Friday, May 12, 2006

And End of An Era

Today is my last day of work with my current employer. My emotions are torn as I've been here for 5 years. Some of these people have seen me at my worst-when I lost everything I thought I wanted but also at my best-when I rose above it all and moved on.

I've cried in front of these people-something I rarely do. I've given my heart to some-even to those who didn't deserve it. I've been mean, and petty and aggrivated by incompetitance and ignorance, but thorough it all, I've managed to learn and grow.

And now it's time for me to move on and learn and grow somewhere else. Most have told me they will miss me on a personal level, which is something I am proud of and some have communicated how valuable I am to the office/organization and though I am less proud of that, it does make me smile.

For the others-you know who you are-I ache knowing I won't be a part of your regular day-but rejoice in the fact that I've made 2 of the dearest friends I could have ever asked for-and nothing can take that away...

Things I will not miss:

1. Long deadlines and the uncertainty of my quitting time
2. Unrealistic goals without the tools to meet them
3. The entire state of Virginia
4. The serial killer (sniffles) and his lack of any knowledge about anything. Except maybe "special" mouthwash.
5. Pepe LaRue and his lethal breath, paired with his ability to get away with working for exactly (only) 2 hours.
6. The Monkey Lady and well...everything about her.
7. Being a nark.
8. Having to work the day after Thanksgiving.
9. Having Monday's and Friday's be the busiest, most stressful days.
10. The feeling of guilt when I am sick-knowing that someone is freaking out because I am not there.
11. My 35 mile commute
12. A smelly men's room that makes me throw up a little every time I file.
13. Being the bad guy because I always defend the little guys.
14. Having to defend the little guys because no one else does.
15. Finding out someone used the last copy, last ream of paper or ink cartridge and didn't write it on the list, then hearing them complain because we're out of it.
16. Having my back up be my boss-who's entirely too busy and hyper to do my job on top of his.
17. Trade Shows

Things I will miss:

1. You're STUPID! and other dating advice...
2. Crazy IM's and laughter so silent it makes your body shake.
3. Casual Friday's
4. Having every store and restaurant needed within 5 minutes of the office.
5. Laugh out loud, unabashed laugh sessions
6. Laffy Taffy eating contests-and also-who will eat my banana's?
7. Gracie-isms
8. Daily in-passing life updates
9. Impromptu gossip meetings
10. Being able to have a "Suppy" list and various other oddities
11. Nuns, missing teeth and stolen gas
12. Finding random empty envelopes everywhere or hearing jokes about ketchup packets.
13. Making people who don't want to smile, smile.
14. Being the "Go to" person for personal and professional problems
15. Typing "Leather" on a regular basis
13. Surprise visits from Git Er Dunn and Skinny Pete
14. Jokes about the Monkey lady and her ability to see the future.
15. Ice Cream
16. Seeing the crazy come out in people when they try to hide cake.
17. Being the holiday party planner and hearing people say I've outdone myself again, every year.
18. Knowing someone who bonks me on the head by throwing a gummy bear at me-without warning.
19. My WB Mason guy
20. Having 2 of my greatest friends with me 5 days a week to immediately share my up and downs, my wins and losses, and to pick me up before I even know I've fallen.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

House Broken: Part 22-Final Chapter

(It's been a while-catch up here)

She drove with the windows down that day, even though it was something she rarely did. Her hair flapped in the thick, humid air, happy to be free as it danced its way around her face.

She allowed no one to come with her to court, mainly because they were on vacation. She wanted to be able to think of them when she was on the stand- sipping drinks by the ocean or making sand castles with the baby-and, as always, she did not want to be a burden.

As she made her way to the beach house, she let her thoughts peel away from her brain, stowing them deep inside so that she would never forget the scar that burned inside her heart. There was no need to over process or to run through the “what ifs”. It was done, and all she had to do was find her way through her new life.

“New life” became her secret mantra-the words that made up the song of her life-the salve the healed her scar. “New life” sustained her and made her realize that indeed, “though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”*

It was fitting, then that her new ending would begin at the same place their love did years ago-at the beach. Sitting in the cool, damp sand, she hugged her legs to her chest and thanked God for everything she had and for giving her the strength to go on.

And God said “You’re Welcome” by setting the sun and starting a new day.

*Carl Bard

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Warning Note

It's things like this that I will miss...
It's a note written by my best friend to deter other people from eating the cake I brougt in-because she wanted it all for herself...

Chances are-no one at my new job will be a wacky.

In case you can't read it, it says:

The little colored balls on top of the cake are not sprinkles, rather a rare form of hybrid hampster doo. It's considered a rare delicacy in other parts of the world, but help yourself. Please.
And also, no practical last night, just a test in baking, which I got a 93 on and a pop quiz in sanitation-which I don't know what I got. The baking practical is on Thursday now.
I know I should be able to adapt and to roll with things, but it seems kind of sneaky to drop a test that we prepared for and to give us a quiz in a whole different subject that we didn't prepare for b/c we'd be taking another test.
Study everything, everyday. Sometimes, that is just unrealistic.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Toosdae ?'s

Sorry I'm posting these a little later today than normal-VERY tired today. 8( You don't have to answer the serious question if you don't want to!

1. Would you rather (at someone else's house) accidentally and conspicuously break an expensive antique heirloom or accidentally and conspicuously let their prized dog out of the yard?

2. This is a "First thing that pops into your head" question-DON'T over think or change your answer --> What song reminds you of your Middle School/Junior High (7-8 grade) years, and what years were you there?

3. Do you believe in the death penalty?

1. I would rather break something than let their dog loose. People tend to think of pets as a member of the family, and by letting it go, I'd be taking that away. I imagine someone would be far less heartbroken over a vase than Fido.

2. Eternal Flame, the Bangles. 1988-1989. It reminds me of slow dancing at the YMCA dance with a boy named Rory. My best friend was crying on the bleachers because her boyfriend just broke up with her. I found out after the song.

3. I do not believe in the death penalty, though I also do not think our "reform" system does even a decent job of helping people rise above their mistakes to allow them to become positive members or society. An eye for an eye just doesn't make sense to me. I can imagine however if, someone I love was murdered I'd struggle with my beliefs just a little more than I am today.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Poulet-vous coucher avec moi ce soir? or Fight Club

Tonight's class-chicken fabrication (cutting a whole chicken into 8 pieces), making a voulete sauce (creamy sauce with lemon, shallots and mushrooms-yumminess in a pan, really) and maple glazed carrots.

I got stuck with the slacker-the one who flunked out of 2 trade schools already-the one who is late everyday-the one who's already gotten into fights with lots-o-people.

Well, today, my friends, you can add my name to the list.

I'm going to call him Scabs because he always has scabs, and since no one except bad people or other bloggers have real names here, Scabs it is.

I asked for some extra clarification on something before we went into the kitchen so I would fully understand it. Scabs instantly whispered across the room-"I can tell you that." I chose to ignore him and listen to the chef who was, incidentally, speaking directly to me.

Again, Scabs said the same thing. "I can tell you that." Now, before you assume I just 'went off' on him with no prompting, he came in late to class, missed a test, then was disruptive because he was behind, which is always the case. Everyone's tolerance is low with him. So to his second attempt at getting my attention, I exclaimed, "SCABS! I hear you-but I'd like to know WHY and HOW to do something instead of having someone just tell me to do it." He tried aruing more about it, and I just said, "I'm done with it. Let's move on."

Bitchy? Maybe. But it's deserved. When the chef is talking, everyone should listen. Not only is this the polite thing to do, but also the only way we'll learn from a seasoned professional. And also the reason I'm paying to be there. No offense Scabs, but I'm not confident in the answers you'll provide.

The kitchen with him was a disaster, so I ended up doing most of it myself. He didn't like that, but how many times can you tell someone to use and egg yolk...not the white, not the whole thing, but the yolk...if you don't know what the yolk is, I think perhaps you should go back to kindergarten.

He also doesn't seem to understand the idea of plating and presentation.

Those of you who know me know that it's HUGE deal to me how things look when I present them. He used black pepper in our white sauce (even though both the recipe, the chef, and I told him to use white) and he cut our carrots half ass-then got angry when I put the to the side and told him I'm not serving them.

In any case, our meal came out above average and was a complete gastronomical success.

The good in this is that a few people told me they liked how I handle myself-that I'm confident and precise. I also had everyone smiling at me because they felt sorry for me, which was nice.

My fight was minor though, compared to the Church Lady and Scabs. Lucky me-Scabs was my partner for washing dishes tonight too-and everyone knows he disappears. SO Church Lady helped me until Scabs showed up.

This is when my story becomes Fight Club and not so much the Poulet-vous coucher story.

Church Lady was told by Scabs that she doesn't work fast enough. Even though she was doing his job because he was slacking off. She got into his face, almost literally and was yelling.

They had to be separated.

The kicker is that in her anger, she threw her hot pot of sauce into the wash sink that I was bent over....and splashed me with hot soapy water. Nice.

This whole thing is funny because of why I call her Church Lady-she's a minister. (This is the second altercation she's gotten into in the past 3 weeks)

I don't think Jesus would look too kindly on that-though he was laughing in the corner...

By the way, I made a "Jesus Walks" joke tonight which went over well with a few of the guys, but the girls didn't quite get it. Oh well.

Tomorrow-my first baking TEST and PRACTICAL...wish me luck!!

Weekend by Numbers

1 time Rye Bread ran up to me to hug me
5 times I made her kiss me hello
1 Crazy Japanezer who sang "Happy Birthday" to my sister
4 times Rye Bread made us say "Grace" while we were eating our sushi
1 time Momma Mags exclaimed, "I'm a good mother"
2 times I thanked people for the same bouquet of flowers
2 movies watched with Mr. CM
1 time he helped me with my math
1 time I think he was happy he did
4 times I braved the most deadliest flicks ever
0 bruises resulting in said flicks
1 new lawnmower
2 smiles I got from my neighbors as I was finally mowing my lawn
3 times I wandered around my house trying to see what was different
0 times I knew for sure
3 hours of studying while sitting in my new Adarondak chairs
10 times I wanted to be reading a good book instead
1 cake recipe experiment
1 idea for "Weekend by Numbers" I stole from a good blogger

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Get Your Dance On

This is funny.