Friday, March 03, 2006

Mags' Travel Log

Ok everyone-it's finally here-my vacation! As a reminder, next week I will be hosting a bunch of guest bloggers/friends-please continue to stop by and make them feel welcome. It takes a lot of guts and I'd say confidence to appear on someone else's territory, so please, be kind and help me show them how much I appreciate them. The theme given was "Best or Worst Vacation"...and without further adieu, here is mine.
I'll be back on the 11th...
I was very rarely offered a tag along on Matt's business trips. There were reasons for this, we know that today, but back then, I jumped at the chance to leave the daily grind in hopes to find the man I fell in love with again, even if it was only for a week.

And on this trip, he came back to me. His newer, more selfish persona surfacing only once that I can remember and then quickly disappeared again until we returned home to Connecticut.

It was during a particularly hard time in his depression. He had stopped eating and was way too skinny; so skinny in fact, that people began asking me if he had cancer. He also started cutting his arms and verbalizing suicide.

A vacation was welcomed.

We flew first class to Anaheim, CA because our friend worked for the airline at the time, and he pulled some strings. Flying first class is something I think everyone should experience, especially on a long flight.
We stayed in a lovely Spanish-style hotel with a nice restaurant-though we only ate there for breakfast because our days were filled with long road trips and exploring the unknown.

What I loved the most about this trip is that he chose to spend time with me instead of working. Of the 7 days we were gone, he only worked for 1 of them.

Being someone who loves exploring alone almost as much as with a partner, I took the opportunity to take a tour of Beverly Hills and Hollywood. It was a little disappointing, but I did see Morgan Freeman while walking down Rodeo drive which made my day. We also drove by The Viper Room.

My favorite moments were these:

*Driving for what seemed like days through the Mojave Dessert with no one around but the coyotes and suddenly being surrounded (yes, surrounded) by the Hells Angels. Matt's reaction was hysterical. And there was, I have to admit, a healthy dose of fear which made it a little exciting.

*Seeing The Valley of Fire. To this day is one of my most favorite state parks. The brilliance of the blue sky against the orange rock formations was so breathtaking that it will forever be burned in my heart.

*2 Las Vegas runs-the first simply to see it and the second simply to eat at the Brazilian restaurant again because the food was that good. Doing things like that is very "me" and having him agree and want to do it too, was worth the bonk on the head I got for falling asleep.

*Seeing the worlds largest thermometer. 'Nuff said.

*Hoover Damn-no damn tour though because of 9/11.

*Climbing Moro Rock, the highest point in CA (I think) only to find a warning on the top that read:

"To avoid being struck and possibly killed by lightning, immediately return to your car if any of the following conditions exist; dark clouds nearby or overhead, thunder, hail or rain, hissing in the air"
It took us about an hour to climb-putting the sign at the bottom would have been a smarter idea, I'd say.

*And of course-but not the highlight, seeing Disneyland. (Which did not rock) I remember they turned all of the water fountains off because of 9/11 and the scare that something would be put in the water. (This was only in October)

Though our marriage was over long before this vacation (looking back allows me to see this) I still smile when I think of our long trips together, driving through the dessert to places unknown with nothing but our water bottles, a map and a desire to share the experience together.

And that was worth more than any house in Beverly Hills.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

We Know Why The Caged Bird Sings...

An Ohio couple was recently charged with caging their adopted children in their beds to “protect them”. They called the custom built cages a “clubhouse”-the purpose, to store the children’s toys.

When I was little, one of the ‘rich’ kids had a bunk bed with a canopy on the top, which closely resembled a tent. It was cool, it was hip and I totally wanted one.

But the minute wire and alarms popped up, I’m fairly certain I’d-a high tailed it outta there, never to return for a sleepover again.

I find it hard to believe that 11 children requested to be locked in their beds (visions of sugar plums are dancing in my head) and find it even harder to believe they didn’t put up a stink when the wire went up.

And what kid likes alarms? None that I know of.

When asked why the beds were created, Sharon Gravelle replied:

“They just didn't seem normal to me, I mean the behavior didn't and I didn't know what to do."

Yeah…you married an accused sex offender 2 months after you met him, lied about who you were (‘cause there ain’t no way he would have been approved) and then proceeded to adopt 11 children-and THEIR behavior didn’t seem normal?

Great news-they have help for people like you in prison. Maybe now these poor kids can get some sleep.

1 Day...and Counting

Here is a list of things I will miss when I'm away next week (But not enough to stay home)

  • My own bed. No matter how lovely a vacation is, it's always nice to sleep in your own bed. I suspect if my bed was a hammock in a hut on the ocean in Tahiti I'd delete this dot.
  • Cold weather. Yeah, I'm that nuts.
  • Daily venting sessions w/ Megan.
  • Daily emails with horoscopes & wishes to "have a great day".
  • My best friend who makes me feel smart & special, even when I'm really just a poser.
  • Quiet time.
  • Writing-and I'm sure I could this the old fashioned way at the pool or beach.

As you can see, the list is short....

Things I will not miss:

  • My nobless shower with water so hot it could melt your skin
  • Pepe LaRue & breath that could also melt your skin
  • The Serial Killer/Sniffles
  • Scarey Boo
  • My desk at work
  • Work
  • My mailbox which only fills up with bills

Housekeeping issues:

  1. There is not a House Broken post today because I did not win the contest so I'm rebelling. Not really. I just didn't have time to write an entry. But I really didn't win. :( Thanks for voting anyway.
  2. I am leaving for Walt Disney World tomorrow!! I will post before I go. The following week (Mon-Sat) I will be hosting guest writers. Please do your best to welcome them and make them feel loved.
  3. If I am able to, I may pop in now and then to update or check on you!
  4. Have a fantastic week-I will miss your comments and support but will still have an AWESOME time!!! See you when I get back.

Love you lots,


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Footnotes and Follies

What to pack, what to pack...hmmm...

I know I'll end up with too many shoes and not enough pants. It's something that always happens. And why do I pack 16 pairs of socks for a 7 day trip? It's as if I'm worried I'll suddenly get caught in a monsoon and need a new pair of socks for each day.

I might forget my toothbrush, or perhaps my face cream, but never-never ever my Chapstick. A little known fact about me is that when I fly, I always have a Chapstick in my pants pocket.

When I was little I saw a movie about a plane crash. The little girls in the movie had lips so dry that they cracked and bled. I think this was the beginning of my "must have Chapstick and hand cream" obsession phobia.

I may crash and burn-possibly get eaten by sharks-but my lips will be soft and kissable damn it!1

And you know how it is, if you are going to crash and burn, they say that in those last few moments you look to someone near you for comfort...

My luck, I'll get stuck sitting next to my dad. Ew.

And let's talk about dressy clothes. There's inevitably one night where my family and I dress up and go out to a nice place for dinner-usually on my father.2

We come in small, medium and large, my sisters and I, and guess who falls in the large category. Yup. You guessed it-me. So I always feel the pressure to have to look better than them extra nice.

So how many skirts do I pack and can I recycle any of them and just match them with another pair of shoes and a sweater...

These are the things you have to worry about when you are a girl going on a vacation.

I don't even want to begin to think about what I will wear to Pleasure Island OR what to wear when I go out with my friends...who, incidentally, I haven't seen in years.


I think I need a vacation from packing...3

1 Sorry C-Unit, I should have warned you about that comment.
2 That means he pays. We don't actually eat on him...

3 I'm really glad I stole this formula from Owl. Thanks man, you're the bestest!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Toosdae ?'s

So, check this-I'm off on vaca next week, so this is the last time you'll have a chance to make me smile for a while-do it. You know you wanna... (Me smiling b/c you answered my questions!!)

1. Knowing that you could not replace the items prior to using them again yourself, would you rather lend someone your toothbrush or a pair of underwear? (You don't get to pick who uses them either)

2. Have you ever changed who you are to fit in with a certain person or group of people? What did you do, and did it make you happy?

3. What would you like to be remembered for?

1. Not being able to pick who would use my toothbrush (I'd pick Megan cause she brushes all of the time) or who wears my undies (I'd pick Mr. CM, cause that would just be funny) I think I'd choose the toothbrush option. I can't image having to wear the same underwear that a scabby, dirty person wore. The toothbrush isn't much better, but it's a little better in my mind.

2. Only once can I remember changing my behavior-during college I started drinking so that I would make friends. I didn't drink until college and attribute that to one of the reasons I didn't have a lot of friends. It did make me happy, because it worked, and I have a great time in college. I am not a huge drinker anyway, so it didn't change my core personality. If anything, it taught me that I can relax and be responsible at the same time.

3. I'd like to be remembered as someone who was patient, fair and caring...someone who appreciated the little things in life and who laughed more than she cried...and hopefully helped others do the same. ;)

Now, how 'bout it...bring on my smile!

Monday, February 27, 2006

The Quirkies

Sometimes when I am bored I browse through sites like Ananova and come to find silly (but true) news stories. I always chuckle at how abrupt they are-they start a story but seem to leave out the facts that I really want to know.

For instance, in the story regarding the hospital for the heart broken teenagers...I want to know about what they do for these kids when they are admitted. They mention counseling, which is cool, but do they medicate them? Are they sedated? Or the opposite, are they given something like Ecstacy to boost their confidence and to help them meet new people?

And how about the village that was flooded with pig manure? Is anyone wondering why the town has a tank full of pig manure? Are the pigs in Bavaria potty trained? Do they have latrines they poop over? And what exactly are they feeding these pigs that made the tank explode?

After reading the story about the man who survived after his life support was turned off, I was left wondering 2 things: 1. Why would you choose to turn your father's life support off 10 days before your wedding? and 2. Why wasn't the dude pissed they gave up on him? The father of the bride does traditionally pay for the wedding, and so perhaps they needed the insurance money to pay the bill..."the happiest day ever" my ass.

And last, does anyone else think the Bosnian dentist is nuts? Dogs are smart, yes, but I find it hard to believe that his dog knows the tooth is "something special" and shows it off. If anything, I bet he's walking around showing his doggie friends what a jackass his owner is. And I'm sure it's a secret sign of desperation, as what he really wanted were diamond encrusted Snausages.