Saturday, November 25, 2006

Restaurant Quote of the Weekend

"Will this one be more durable than my pink one?"

Said by me, in error and with embarrassment and a bright red face in response to Big D telling me he was going to buy me "Blue Bunny" sex toy.

In error because I admitted to having one, and also, that I broke it...

Oh the things you say when you are bored...

Also, I've determined that little Gusto has a crush on me. Not only has he complimented my "beautiful hands" and last week held my pinky for no apparent reason, but tonight he actually asked me if I wanted to come over to his house for tequila.

He barely speaks English, so I thought maybe I didn't hear him right-but indeed, I did. When I said no, PRMan01 tried to get me to go out for a drink with Gusto.

Now, I love little Gusto (he's literally little-like, 4'6 or something) but there's no way in hell I'd go to his house for tequila...

Don't they know I'm a good girl? ;)

Friday, November 24, 2006

Week in Review

3 days worked
2 off
2.5 hours left early
1 day of school
2 Osso Bucco Shanks
24 cupcakes
0 good ones
1 dinner
1 movie
5 more minutes
0 flat sheets
10 minutes it took my mother to complain about my father
100 times Rye bread made me laugh
3 times I was asked if I "approve" of the feast
1 time I lied because the turkey was dry
2 times my Mother made me feel guilty for not bringing anything
3 times I asked her before coming if I should
2 glasses of wine
1 time I declared I no longer like champagne
1 invitation to a party
3 toes of flippers not really broken
2 pictures painted for 2 sisters
430 the time I was going to get up to go shopping
830 the time I really did
4.5 people I am done Christmas shopping for
30 dollars worth of free stuff I got because it is Black Friday

3 good movies purchased for only $3.98
2 leftover sandwiches
1230 the time I got home from shopping
0 people I saw fighting over socks. 8(
1 whole day I have left to do whatever I want!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

After Glow

Every year since I was little, our Thanksgiving dinner consists of a leftover sandwich; white toast filled to the brim with whatever you wanted to between the pieces.

Mine was and always will be: a tiny bit of mayo, turkey, stuffing cranberry sauce and a tiny bit of mayo. Yes, it's on each piece. It's especially good when it's mixed with the cranberry...

The combination or crunchy bread and squishy yummy insides is just about one of the best things about Thanksgiving-at least in my mind. Thankfully Momma Mags let me take home some food, and so I was able to keep tradition alive.

What a lovely night it's been-I took a nice hot shower, put on baggy pj's and a sweatshirt and cuddled up on my couch with a cup of tea and the remote. The rain outside contributed just enough chill to really make it feel like the day before the Christmas season.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Thursday 13

Thirteen ThingsI Love About This Time of Year

1. Christmas Light Peeping
2. The promise of glittery white magic stuff falling from the sky blanketing the world in perfection.
3. Singing Christmas music
4. The constant presence of black olives in my life. (Because of antipasto)
5. Mittens and scarves
6. Rosey cheeks
7. Snowmen and snowball fights
8. Finding the perfect present for the people you love
9. Secret Santas and Holiday Parties
10. Everyone acts grumpy about Christmas but their eyes twinkle and they giggle more.
11. Mulled cider, egg nog, and cinnamon spice coffee.
12. Finding the perfect wrapping paper and ribbon
13. The smell of fresh pine in my house and the way the white lights twinkle when I squint my eyes.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I Shall Remain-The 2nd Anniversary of Me

2 years ago...

He tried to take my smile away.

He nearly succeeded...

Though this year has been harder than the last, my smile remains in tact.

Many things have changed since last year. Some good-like culinary school, and some bad-like no longer having a best friend, especially on this day in particular.

But of all the lessons I have learned from him, the most important one is that I will survive-even when I feel like I want to die.

Happy 2nd Anniversary of Me...thank you all for sharing my life.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Toosdae ?'s

Yo, yo, yo Maggie fans! What's happening in your neck of the world? Show some love by answering my questions!


1. Would you rather speak very eloquently but always give long, drawn out answers, or speak short, to the point answers but end with a grunt?

2. If someone made a statue of you, what pose would you like to be in?

3. You found out that without a doubt you have a guardian angel. What is their name?

1. I'd chose the long way. I guess I tend to be wordy when I am in a talkative mood anyway, and grunting would be embarrassing. However, talking to someone who grunted at the end of each sentence would make my laugh hysterically.

2. If someone had to make a statue, I guess I'd choose sitting down with my legs curled under me like I sit when I'm comfortable with people. I'd be smiling, maybe just on the verge of laughter...or possibly my small smile that I have when something secretly makes me happy and I'm trying to hide it.

3. Arnie. There are reasons this name is in my head, and why I think of an angel, but that is a secret!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Chicken Nugget Inventor Dies

The inventor of the chicken nugget and other poultry innovations passed away this week.

Robert C. Baker, a member of the American Poultry Hall of Fame, developed a flock* of poultry products, including ground poultry, chicken baloney and chicken hot dogs. When he figured out how to process and bind chicken meat into various shapes he gave the world the 'nuggets' now ubiquitous in grocery stores and fast food joints around the world.

Baker was a professor of food science and poultry science at Cornell University. He was 84.**

*No, I didn't write this silly pun.

**Yes, I am extrememly bored.

Meeting Chatter

In our weekly Monday meeting...

Boss: "The guys who were assholes were actually the French. Sorry Joe."

Joe: "I am NOT French."

Cue laughter...

Office Worker: "With a last name like yours (ends in "ski") I don't know why he'd say you are French!"

Joe: "Actually, I'm only 1/8 Polish. I'm actually 1/2 Irish."

Cue gasps...

Joe: "I actually have a lot of Scandinavian blood in me too...I don't know what my great-grandmother was doing, but she should have stayed home."

They may not give me a lot to do yet, but at least this group has a sense of humor...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Operation: Get Off Your Fat Ass & Stop Whining

Operation: Get off your fat ass & stop whining has begun.

Why? Because I am tired...of waking up sad, thinking sad thoughts and going to bed sad...of feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of being an adult...of always being one step behind...of being left out...of not being my positive self anymore...of losing.

When? Now. Later. Hopefully forever.

What? (Cue bullet points please!)

*Get organized. Chaos feeds off of chaos, espeically in your life. File your papers, throw out your junk-CLEAN THE COBWEBS! Take the time to put things where they belong, even when you are comatose.

*Start caring more about the reality of what IS instead of the reality of what is not.

*Figure out what is manageable and what is not. Formulate a plan to rid yourself of the "is not" portion of your life.

*Fill the void the "is not" with happier, easier things.

*Paint, sing, write, design. You are happiest when you are creating pretty things. Do this more.

*Be strong in your convictions, even if it makes you lonely right now. Being alone is better than compromising the things you care about the most.

*Stop looking over your shoulder to see who is following. You're worth it. If they are too, they'll follow. If not, it is their loss.

*Go back to the gym. You need to hit a punching bag, walk a billion miles and ride a bike through your past to let your frustrations out. And also, you need to drop the "fat" out of the title of this operation.

*Don't sell yourself short. Just because there are people who do not take your life seriously, doesn't give you the right to not take your life seriously. You are good. Prove it to the world.

*Learn something new everyday. Even on your days off. Expand your mind and understanding to get ahead of the crowd.

*Do not worry about everyone else when planning your dreams.



Again. When everyone else's lights are out, their heads resting comfortably on their pillows and their dreams come true in vivid waves, here I sit, my only friend, my blog.

I didn't eat dinner tonight, and thought that my hunger was what kept my slumber at bay-so I threw caution to the wind, ignoring that it was almost 1am-and made quesadillas.

So far, it's not helping, as I have an unquiet mind.

I'm the type of person who like to make scrapbooks of my life-but in untraditional ways...through poems I let my heart pour onto the page, etching every scar into the paper so that years later my heart will ache with the same feelings I had today.

My Christmas ornaments tell a tale of where I've been, or what I accomplished that year-like the Santa on the Trolley from San Francisco-a hurried but rarely romantic getaway-my last ditch effort to save something not worth saving. (And ironically, Santa looks as if he's holding on for dear life...)

Big D, a man I work with is very scary. He lives in a horrible section of town, has been to jail for serious things, and regularly reports the death of friends-usually gang related. I've grown to love this man, though, because as scary as he is in his real life, he's a giant teddy bear in the kitchen.

He's always the one who makes me smile if I look sad, tells me he is happy to see me when I've been gone for a week, and who raises his fist to mine and says, "You show 'em what you got out here girl." when I'm on the line.

He does drugs. He sells drugs, and I'm pretty sure he's a part of the life I mentioned above. But he's got a sweet side too.

And...he can freestyle better than any real life, non-famous person I've ever met. It's a rare occasion when Big D isn't singing or rapping, often times in the acoustic portion of the song, making up the words as he goes.

He never lags, never stutters and never is off beat. He's amazing at it, and I am enthralled with his talent.

The reason I'm going on about this is because of music. I've always sort of liked Latin music and I like some rap. And reggae is cool too. So listening to Reggaeton is a treat (really) for me when I work on Saturdays.

One song in particular by Don Omar is always in my head, always being sung by one of my PRMen, and always eludes me on ITunes....course, I don't technically know the name, or the words (b/c they're in Spanish).

So there's that.

I'm determined to find it though, so that whenever I hear it, I'll remember Big D raising his fist to mine and showing me he's on my side.

At least once a week, while we are both making food.