Friday, July 14, 2006


Yesterday I took a much needed hiatus from my desk at work and took a drive. Granted, I only drove to my house, which is about 10 minutes away, but feeling the slightly muggy "it just rained and I can still smell the pavement" air on my skin was enough to perk me up.

That, and I remembered that I bought some Nutella and white bread at the store the other day.

Dreading the rest of the day and even more so the long night in school, I reluctantly drove back to work.

On the way back into the office, I heard THE Worlds Greatest Sneeze-yes-Worlds Greatest. I have a great sneeze, if I do say so myself, and I thoroughly enjoy a good sneeze every now and again.

But this sneeze was Fantastic.

It seemed that I was a mile away from the guy and I clearly heard it. It echoed. And, it's debatable as to whether or not it was a coincidence or not, but Honest Abe, a car alarm went off directly following his sneeze.

The worlds best I tell ya.

He seemed to enjoy it too, which made me smile, of course.

Sneezes are very unique, just like a laugh or a giggle can be. They can be tiny and petite, robust and continuous, paired or quadrupled, or simply an "AaahCHOO". (Which, in my opinion, is a waste of a good sneeze.)

I realize I'm writing a blog post about a sneeze I heard yesterday, and the variances in sneezes people have.

But then again, I once wrote a speech on pickles in college, and how much I love them...

(Did you know pickles have glue like attributes?)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Reminder To Myself

I needed to make myself another "under-rated" list...

The smell of fresh cut grass will always be on this list, as will the smell of fresh squeezed lemon, olive oil and garlic sauteeing and clean boys.

Freshly shaved legs and a good pedicure to go alone with it.

Hungry kisses followed by softer ones.

Cheese. Most varieties will do.

Laying on your bed (naked) in the summer with a cool breeze from a fan spraying over you.

Ice cold ac and a comforter.

Catching someone who doesn't normally partake in candy with their hand in the candy jar.

Unspoken secrets that will never be told.

Hearing someone you've recently met tell you they consider you a friend.

Impending (is that a word?) birthday wishes.

Nutella on toast. (My new love-momentarily taken the place of my usually English muffin and peanut butter for breakfast)

Fluffy towels.

A good hair day.

Harboring excitement for someone else's life.

Secretly leaving enough change in the vending machine for someone to get a snack and a drink.

Baby bunnies in my yard.

The sound of crickets, and the sight of fire flies.

Red wine will always be on this list too.

Waking up and realizing I have 2 more hours to sleep.

Bright white shirts and sandals.

Buying "just cause" little presents.

Being able to throw my entire wardrobe on the floor because no one is here to tell me to pick it up. (Though I think I need that help!)

Soft pretzels out of the oven and being able to make them.

Lip gloss.

And breaking the rules to print a no so necessary picture and having someone to help me with it.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hungry No More

Open Letter to the Thief of My Lunch:

You are not nice. You are evil and sneaky and though your belly apparently is alive and well-your heart is made of stone. For you have kept me hungry on a day in which I needed nourishment the most.

Oh tiny tiffin taker, how you made me sad. Imagine my surprise when I opened the freezer and found only fuzzy ice cubes and a void where my Chicken Marsala used to rest. Dejected and dispirited, I crawled back to my desk, hoping to find a mint, or perhaps a stray Laffy Taffy.

Mr./Mrs. Thief of My Lunch-how could you take someone's food? Do you have no regard for our wellbeing? Do you only care to gorge yourself on Chicken of which you did not purchase? Or are you such a knucklehead that you simply could not "remember" that you did not carry said chicken into the office yourself?

Beware: I will not go hungry again. Think long and hard about the tracks you will leave the next time your little fingers hover over my lunch.

Beware: Thief of My Lunch, Beware...

Sincerely and Hungrily,


Untitled: 3

There was only one other house near the one we moved into, and it was across the field. We arrived late, well after midnight, as though we were sneaking out of New York and into Connecticut.

Who knows, maybe we were.

There were no lights, and it was cold. The dark wooden paneling paired with the 6 foot, un-curtained windows, made it seem as though the house had eaten us, and we were digesting in it's belly.

I could tell my mom was scared because we sat in the middle of the room in the dark, and she held me close. My father and his friend had taken the moving van back to New York and we were left to "settle in".

It was our first night in a strange state, in a house that didn't find it's place on a village's block like our home in New York, but in the woods. And my father left us alone. Could he have simply waited until morning to return the truck?

Perhaps. But, like a vampire, drunks do not function well in the morning.

The rest of that first night is hazy. I remember being woken up and my mother telling me that my father was in a car accident. She told me there was ice on the bridge in New Haven, and his truck slid and hit a guard rail.

I thought he died.

I was only in kindergarten, so I know that my little brain didn't register that he was drunk, and like I said, until we moved, I didn't even realize that he was different.

But I realized that he made us scared, and that he wasn't with us in the cold, dark house, and that he made my mommy cry.

And that was enough to make my heart harden. And it was enough to start the cycle that will forever be burned into my being.

To make everything seem like it's okay, when in fact, we're ramming into guard rails.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

That's A Lot of Dough!

He IS human, afterall.

The guy at school who keeps me motivated and keeps me on my toes didn't come to school today. He "had a headache."


This is the kid who comes to school 1/2 hr early and never seems to sit. He knows most of the answers (though I usually test better than he does) and knows ALOT about working in a kitchen (though my product usually comes out better)

And he didn't come to school during the most important week b/c of a headache?

Today I said to my friend The Good Witch (regarding the hives on my face that were still undiagnosed) "I don't care if my eyes swell shut and I have to take a cab, or I have to sit in the kitchen and LISTEN to them cook-I'm not missing school this week."

I was worried about studying though, if indeed my eyes swelled shut. I'd have to hire someone to read to me.

So, it's weird to me. He didn't show up. I feel bad that I am happy because he's knocked down to human status. (I can already hear one of you giving me shit about this)

You know who you are...

On another note: I'm always the first person or group done. No matter who I am working with, we plate up first. I even usually help other people in their clean up or their panning and makeup so that we're all ahead.

Nothing more on that, it just sort of hit me today. We make pizza and French baguetts. My pizza was "perfectly cooked" as chef told me and honestly, tasted out of this world.

We had to share it with the upperclassmen, because they always give us food, and what do you know, Church Lady and my pizza was the only one all gone. ;)

That tickles me to death.

Also-the upperclassmen were making mouse's today and we got to try them all! Strawberry, Blood Orange, Raspberry (My favorite) and Chocolate with some sort of liquor in it.

Fantastic. Though right after, we had to clean up and we were all feeling a little more than lethargic. Oh well.

Overall, class was good. My blues are melting away, though I found out I have less of an excuse to slack this weekend, b/c I won't be playing with Rye Bread. (The girl, not the dough)

I told someone yesterday that no one respects him here and that he's got to conform to the norm or be forever labled an outsider.

Most of me knows that is wrong. To my core I really feel that people should be who they are. However there is a time and place for it. If we are in a kitchen learning to become chefs, don't be doing a ghetto bootie dance near the ovens. Really. He's too young to realize how much he's throwing away. It's a shame really.

Off to beddy bye now. Thanks for letting me vent. Although this is my space, but thanks for reading my ventiness.

Love ya's!


Da Blues

Do you ever have a day where you think, "I would like to die".

Now, don't go getting all worried, or calling help lines or the paramedics on me. I don't actually want to die.

But it's been a day...

The cloud is still hanging over my head from the "I'm back from vacation" thing.

Someone stole my lunch

My face is covered with tiny little red bumps and my eyes are stingy. It's not poison ivy, it's hives.

I'm on 4 pills of Prednisone (for 9 days!) and 1 Zyrtec per day. I just took it 10 minutes ago for the first time and I'm gagging already because of an upset stomach.

I have 2 tests on Monday, 3 tests on Tuesday and a big mother honkin one on Thursday. Also a make up test on Friday. And I don't know how I am going to get all of that studying done.

My insurance company was given the wrong info by my company so they don't show I'm registered. Even though I called right before going to the doctor and they gave me all of my info. So now I have another medical bill and 2 prescriptions that I have to fight with an insurance company about.

Something is wrong with my car. I think it's electrical. Great...

I went to go get a bagel at the donut shop in town and they were all out of bagels. It was the only thing I wanted.

Someone drove by me while I was getting into the car and splashed me.

I am the worlds worst bill payer. Bills are piled high, I forget to pay them, paper is everywhere and I just want to burn them.

I had to leave work early and I though I don't want to be there, I also don't want to get a reputation for leaving early for being sick...earned time off is different. (Like when I left on Friday to cook)

It's raining. Hard. You know what that means for my stupid house.

I have 1 hour before I have to leave for school. I should study. But I'm going to curl up on my bed and nap.


*Update: 11:37pm:
It usually takes me 30 minutes TOPS to get to school-today it took an hour and a half. There was a crazy accident that closed 2 lanes, making me a 1/2 hour late to class. Luckily, half of the students in the school were also late.

My face burns.

Toosdae ?'s

1. Would you rather walk down the street of a busy city naked, or have to be naked at your grandfather's funeral?

2. If you won a shopping spree, what store would you want it to be from?
3. If you were given an unlimited amount money to build the worlds greatest swimming pool, what would it look like?

1. Give me the busy city street. My guess is there would be a lot of other freaks around in a city, so it wouldn't be so embarrassing. Plus, I don't live in the city, so chances are I wouldn't know anyone. At the funeral however, I'd know EVERYONE.

2. At this point, I'd say Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware. But I think I'd even like something like Sephoria or L'Oreal.

3. My pool's floor is not painted the normal light blue, but a deeper, indigo blue so the water's a little darker. It's flanked with gray slate-like stones, has a jaccuzi built in on the side, a swim up fire pit with benches and a little bbq area and a waterfall. That would be my ideal pool-it'd also have lots and lots of greenery around so it was very wooded and lush. I'd even risk being pruney for that pool.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sundae Time Line

10 Years Ago...I hit my 1 month mark of officially living in Florida permanently. I was refinishing a desk for my room because I was going to start classes at UCF soon and I didn't like the color it came it. I was sure Matt was the only man I'd ever love, ever, and thought living with the 2 girls I lived with was going to be fun. The paint chipped off, I obviously am not in love with Matt anymore and I don't talk to either girl.

5 Years Ago...I was excited to be moved back home to CT with Matt. We were beginning to review house plans more seriously, designing special features and dreaming of starting a family. We lived in a basement apartment of a house with no ac, and therefore lots of mold. Ick. I was excited to be home again for my birthday.

1 Year Ago...I was secretly miserable at my job, but loved having my friends there. I enjoyed having a diverse group of people working for me, especially ones that made me laugh. I was wondering what everyone was getting me for my birthday, and getting used to blogging. I think it was still a secret to everyone at this point.

Yesterday...I catered my little sister's graduation party. I played with Rye Bread, drank beer from a keg and visited with my family from New York. Received 2 extra sweet phone calls from Mr. CM and 1 crazy "I can't find my keys and am freaking out" call. 1 midnight drive to Mr. CM's house.

Today...I thought I was being attacked by an alarm clock, tried to eat breakfast in a bank, carried lots-o-stuff, tried to bribe a cat, got chased by a snake, was visited by an extra cute lawn boy, and studied.

Tomorrow...I start school again after being off for a week, I will find a way to study and make it look like I'm working, will be sending "good luck" vibes to a cute boy, and hopefully will make hoards of people smile.

Birthday List

(The phrase, "So, Maggie's turning 30 soon..." phrase was used a lot yesterday. I truly don't mind that I'm turning 30, but once you start thinking about it, you can't help feeling a little sad.

30 came fast. I wonder how it'll be if I make it to 70!

In any event-lots of people asked me what I wanted, and like I told you earlier this month, instead of the usual, "I'm not sure" answer, I actually have a list. (My family is very list orientated when it comes to presents.)

So, without further ado-my sisters-my list is posted under my email buttons to the left.

There you you can shop. I'm sorry I didn't give it to you in February.*

*This post (and the list) is mainly for C-Unit, who mentioned today that she's usually done Christmas shopping in October. She must be freaking out that my birthday is only 20 days away.

C-Unit-Choose to sort the list by priority and the things I want the most will come up...that should help.