Friday, May 26, 2006

A Weekend of Simple Pleasures

Simple pleasures:

1. Getting out of work at 4:30 on a Friday, knowing that it's a set schedule for now until I leave this job.

2. Being able to watch television because all of my homework is done, and I don't have school on Monday.

3. Being able to put nail polish on because I don't have school until Tuesday. (We aren't allowed nail polish-it's considered unsanitary)

4. Giving myself a pedicure with bright red toesies.

5. Reading a book other than "Professional Baking" or "Serve Safe" even if it is sub-par.

6. Ready Whip. A world without Ready Whip, in my opinion, is a world not worth living in.

7. Fresh laundry.

8. Knowing it will be nice out this weekend, preparing to sit on my new Adirondack chairs on my back porch with a book and a glass of wine, reading until my hearts content.

9. Being able to sleep late tomorrow.

10. I already mentioned the Ready Whip, right? Let me add it again. Yeah. It's that yummy. How about being able to eat Ready Whip right out of the can because I'm a grown up now. That's worthy of number 10, dontcha think?

Weekend Sign Off

Here's another nice thing about my new job: I can keep my pen on my desk all of the time, right out in the open, and no one will steal it.

It doesn't sound like a lot, but honestly, that's a very rare thing.

Also, unlike at my last job, the candy jar stays somewhat full for more than a day. Candy hogs that chew with their mouth open (and most of the time talk while chewing the chewiest candies) do not exist where I am currently employed.

Which is nice, because I've gone from the pharmacist to the Confectioner.

Another nice thing is that I realized that I really am an outgoing person who people generally like. People tell me this a lot, but I never really believe them, mainly because on the inside, I'm venerable and shy. But I don't come across that way, and am starting to see that I've become the outgoing girl I've wanted to be since my grammar school days.

I made an apple pie and a blueberry pie at school yesterday and debated bringing the apple to work. In the morning, I decided I didn't want to share it with them, but by afternoon I saw that some people were dragging and really bummed out about the rain. I also am not seeing Mr. CM this weekend so he couldn't partake (cause I owe him baked goods, and also I like to feed him) and I'm low carbing it for a I ran to my car and presented the pie...

It may have been cloudy outside, but the sun sure did come out in my office!

The president of my division also happened to sample the pie, and told me twice how delicious it was. He actually came out of his office and walked over to my desk and thanked me. We talked about school for a bit and then before he walked away he said, "I like that ambition in you."

Who doesn't like a compliment, right? But to come from him, I felt like I was glowing...

Over the long weekend I plan to visit the Chef Emporium to see if I can find some pastry flour, which is softer than normal flour. If so, I plan on practicing the apple pie and crust again and perhaps try making some biscuits. It's going to be grand!

Have a fabulous and safe holiday weekend everyone!!

Yours truly,


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Droopy Eyes

Anyone who says my job isn't risky business should take a look at my finger. Oh yeah, and my arm.

I'm beat up. First I cut myself with my I sliced off part of my knuckle. It was so deep you could touch the vein. Sorry Mr. CM. I should have warned you. Hope your hands are ok.

I actually got to use our "hospital" at work. And I had to get a shot.

Anything I can do as the new girl to stand out, you know?

Thank God it's the weekend, and a long one at that. I'm so tired I think I may sleep the who time.

Probably not. But right now, it sounds marvelous.

Sorry for the lame post. Tiredness is sinking in.

School was a bitch. 2 pies, 1 partner who didn't do anything but wash dishes (Jesus again), no dinner in my belly and no taste testing because the pies were hot. Oh yeah. I told the guy who looks like Savid to get away from me, sang "You are my sunshine" to someone to make her smile (and ended up making someone else smile too) and confessed that my underwear were falling down.

Hungry. Tired. Lonely. Confused. Happy, Silly.

Oh wait. I'm only hungry and tired right now. Lonely too I guess because I am alone in my house and cuddling is fun, but-

WTF. Really. I have no idea what I am writing or saying.

Must. Sleep. Now.


Bullet Points 2 People I've Met

Things I'd like to tell random people at my new job:

Nose hair should not be very noticeable as it is, but when you have trouble breathing because it's so thick and busy-yeah-you might want to think about a weed whacker on those suckers.

If you cough and it sounds like you are murdering a hyena, you may want to consider walking out of the otherwise silent office before giving us all heart attacks.

Orange lipstick only looks good on black girls with creamy dreamy wonderfully pretty skin. Not on you, who is whiter than I am.

If you are a woman and your hair is thinning, growing it past your butt does not make it appear more full. In fact, it just looks stringy. Yes, I'll take you with me when I give the orange lipstick lady a makeover.

If I smile and say hi to you in the bathroom-smile and say hi back. I know we are in a small space, but that's why it's all the more awkward for me to retreat into the stall when you've just stared at me blankly with your mouth gaping open, you weirdo.

I can see your underwear daily. I'm not looking, but it's just there. Dude, pull up your pants.

And last but not least, if you want me to book your travel reservations to obscure towns in Kentucky, you must, must, must spell the town at least a little like it is really spelled. I don't know where Moopsville is. Yes. Really. That's what he wrote.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Battle Wounds

Everyone says I'll have scars. They'll be the tell tales signs of my profession, a sort of brand on the life that I chose.

These scars, they say, will burn. They'll blister and bleed, and when they heal I'll acquire more.

Though these scars won't make my hands stronger, like the scars of metaphors and inspirational stories, they will teach me valuable lessons about how to become stronger on my own.

And they do heal. And that's the important thing about pain. It's temporary and fleeting, and when it's gone, you marvel at how you got through it.

And yes, I cut myself practicing to be a chef. Shut up.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Toosdae ?'s

Hi kids! I'm not certain why none of these are silly this week, but I'm pretty happy with the questions-I sure hope that when I come home from my LONG day at work AND school that I'll have TONS and TONS of comments from my adoring readers. ;) Remember, you don't have to answer them all!

1. Would you rather have so much money that you would never have to worry about money again or be immortal?

2. To what degree do you feel government should be allowed to monitor its citizens phone calls without court approval (as much as it wants, not at all, by court order only, or somewhere in between)?

3. If you could "un-know" one thing, what would it be?

1. I would rather have the money. There are certain things in life that I wish I could do regularly, including travel. Having the money to pay all of my bills, buy presents for my friends and family whenever I want and traveling would make my life happier. I would never want to be immortal because I would have to watch every I love die. Also, I believe in heaven, and so death, though not my first choice currently, doesn't scare me much.

2. This is a tricky question. I don't have anything to hide, so I don't much care if the government listens in on a call, however, sometimes jokes can be taken out of context and someone may not "get" the joke, making me get into trouble. Morally, I don't think it's right. I believe we have a right to our privacy and should feel secure in that. However, if listening to my conversations now and then prevents thousands of innocent people from being murdered, then I think I am ok with that. To follow my rules: by court order.

3. If I could un-know 1 thing, it would be unknowing that Matt had an affair. Even after all this time, it still cuts like a knife to know that he wasn't man enough to be honest about his feelings before starting a relationship with another woman. And even though he's not a part of my life today, it still makes doubt creep into my heart every now and then.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Yeah, I said Buttocks

We’re all friends here right? Right. So I don’t feel self conscious about telling you what I’m about to tell you.

In my old office, the bathrooms were close to my desk-it was a small office, basically 1 big room with offices spread out around it. We basically could talk to everyone through our cubes and they could hear us clearly.

So if you, say…had to go to the bathroom quite abruptly, you could

My new office? Not so much. Not only is the opening to my little desk on the opposite side of the hallway I have to use to get out, the bathroom is literally down the hall, past another office-about a 1 minute walk.

Which is rough on the bowels when you have to “run for the border”.

And, while I’m at it, I might add how difficult it is to run for said border while clenching your buttocks with all of your might whilst trying to appear professional and not so “I’m trying to clench my buttocks so I don’t poop on your desk”.

Add a paid of new mule heals, and the scenario gets even funnier.

So. There you have it ladies and gents, I give you: my Monday afternoon.