is still in disarray. I just don't have anywhere to put some things, and I am stuck waiting until Christmas to see if I got some of the organization things I put on my Wist List, like a pot rack and a rack for my wine glasses. Until then, the pots take up a lot of space. There are only a few boxes left, and those are mostly filled with office stuff. Since I no longer have an office, or a desk, I have to figure out a way to store all of it.

Today was my ladies brunch. We met here at noon. I checked the T schedule and used the trip planner to figure out how to get there. Upon seeing their suggestion, I noticed that I could get there an easier way without making a transfer if I walked a little bit. So that's what I did. I'm not going to lie-I felt very proud of myself for figuring it out, and also, for getting it right! Just a short walk (not even a mile, I'd say) saved me about 15 minutes.

I was the first one there, which is usually the case, and I wish it wasn't. It's awkward just standing there, waiting to see if people will actually show up. I was happy that all 6 of us arrived and got along well from the start.

There were 2 girls who were a little younger than the rest of us, and I don't think I would ever be friends with them. Not because they were young-that's just a coincidence. One girl was weird in a way that I can't explain and the other was kind of ditsy. There was also a woman who was clearly about 1o years older than the me and the other 2 ladies, but she was, in my opinion, the nicest of them all.

The coolest girl sat right across from me. She was quirky in just the right way, and she moved to Boston from London. She's extremely smart but doesn't like talking about things that make her look like it, which I like. She was also kind of silly. The lady who hosted this event was also very nice. She didn't seem to joke around much though. I'm not sure if it was because we were at brunch or what, but she seemed a little more straight laced than me. We stayed for about 1 1/2 hours and had a fantastic meal. The coffee was strong and dark (just like I like my men) and my Eggs Benedict was actually perfectly cooked.

At the end of the meal, we all went our separate ways, except for the hostess and I. She was going shopping (since we were right across the street from a mall) and I was going to the T. As we walked together she told me that I shouldn't feel old in Boston-it's just where I live. She also said that I don't look 31 at all. She thought I was 25. Now-I think that's pushing it, but I still took the compliment. None of us exchanged numbers or said we'd have to do this again sometime, but we're all part of the network and will for sure meet up again. In fact, they all want me to host a dessert party in my apartment at some point, which I will happily do.

Overall, it was a great time, and I'm glad that I went. Though I can't say that I've met any friends yet, I have met some pretty cool people and had an afternoon of good food, and laughter-and really, it can't get much better than that.

Happy Sunday everyone...

Friday, November 30, 2007

"T" Time

Today was the day. After my furniture was delivered, I skipped out of the apartment and walked directly to the T. My destination was Haymarket Square where I was to browse my little heart out at a year round open air market. This, however, did not come to pass.

No, no-I didn't get lost. Shame on you for thinking that! I even took the right connection to my destination. But not knowing exactly where the market was proved to be my challenge. I assumed that it would be obvious, considering the T stop was named Haymarket. I was wrong. As it turns out, no one seemed to know where it was-even though I was very close to its location. Tomorrow I will try again.

Instead, I went to The Frog Pond and watched the ice skaters. It was an absolutely perfect day-crisp and cool. Perfect for exploring. I walked around the streets and looked in shops and in bookstores. I was looking for a book called NFT (Not for Tourists) and found it. I also bought "Broke in Boston". I walked back to the pond and sat on a bench and read through the books, deciding where I'd go next. It was getting late and I was cold, so I made my way back to the T. Originally I wanted to go to that Thai place for lunch, but my furniture delivery prevented that. Instead, I decided to go for dinner. I figured out which train to take and even ended up exactly where I thought I would-Coolidge Corner.

I walked up a section I hadn't explored before and stopped for a Bubble Tea-which is apparently very popular around here. I have to say this. It was weird. Perhaps I didn't get it at a good place, but even so, having bigger than normal tapioca pearls in your mouth while drinking tea is just not right. And these pearls didn't taste good-they tasted old. I will try it again, however, when I explore Chinatown.

I made my way back to Finale again-this time to get what I wanted. A Lemon Tart. This time, I ate it all. (That other cake is still in my fridge) I saved it for after dinner though.

The Thai place was good. I wanted to try it prior to buying my new books, but it was also featured in NFT as being very tasty, so I was extra excited. Here is what I got:

Thai iced tea-the white is coconut milk. It sounds weird, but it's really quite good. This was my soup. It's flavored with lime juice and cilantro and had shrimp and shrooms. VERY good!
And finally-the entree. Crispy Duck with some kind of fantastic sauce and white rice. Really-that sauce was out of this world.
I finished dinner and walked back down the road toward my apartment. I was feeling great-I walked a ton, had lots of energy, and overall just loving my day and my freedom. When I was approached by a woman who ended up telling me I needed to lose weight.

Um..ok, freak. #1. Tell me something I don't know and #2. Who says that to a person on the street minding their own business? She wasn't a crazy person either, but a regular girl like me, only skinny and, well, Asian. But-c'mon! I simply smiled and kept walking. I wasn't too upset about it oddly enough. Probably because I have lost a little bit of weight and I feel very healthy. With the exception of my Crispy (Fried) Duck, I've been eating very well. (Oh, and the tart) and I've been walking home from my dinners.

Tomorrow I will conquer the market.

Stay tuned: Sunday I am going to brunch with 6 people I don't know. Friends won't just fall out of the sky people! :)

Almost Coolidge

Day 6 as a Boston resident was not bad at all. First, let me finally show you my view. This is downtown Boston-just a couple of miles away...It's really much prettier in person. And at night, it's almost magical. Ok, that's pushing it, but it's really very cool to me that I can view it every night.

After Wednesday's parking nightmare, I was very nervous about finding a space in the morning. I got up at 7am to move the car and was able to find one on the corner of my apartment building. It was a left side street job, and though I went up on the curb a bit, I managed to get it down and even, and no one saw. Later, I had to go out to get my car inspected and when I came back, I parked again, successfully! It's at the point now where I really contemplate whether or not I want to drive anywhere. I did have to go out again, and when I got back, I had this spot:

How sexy is that? Look at how close to the curb I am!!! I didn't even bump it that time! And yes, I plan on keeping my car there until Monday morning when I go to work. (It's right outside my building.) So, when I wanted to go out, I decided to walk.

Coolidge Corner is only about a 1/2 a mile away from me-and it's got a bunch of shops and eateries to stroll through. I stopped here for Tacos for dinner first. I heard that this place was really good, and cheap:

While it was cheap, it wasn't great. I didn't gag when eating it, and I would go again if I were broke, but I was disappointed. Nonetheless, I am happy that I tried it. Tomorrow, I am going to lunch at a Thai place in the same area. They have a prix fix menu for lunch, and I can't wait to try their curry and coconut milk. I might have to wait until another day to try lunch there however, b/c my furniture is due to arrive around noon today!

After dinner, I walked up to this place to buy myself dessert:

They didn't have what I wanted-a citrusy or raspberry individual cheesecake. Instead, I got this:
It's a caramel delight cake-with caramel mousse, chocolate cake, chocolate ganache and vanilla cream. It looks pretty, but I didn't like it. You know why? It's too chocolaty. (And there are nuts int the cake) I should have gone for a tart instead. The good news is that I didn't spoil my walk by eating too much cake. I only had 2 bites.

Today's plan is to finish unpacking once and for all, arrange my new furniture when it gets here. Last night Greg and I talked about tons of cool things that I would like to do-one of them is an outdoor farmers market. I think that after lunch I will hop on the T once and for all (after getting some inside tips from good ol' Gregy) and check it out. Now that I've found my camera, I'll be sure to include pictures whenever I can.

One week as a Bostonian under my belt. I love my apartment, and I love the feeling of independence I get when I walk through the streets. Overall, I think this was a great decision-even if some of you say I am your very own modern day Mary Tyler Moore. Specifically during the first season. (Where I assume she makes tons of silly mistakes) Luckily, I've been told that she gets much cooler each season.

Does anyone have a red hat I can throw into the air? ;)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ho Ho Ho!

I'm beginning to get a complex...every time I talk to Mo, he calls me a HO! ;) Speaking of Mo-take a look at The Wren's Nest website. It's a lovely store with unique gifts for everyone! I for one know that at least one person on my list will be getting a gift from The Wren's Nest.

Please take a few minutes to click the button above and to browse through Mo's wonderful merchandise. Not only will you be buying high quality unique gifts for your friends or loved ones, you'll be helping Mo add some more Ho's to his month. :)

Click it-you know you wanna...


*I don't have my old computer with me in Boston, so I don't have any of the headers for my Toosdae's or my Randomivity posts. :(

*A single girl in a city like Boston should be happy to be "sleeping with" a single man. Except when it's a neighbor who's bedroom is on the opposite wall as yours is, and he's loud, sings off-key at 1:30 am and has friends over for canasta at 3:30 am.

*I don't know where canasta came from. He's not really playing it. Although, I can't understand a word he says, so it's actually possible.

*Paying off 10 years of bills takes up a lot of the day.

*Sofa and chaise lounge (and rug) are being delivered tomorrow! It's not the one I posted, actually...I changed my mind on it b/c it was expensive. Instead, I bought cheaper and got more. A better decision, I think.

*I've always had a love affair with grilled cheese, and anytime I can have melty, cheesy stuff on bread it makes me happy.

*Tax free shopping rocks my world. And hopefully will rock my family/friends worlds when the see what I bought them. :)

*It's not a good idea to answer the phone when you're about to miss your exit while driving in a new city, in the dark, and while in a tunnel.

*It's funny though to laugh about a car dealership disappearing.

*Being pointed at and laughed at makes me cry. I don't like crying. Especially at midnight and especially when it involves me not being able to park.

*If my car isn't towed in the morning (I had to park 2 blocks up and a few streets over=Thursday tow day) I am going to explore the city. To end the day, I will go watch the Christmas tree being lit on Boston Common.

*If I don't post for a few days, call the police. It means that I am miserably lost on the "T" and have no idea how to get back to my 'puter. :)