Friday, March 31, 2006

She Represents the Lollipop Kids

I'd just like to say that when she first walked in-I didn't know she was a nun.

That's gotta count for something, right?

In a remote location-somewhere in the office...

Me: "Holy cow-is that a munchkin?"

Simultaneous IM's:
Megan: "Worse a nun"
Me: "OMG it's a NUN!"

Me: "Hee hee hee-you said 'worse' We're going to hell."

There's also something "I don't know why this is funny" funny about saying a "God bless you" in front of a MuNunchkin.

Yeah. I said it's a "I don't know why this is funny" funny. Yeesh.

And the MuNunchkin-she's a rebel.

Her "boss" is going away next week and she's looking forward to slacking off.

Honey-I'm pretty sure He'll know....

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Full Bellies

I might still be full from last nights Taste and Travel Fair-otherwise known as the "elegant event".

Megan was THE PERFECT date. Not only was she...uh...a perfect gentleman ;) but she loves food! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING MY "DATE"!!

Things I learned:

1. People are rude. They do not care if you are in line patiently waiting your turn-they will 'cut' in line and even bump into you without even a word.
2. There are some very hot real life chefs.
3. Al Terzi is an Idiot. I do not think I will ever be able to watch channel 3 news again. Ever.
4. The best way to help Megan through bouts of claustrophobia is to feed her.

This is what we ate-and we did taste EVERYTHING!

1. Spicy Beef Salad (FANTASTIC!)
2. Shrimp & Crab Mojito with Bacardi Rum (Delicioso-and pretty!)
3. Open faced raviolli with lobster and asparagus in a cream sauce. Megan really liked these, but they were hard to eat on the run.
4. Some garlic chicken dish-I didn't like it so I don't remember it...sorry!
5. Tortollini with Rose sauce and sausage and Eggplant Napoleon. The tortollini was bland but the eggplant was very good.
6. Duck a l'oragne w/ cheery & citrus sauce. It's the first time I ever tasted duck-and I don't care for it. This was done nicely though-and for someone who's a duck lover-they'd like it.
7. Ricotta gnocchi w/ prosciutto truffle. (Great texture-I could have used more salt)
8. Scallops with cerano tarter sauce and mango salsa. (The only thing I had 2 of b/c it was out of this world)
9. Tuna with a spicy sauce and greens on a crispy tortilla chip
10. Beef empanadas-smokin!
11. Pastries and little cakes
12. Cheese & crackers
13. Orange mango smoothy

But the most delicious thing there was:

I had a wonderful time taste testing and watching the demonstrations. It was a great way to segway into my next adventure-culinary school-which is less than a month away.

Good food plus good friends equals a good time. Thanks Megan! (She was standing next to me-but refuses to let the world see how beautiful she is!!!!!)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


In preparation for tonight's "elegant event", I got my hair did.

It's not staying like this-it's just the framework-I feel like a doll!

My Chocolate Cake's Da Bomb!

This is not a political blog at all, and that's mainly because I'm not a political chic. In fact, it's one of the things I'm embarrassed about myself-that I know little about politics.

I rarely watch all of the news-the little news I do get is in passing, on the radio, or online. Mainly, this is because when given the choice between HGTV or The Food Network vs. News-I'll pick the girly channels every time. Not because I don't care, but because I'm like a bug to the light-I just can't look away. I don't have the light anymore, and so all I have is the news.

Let me start by saying this: everyone that has tasted my chocolate cake LOVES it. Many have said it's the best chocolate cake they've ever tasted-one man actually told me to serve it to the man I'd like to marry because it's a sure fire way to make him fall in love with me.

They say it's that good.

So-why, if it's that good, and I want to someday sell it-would I...oh, I don't know-post the recipe here on my blog for everyone to see?

If I wanted to keep my edge and stay ahead of my competition in the cake market-wouldn't it behoove me to keep my prized recipe a secret?

So why does the United State government like to talk about everything in the open?

I know, I know...I'm naive. But this is something that has always bothered me-the fact that we give our secrets away from 6-7pm and again at 11pm.

Does anyone else think it's a stupid idea to flaunt the fact that the materials used to make 2 dirty bombs were able to get through the borders?

And what's worse-letting everyone know that within 30 days those gaps will be filled.

Grrrrrrrrrrreat! You know what that means? You have 29 days to get everything in.


I'm sure there are times when this is used as strategy-or at least-I would hope that's it. But c'mon! Why let everyone in on what your weaknesses are-and WHERE they are.

To recap: Me=Not Political. Me=Ignorant. BUT-doesn't this just seem like common sense?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Toosdae ?'s

Alrighty. Here's the part where I plead and beg so that you all answer these questions. And begging isn't pretty. So, just do it, k?

1. Would you rather finally meet the person you have a tremendous romantic crush on when you are dirty from working on your car engine or while dressed as a cartoon character for a costume party?

2. Compare your real life age to how old feel mentally (forgot those aches and pains-and the grey hair!!), are they the same? If not, please share your real life age and how old you think you "should be".

3. You see your worst enemy drop a $20 bill. Would you tell him or her, or would you quietly pocket the money.

1. The person I have a crush on already knows me & I get to kiss him. However, if he showed up at my door prior to our first date (before we met) I'd want to be in the costume for several reasons. (A.) I hate dirty fingernails & I'm sure working on a car would do that for me (B.) If he didn't have a sense of humor then I wouldn't have wanted to talk to him. And also, I kinda like it when he teases me. ;)

2. My real life age is 29, but I think my mental age is about 25. I used to think it was about 23 but somehow that age crept away from me. If I'm at work though, I'd say my age is more like 35-most days-unless I'm making fun of people and then I've reverted back to 10.

3. I'm happy to say that I do not believe that I have any real life enemies, however I can tell you that if I saw Jamie and he dropped money, I'd take it. And I probably wouldn't do it quietly. I think skipping might even be involved.

You're turn!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Defining Moments

Is there one specific moment in your life that you look back upon now and believe that it shaped you into the person you are today?

Was there one defining act that definitively made you walk down one path instead of the other? Did you study something in particular in school or pick a line of work because something or someone influenced you in such a way that you simply could not ignore the mark they left on your soul?

After several long hard thinking minutes, I think my answer has to be no. There is not one person or instance which shaped me into who I am today. Instead, I have many, many people and experiences which combine to make up that compile into my being.

My father, of course, because of his alcoholism during my childhood. I think growing up in the way I did made me into the over thinker I am today. It definitely made me more independent-I spent a lot of time alone until college. I also think that the reason I am so good at finding a fast, better way to do things is because I was always trying to find them at home-so I could avoid my dad.

My mother, though she's nuts, made me silly. I think that being Crazy Maggie herself, her "I just want to have a good time" attitude made me love laughter and made me want to make others laugh too. Also-if one incident in particular could be looked upon as defining my love of cooking-it's my mother burning the sausage we were going to have for dinner before a play I was in because she was playing Nintendo.

My sisters both remind me of who I was when I was little-because they remember (mostly) the good things I did to make their little lives better. They also keep me young. (Though sometimes they give me grey hair)

Rye Bread (my niece) taught me in the first hour of her freakin cute-ass life what it means to love someone unconditionally-my first and only "love at first sight" moment.

My Nana and Papa showed me that a good marriage has to have humor and understanding, and that no one is perfect, but true love runs deeper than imperfections. They also taught me that families can be happy and close.

Aunt Sue taught me everything. From boys, to plucking and lip gloss, to growing up with respect for others. She also taught me how to make fudge, while singing "Fudge, fudge, call the judge, Momma's gotta newborn baby!" The song I remember, the recipe-not so much.

My dorm years taught me that I don't have to be alone, and that I can be a good friend. It also allowed me to "blossom" into the crazy adventurer-the one who took risks. I also realized that I am a nurturer because I took care of everyone.

Of course, Disney and Main Street-taught me that I am strong and can take care of myself. It also taught me that I have the ability to make people smile, simply because I do.

Matt and Jamie both made me unable to take compliments. They also made me more cautious than I would like to be in terms of giving someone my heart.

Being beat up specifically taught me to look at bad situations with hope. It also taught me to never give up. And to hold judgment on people who should "Just get out" or "Just leave" because it's not ever "Just" that easy.

I could go on and both past and present friends and family...but as you can see-there's not just one moment in time that defines who I became.

I've heard people say, "I knew at that moment that I wanted to be..." or "I was headed down the wrong path until so and so came along and knocked some sense into me..."

Share your stories with me. I always love to hear your thoughts...