Friday, August 18, 2006

Peripheral Vision

3.5 glasses of wine and good conversation later and I'm a little tipsy.

Alone, I sit on my deck, looking at the stars and listening to the perfect symphony of crickets and summer humming bugs, their story a mystery, their music, a blessing.

There are 37 stars that I can see, the brightest of which I've whispered a wish to, in hopes that on this summer night, my dreams will finally be heard.

Soft summer breezes wash over me, hours pass, and I dream...

One house inhabited by one person.

The breeze feels so nice, I never want to go inside...

Hours pass and I dream.

Distant laughter, a car door. The summer breeze washes over me, goosebumps on my neck, my arms but I am not cold.

Stars that can be seen only with peripheral vision. They are there-but only if you don't try to see them.

Why not me?

A bird? There are no bugs out. The breeze is so nice; no one can see me, I am invisible here in the night.

In my backyard.

On my deck. With the wind caressing my skin, and the wine, calling to the sleep angel.

Tonight, I will dream...

Breast Reduction

It never ceases to amaze or rather disappoint me that there are people in this world who are wrong about what they think is true and good, and the vigor in which they defend those opinions, even though they truly look like assholes while doing so.

But what amazes-disappoints-me more is that those people get away with being ignorant and arrogant, while others simply stand by and take it.

First-appreciate and value freedom of speach, freedom of religion and all of the freedoms that come with being an American-and should be Human. And I appreciate differing opinions and welcome a good debate now and again.

But when you add in the asshole factor, things get a little out of hand. Tonight I kept my mouth shut, mainly because I simply want to finish school and leave these people, never to see them again unless it's when I'm kicking their asses in a cooking competion, or when I'm catering a party for them for an exorbinate amount of money.

But I digress...

The topic on hand was incest and molesation.

Know It All from classes has a younger sister. She sounds like a wild child from his stories, and he shared that she was going through a lot during high school. She lived with their Uncle, and he allegidly groped her "tit" as KIA called it.

The sister said more happened and that they were fighting and he touched her and said, "This is mine" and groped her "tit".

Inappropriate, yes?

The sister called the police and the uncle was arrested and charged with molesting a minor and incest or something like that. There was jail time. Know it all claims it never happened. He said, "There's no way he grabed her tit. No way."

More was said, but basically, by the end of the conversation KIA conveyed to the class that even if it did happen the way his sister claims, "Who cares?"

Who cares!?!?

I do. I bet my father does. And the mother across the street. And just about everyone I know.

I'm down with a good boobie rub, but there's a time and a place, and an authorized person who has clearance to explore these babies. Anyone without that pass is violating my body and my sense of security no matter how insignificant YOU think it is.

Know It All, my ass. I dislike you more and more each day...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sleep Deprived

Does omission of pertinent information count as a lie? I think so. Especially when the ommiter was given lots of chances to spill the beans. *sigh* Knowing some things sometimes sucks.

Having to share a bathroom with people at work is getting quite uncomfortable because of 2 people: The lady who refuses to smile back at me in the hallway but is overly friendly when we're peeing and the lady who pees faster, harder and LONGER than anyone I've ever heard pee EVER. Seriously-I'm bringing in a stop watch next time and will probably be contacting Guinness-the book, not the beer-Lord knows what THAT would do to her!

Ugly people deserve to be happy too.

Getting a few nights sleep is great unless you stop getting a good nights sleep. Then you just long for your pillow every minute of the day until you get there, then you want to throw it out the window when it's not quite right when you're trying to sleep.

Having people say that you look happy has to mean something. (Hopefully this doesn't connect with the "Ugly people deserve to be happy too" bullet above.)

Knowing your weekend consists of sleep, movies, (NES-Owl!) reading and relaxation makes for a very long, long Thursday. And probably Friday.

*Yawn* That's all for now. I'm too sleepy to think of more. Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!!!!

*UPDATED* 1:59pm, at the climax of my boredom.

Taking a nap in your car really helps you get through the day. It's especially nice when you have a blanket in the back seat and you can cover up the windows, and your cell phone has an alarm. ...Coulda used another 1/2 hour though. 8(

Sometimes things that are put into place to make your life easier actually makes your life harder. Such as: Microsoft Words annoying habit of thinking it is smarter than I am and therefore correcting things that I have typed when they are, in fact correct. OR when the header/footers are automatically carried over to each page when I want different ones on different pages. It's especially frustrating when the "fix" for it does not work. Said irritations cause me to mutter angrily under my breath trying to talk myself out of setting the manual I am recreating on fire. (I DO use a dell here at work-I could blame it on the battery!)

If you are going to bring me something to mail for you, there is no need to leave me a billion second voicemail telling me. Just bring the freakin thing over and drop it in my inbox. No, I do not need to know that it needs to go in an envelope (was he kidding?!) and no I do not need to know that you will bring it by the end of the day. No duh stupid head. If you don't bring it, it won't be mailed!

Some people do not like birthdays and the hoopla associated with them. Though I'll never understand why, it's something you must respect. Calling them into an office full of people and making them cut the cake and read their cards is just wrong. Um-the fact that he took a week of vacation to avoid this very scenario should've tipped you off to the fact that he hates this, crazy lady.

In Romania, it is customary for the birthday boy/girl to celebrate by taking YOU out to eat. No, I wasn't invited, but I heard all about it. (Different birthday boy than above)

I want a window seat. Do you think they'd mind if I just started working out of one of the empty desks in the back?

It's funny that this spell check doesn't recognize the word "freakin" and instead it suggests the word "foreskin".

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

St. Honore

This was last night's creation...St. Honore, named after the patron saint of pastry.

Yes. There's really a patron saint of pastry.

Yes. For real. It's in my book. (It's supposed to look like a crown-from the side it kinda does)

This is also the cause for the Know It All in my class to hate me.

He thinks he's better than the rest of us, and in terms of hours spent working in a kitchen, he is. In terms of being able to remember things and getting all 100's on his written tests-he is. But truly, he's not all that much better than any of us...not even the slow ones.

Last week he was mean to me. He made me so sad that I didn't even want to talk to Mr. CM.

I know.

And it threw me into a week long funk, which I couldn't shake. I don't know why, but it really bothered me to hear him say mean things, or to see him make faces at me when I did well. Because I am always the one who tells everyone that their food looks wonderful when it does.

Is it too much to ask to get the same in return?

Monday night I had an epiphany. As my partner (church lady) and I were the only ones to plate our food on time, Know It All made 3rd grade Oooh's and Ahh's mocking the fact that we were ready and he was not.

I looked at our plate, which was beautifully plated with Crepes Fitzpatricks and strawberry sauce, Eggs Benedict with perfect (if I do say so myself) hollandaise sauce, pancakes and berries and waffle potatoes, and I realized that he was simply insecure.

He is top dog in his mediocre restaurant (I've eaten there twice and both times been disappointed-even before I knew him) and there are people who are talented who can easily whip is ass.

Well Know It All-the difference between me and you is that you are in school because you've been in a kitchen forever and "don't know what else you'd do".

I'm in school because I have a passion for cooking and making people happy with food. They can teach me how to cut an onion-they can't teach YOU how to love what you do so much it hurts.

And whenever you are rude, it just means I am doing super duper extra good. So, bring it!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Toosdae ?'s

1. Would you rather lose the ability to feel fear or to feel pain?

2. If you could have anything of your choice delivered to your doorstep daily, what particular item would it be?

3. Would you walk slowly down a public street for 1 mile naked for $100,000? If no, how much would it take?

1. I'd like to lose the ability to feel pain. Losing fear could cause pain and that would be worse than losing pain and losing fear. At least then you could jump out of a plane without being scared or say things that are on your mind without a big pit in your stomach.

2. I don't know why, but at this particular moment, I want to say tacos. Crunchy, tacoy goodness, piping hot ready for my consumption daily. Yup. Tacos. Mmmmm.

3. Yes, I would. However I'd pretend that I wouldn't and hold out until the monitary bribe was raised to at least $500,000. But if they wouldn't budge, I'd still do it...shhh, don't tell. Maggie needs a new pair of shoes! And oil for her heat. ;)

Monday, August 14, 2006


Weekend by numbers:

1 cute boy who called me at work
1 time he had to leave a message because I was talking to the president

3 times I listened to the message because he is cute
1 visit to a head doctor
40 minutes I was late because of traffic
84-the highway that caused me to be late
12 buckets-o-stuff frantically made
1 foot I wanted to cut off
1 break-dancer Mr. CM had to shut up
1 time I wanted to freeze time
1 time I wanted to do something inappropriate in public
0 times I did
2 trips to 2 bookstores
1 book I finally found
25 pages read
25 times I was amazed at how much I could identify
0 homework
12 hours of make up sleep
40 dollars I spent but shouldn't have
5 times I smiled because I spent it

1 old friend I found and talked to on MySpace
5 episodes of Sex and the City:S
eason 2 watched
4 loads of laundry
15 pieces of clothing ironed

0 blog posts written, as you can see