Saturday, October 28, 2006

Restaurant Quote of the Week

"She's crazy yo!"

Said by Devo to Serial Killer when I was called to the line to help (Read: Save) Serial Killer. I jumped in and knocked out his desserts, and then finished up his salads.

"She's got a very pretty smile."

Said by Spike (overheard by me) to PRMan01 about me, when I was around the corner.

"People are going to start to talk."

Said by me in response to Devo* when he said, "We're always in this walk-in together dude."

"You're kicking ASS tonight, huh?"

Said by Vito to me because every time he came in the back, I was working on something different. Yeah. Because I'm fast.

Tonight was actually pretty uneventful, though I was asked by the Executive Chef personally to make him 2 special items for service. It was the first time I actually made something for him. (I've chopped stuff for him before.) Every special that went out tonight had food that I made from scratch.

At around 8:30pm I was done and ready to go when I was called to the line. For a little over an hour I hustled and sweat until a lull when the sous chef told me I could go.

It's really amazing the adrenaline rush I get when I'm out there. I was completely ready to lay down on the dirty floor and sleep 5 minutes before I was called, but once I was out there, I didn't even think about anything else. And I was wide awake.

My back is sore, my eyes are burning and my heals feel like they are being stabbed, but man, what a rush.

Hopefully next week I'll get to be out there longer.

And yes, I've been drinking water.

Oh, and I got my first goodbye kiss. Everyone hugs and kisses at the restaurant, but I'm never included really because I'm new. Well, I got a kiss tonight. I'm starting to officially be part of the crowd.

And also, I was called, "Sweet cheeks". I didn't know how to react so I just kind of giggled and rolled my eyes, and walked away.

*As you can probably tell, Devo's my most favorite.

Friday, October 27, 2006

64 oz Already

If I hear one more person tell me that I am "burning the candle at both ends" or something of that nature, I'm going to scream.

Yes. I work 40 hours a week, and then go to school 16.5 hours a week and work another job 16+ hours a week. Yup, I'm tired, and sometimes crazy.

And yes, I should be taking better care of myself. I already know this.

But don't tell me I need to "Take some time for yourself now and then."

Because, why do you think I'm doing this? Why else would I be running myself ragged if it weren't for something I wanted badly? Working all of these hours, killing myself studying so I can be on top, cooking on the side, baking on my day off...these are all things I am doing for ME.

I will be tired. I will get dehydrated. It doesn't mean I don't love myself. In fact, that's why I'm making the sacrifices now. So that I will end up a success and so that I can look back and feel satisfied and proud of the job I've done.

Doctors think they know everything...

Book Day

On top of being a food geek, I'm also a self proclaimed book geek. Not that I know books well, or can recite sonnets or anything, but cracking a new book open simply delights me. I can, and have, blogged about the effect the smell of a bookstore has on me, and how I love the promise of adventure, without even stepping on an airplane.

Yesterday was new book day for me. I received 2 new, fantastic cook books "just cuz" and 2 new, fantastic books from school. If only I had the time to simply sit back and read them cover to cover, cooking as I went.

In due time...

One of my school books is "Exploring Wine" from the Culinary Institute of America. It's a wonderful book which entices you to read on, even though you're reading about climate control and soil. The introduction is quite poetic and to me, it hits the nail on the head regarding why people like wine. It's a bit long, but I think it's worth reading...

"The modern, technological era of wine is very recent, no more than a miniblip in the life pulse of wine's history. For thousands of years, farmers and merchants relied on the favor and the mercy of the gods to bless them with a pleasing wine. Sometimes they got what they prayed for, without ever knowing why. All they saw were healthy, vigorous vines flourishing in the warm sun, laden with heavy, sweet, succulent bunches of grapes that were full of ripe, juicy flavors. And when the grapes were heaped into a large vat, the juices would run and the liquid would churn about as heady fumes and aromas escaped into the air, leaving behind the richly colored, strongly scented and highly flavored liquid, probably sweet and certainly intoxicating. In other years they were not quite so blessed. The summers were cool, the grapes did not swell and take on rich, vibrant hues and the liquid in the vats would only hiccup sporadically as fall turned to winter, producing a thin, sour liquid with no obvious relationship to the glorious nectar that had come from the same plants the year before.

Thus wine can and does make itself.

...What has not changed, though, is the romance associate with wine. It may well be that historical accounts and anecdotes of great and memorable wines have more to do with the event at which the wine was served than with the wine itself. Nevertheless, it remains true that a fine bottle of wine makes a grand meal even grander, and many a simple picnic has become an unforgettable meal in the company of even the simple wine. It seem s that nothing will change the fact that good wine can magnify the pleasure we find in good food and good company."

Doesn't it just make you thirsty? For knowledge and for wine?

I love words.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

What's a Thursday Without a Little Randomivity

When people are asked what they would like without any restrictions-they blank. But when they have no choice at all, they have a million ideas. I am included in this bunch.

If 1 lollipop is good, 144 are SUPER, GREAT, and FANTASTIC!

I do not think it would be "Cool" if there were a western style restaurant in which the wait staff wore western style clothing and had theme nights such as Dolly Parton. Are you NUTS?

People who work for the collections department are mean. Yes, they get excuses all day. Yes, I'm sure they have people call who are not trustworthy. But not everyone is bad just because they can't pay a bill.

I could have designed this . In fact, I have a rug on my floor just like the art on their wall.

It's funny that I made a mistake about being able to design Dane Cook when he gets older. That's obviously not what I meant.

Dane Cook comes into this blog b/c my teacher for Monday/Tuesday nights looks like an older version of him. And it bothers me that my classmates think he's weird, b/c I think he's Zaney and he makes me giggle.

I'm convinced that I'd love Chicago. However, I'm also convinced that I'd be the only non-skinny person there. After an hour of researching menus and layouts of restaurants that call themselves "Eclectic" I found only 1 non-beautiful I could model girl. And she was in the dark. I'm not even joking. Beautiful people live and play in Chicago. I think I'd just end up staying in to avoid being the ugly girl.

My cat is mean. Unless she wants to be nice. And then I can't get her away from me. Maybe she wanted to be named Souffle.

I sent out a picture menu to my friends/family who will be attending my cooking party next month. (I'm SO excited!!) Only one of them demanded words. I'm mostly proud of them but also wondering why they aren't curious...especially because the picture of roasted garlic kinda looks like a banana split.

I got my business cards in. They look pretty damn good for freebies. I've handed them out to a few people already, and some have even stopped by my website. (Which isn't ready yet so I haven't given it out-I will though...)

Sometimes confusion creates new patterns.

It may just be that now that I have almost no free time left I'm pickier about what and who get my time, LOST not as good this season to people yet? So far it seems like the writers forgot to take their Riddlin. It feels like they are trying too hard to confuse us but give us clues. Before, it just kinda happened...oh well. I still savor my Wednesday nights (Until I get homework next week) and welcome the break by watching.

I actually said these words this weekend: "Who's that tall drink of water?" I'm a little embarrassed to even admit it, mainly because it just came out. There was no premeditation, no "If I say this, someone will laugh" moment. It. Just. Came. Out.

It's amazing that when certain people write you off, you're out. Just like that.

People are always surprising me. Just when I think I have them pegged, they go and buy a lizard.

I have no idea what "They go and buy a lizard" means. It just sounds good.

It's Thursday. That means a few things. (1.) My sugar daddy (hee hee) is posting fun questions-stop by if you have time. Maybe the geese will become a gaggle. (2.) My American Regional Cuisine and Wine Tasting classes start tonight. (3.) Tomorrow is Friday and I get to work at the restaurant. (4.) I only have today, tomorrow and Monday until I'm out of the hell I call "My job". (5.) The Office is on, and I'm hoping is wicked funny. Because I now buy them for $2 a week online and they haven't really been hysterical.

I took Tuesday off, and though I don't feel I need to elaborate on why this brings me great joy, let's just say I'll be happy to sleep late the day before I start my new job.

Yesterday I found myself smiling for no reason, with no one around and no provocation. It's nice to be back to that place. I haven't been there truly since April of last year. I hope it stays that way.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I get to, in 12 weeks, plan a fictitious restaurant.

I have unlimited funds in my coffer, of course, because it's fake.

I do, however, have to use real demographics (where should I have my restaurant?) real food costs, create a menu that I planned, cost out and assigned chefs to. I even have to design the footprint or the restaurant and the menu itself.

The pretty parts, I know I can handle. The designing part I'm a little bit intimidated by, but I know I'll do well.

So: Good news!! A new restaurant is opening up in your area! Tell me:

What kind of food do wnat them to serve?
What's the price range?
What's the atmosphere like?
What kind of people do you see there? What's the age range?
Where do you live? (State, City, Country)
Tell me...Remember it's ficticious, so it can be ANYTHING you want it to long as you would truly like to see it happen.

Who knows...maybe some day, it will. ;)

**Also, I get extra credit for having and dispensing food jokes. Anyone got some?

Yeah, I know...I ask for a lot of help. Haven't you ever heard the saying, "It takes a village"? Well, you're my people.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Toosdae ?'s

I would like to start this Toosdae off with saying that I'm mildly disturbed that not one of you even asked why in the world my post yesterday surrounded the topic of "Pants". I guess I'm so weird that you don't even question it anymore, and I don't know how to take that!!!

Here are today's questions...I hope you give me something silly and funny and I laugh out loud. No pressure though. ;)

1. What is the best and worst part about being the gender you are?

2. What was your favorite thing to play on or do during recess?

3. If you were stranded on an island and had confirmation that you would be rescued but would die before the ship came in if you did not eat, would you resort to cannibalism to survive? (Assume there is no other food source available to you, b/c I would hope you all would go that route first)

1. The best thing about being a woman is that I have the ability to have children and give them the nutrients and protection they need until they are born. The worst thing about being a woman is that if you have not yet had a child, people sometimes look at you with pity-especially when they know you want one.

2. My favorite thing to do was to play house. We had two really big trees with huge knotty roots that curved around the base making it seem like there were beds, or tables, or whatever we imagined them to be. The best part was that these trees were up against a fence, so when you were in between them, it really was like you were enclosed in a house. I lied-the best part was when I got to be the Mom and my husband was a boy I liked, and because we were playing, he had to be nice to me. 2nd favorite was the swings. Nothing like the wind in your hair with your eyes closed...

3. No. Survival is one thing, but I can't imagine cutting into someone's flesh and dissecting their bodies for consumption. It just makes me gag even thinking about it.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Pants 1 & 2

Pants 1

His eyes brimmed over with tears as laughter rolled out of his belly and into the air.

"What?!" we giggled. "What does it SAY?!"

Laughing so hard he could hardly breath, he pushed the small piece of paper toward me, urging me to read it out loud.

Instead, I read it to myself first, bursting out in uncontrollable laughter. Within seconds, I too, was unable to breath.

Impatient now, because she was being left out, Christine yanked the paper from my hand. With each word read, her smile grew wider and her laughter joined our chorus.

As we sat there, basking in each others company, laughing at a fortune so obscure yet probable, I realized how lucky I was to be an extended part of their family.

Christine and I met during my freshman year in college, mainly because my boyfriend was wearing his Medway High School letter jacket. Desperate for any connection to home, Christine (who lived just towns away) ran out of her room excitedly to talk to us.

She was always in yellow and not unlike most college freshman that year, she loved Sunflowers. Her toes were long and skinny, and she loved going barefoot. If I didn't grow to love her so much, I would never have been able to be friends with her.

She was creative. Not the fake kind of creative either-honest to goodness creativity flowed through her body, making each day an adventure. Looking back, I'm certain she would say the same about me, as we spent countless hours dreaming and scheming while everyone else slept.

And her family was wonderful too. Her younger brother was adorable-perhaps a sophomore in high school when I met him-and eager to be grown up. His intellect was sharp and he blushed at almost anything remotely sexual. And, best of all, his cheeks got cold when he ate too much sugar. To this day, I still smile when I think of the day we found this out.

It is a shame that I lost touch with Christine and her family, because it is rare in this day and age to find someone who laughs big, hearty belly laughs at the same things that you do. Especially when it's an obscure yet probable fortune like:

"You will get new pants."

Pants 2

Pants are good,
Pants are fun,
Pants aren't happy
when there's sun.

(duh-'cause you're wearing shorts)

Pants are short and
Pants are tall,
and pants looks cute
when you're wearing a shall.

(IMO-this is a lie)

Pants go on one leg at a time
& pants come off when
you've had too much wine.

(I know nothing of this subject)

Pants have pockets
unless it's a trend
in which one's been taken off
of your back end.

(How could I resist?)

Pants keep you warm
when it snows outside
and when when someone's without them
you should run and hide.


Pants are good,
Pants are fun,
Pants make you happy,
I hope that brought your sun. ;)