Friday, April 21, 2006

Care Bear Cake!!

Orientation Notes

First things first-orientation yesterday was AWESOME!

Not only did I get my uniforms (3 chef coats, 2 pairs of checkered pants, 2 aprons, 2 hats and 2 neckerchiefs) but I was also blessed with good luck for once.
All of the annoying people that were there are attending the DAY classes and I am attending night classes. That never happens to me. I am always stuck with the slackers, the druggies, the I-really-don’t-want-to-be-here’s…but this time it looks like it’ll be different.

There’s a man who looks like Savid from LOST. He’s a homemaker.

There’s a woman who’s very rough around the edges, who will be riding her bike to school each day. It’s a 20 minute drive-I hope she eats Wheeties.

There’s a kid who’s been working as a chef for 6 years already-who stated the first 2 months are going to be BORING for him. Whatever dude.

And then there’s my favorite-a kid who is very stereotypically a “ghetto boy” but who has the best manners I’ve ever seen. I love him.

I’m stoked. Except that I tried on the hat tonight, and well…it’s atrocious. Really.

School starts Monday!!!!!!!!!!

Care Bear Cake Pics coming later today. I know you are sitting on the EDGE of your seats...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Medway's A Long Way Away (Not House Broken)

The woods. That's where they went to be alone when they were in high school. They drove to the lake and hiked the trails, winding their way back to oblivion; a place no one else knew how to get to. A place with no one to tell them they were "too young to be in love" or that when they went away to college, it would "all fall apart."

They went to the woods because of the silence; the only sounds, the leaves rustling in the wind, their hearts, beating for each other.

"I love the woods" she'd say, as they lay on the blanket they snuck from the linen closet. "It's the only place we can set our dreams free-the only place we can talk out loud and make them seem real."

He knew she was right-that everyone was against them and that no one would help them be together.

"Why does it have to be this hard?" she once asked.

"Because. Without this struggle, we wouldn't appreciate each other as much. If we had green lights all the way, we'd probably end up getting a speeding ticket."

She loved this about him the most. The way he always saw the positive even when the negative was smacking him in the face and the way he never let their dreams get pulled from their souls. He kept them wrapped in a blanket. He sheltered them from the storms.

"C'mere" he'd whisper, his voice hoarse and masculine. "Let me hold you for a little bit before we have to leave."

She'd close her eyes, reveling in the warmth of his body, letting his smell resonate through her whole being. She loved the way her body fit into his; the way his face could nestle perfectly in the crook of her neck. These were signs, she thought, that they were meant to be together.

The sun would set, the wind picked up and their haven was taken by the darkness-the woodland creatures sturring about, making it known it was their turn.

On the moonlit trail back to the car, he'd turn to her, and brush the hair from her eyes. "I love you" he'd say. "Always remember, our dreams float among these trees-for always." The kiss was always warm, always wet and always made her melt.

Their dreams, she knew, were really locked in their kiss.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Though I'm not a big fan of the "meme" ring, I've never been tagged and feel a bit happy that I have been. And since Confident Kristen of "This and That" is such a loyal reader, I'm happy to comply.

6 weird things about Mags...

1. I keep chips in the freezer and cereal in the fridge. This isn't so weird REALLY because when I lived in Florida everything spoiled so quickly and so I got into the habit of doing this to keep it fresh. It is weird, however because I live in CT now and don't need to keep doing it, but old habits die hard.

2. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say the word greasy like greezy. There's no "z" in there people! (I'm getting angry just thinking about it-for real)

3. I wear contacts, and before I put them in my eyes I have to tap them on the top of my hand to get the excess saline solution off of them so it doesn't stick to my finger. I never knew this was strange until a recent trip to the eye doctor. He stared at me while doing it, and chuckled in such a way that I knew he's never seen anyone else do it before.

4. This doesn't happen anymore, but when I used to drink too much, my right shoulder used to ache so bad that I'd be brought to tears. It made for interesting party conversation.

5. I'm afraid of bald people. I didn't realize that people didn't know this-they thought I just didn't like them much. It's not such a fear that I'll run away screaming, but if I'm left alone with a bald man for too long, I'll start to get a little panicky. It all stems back from a vivid dream I had in elementary school in which my Nana and Papa tried to make me marry a bald man who was way older than me.

6. I can't drink water first thing in the morning. It makes me gag. If I have to take my vitamins or medicine, I'll either wait until later in the day after I've eaten or take it with coffee or tea, or juice. Water any other time of the day is lovely, and does not make me sick at all.

So, there you have it! 6 weird things about me. I'm not tagging anyone, but as many of you tell me, I am weird. So, instead, why not take this opportunity to tell me what other things make me nice! Post them in the comments section.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Toosdae ?'s

Happy Toosdae after Easter everyone! Work off those extra calories by typing your answers to my questions! ;)

1. Would you rather have your significant other catch you reading their personal journal or have them catch you writing an unflattering email to their ex, using their personal email account?

2. If you had to eliminate 1 emotion from your life what would it be and why?

3. If you could write and enforce 1 driving law, what would it be?

1. Both of these are horrible and I would die if either happened, but I think I would rather get caught reading a journal. Being malicious and sneaky by writing an email on someone else's account is terrible, and I wouldn't ever do it. I wouldn't read someone's personal journal either, however if I did it would be to learn more about the person and there's nothing mean about that...sneaky, yes, but not mean.

2. I think if I had to eliminate one emotion it would be impatience. I feel that most of my life is spent waiting for something good to happen, and if I were able to relax a bit more, I think I would enjoy the blessings I do have.

3. I don't need a new law-just the power to enforce an old one. I hate it when people do not blinker. Especially when I am waiting to enter traffic and they turn at the last minute, and all that time I could have been going. I would like to be able to have a special dart gun that I could shoot from my car that would pop their tires. The button would be located on my left and would make a cool clicking noise whenever I pressed it. The power I would have...

Monday, April 17, 2006


My Uncle Gary hates mimes.

His face grows red and the veins in his neck start to pulse when he speaks about them. The ironic part is that when he describes how much he dislikes them, he mimics strangulation, and for a moment, becomes one of them. (Sans the white face and beret.)

When asked why they bother him so much, he can’t describe it. It’s irrational, he knows, but real, none the less.

“Those guys playin’ the banjos with the open suitcase, the one legged guys beggin’-they don’t bother me. But those mimes…I just want to-“ (Strangle them)

Red face and veins. Mime-like motions.

We all laugh.

As a somewhat outspoken individual, I’m inclined to think that my Uncle Gary dislikes the fact that mimes can hold their tongues. People are meant to speak and opinions are meant to be shared.

And I’m sure the fact that they “talk” with their hands offends some part of his “New York Italian” ego.

The fact is, we don’t really know why, but my Uncle Gary hates mimes.