Friday, February 10, 2006

Look Up

Look up from the ground
and look into my eyes,
What are you hiding from?
Why the disguise?

See that I’m human
just as you are-
There’s really no difference.
We have the same scars.

Your eyes may be brown,
And my color is green…
but if you’ll look up,
the color’s unseen.

The other night at the mall I noticed that we make very little eye contact with others. For me, it’s not by choice. I rather like looking someone in the eyes and smiling at them, especially because they don’t expect it.

But for most people, walking through their day without having to connect with another person is welcomed. And it’s really too bad. Because the more we disconnect ourselves from other people-the worse our society will become.

How many of you use the automatic checkouts at the store? I know I do. Sometimes it has nothing to do with who is the regular checkout clerk-but other times I simply do not want to talk to anyone, and so I choose to scan and bag myself.

We use drive throughs-not only because we’re lazy but also so we don’t have to interact with anyone in the restaurant. We shop online, we pump our own gas (except my NJ readers!) and find hundreds of other ways to eliminate communicating with other human beings.

And when someone is friendly, and breaches our “Stay Away From Me” barrier, we think they are weird, or crazy, and often treat them badly.

How can we stop our society from becoming one that shuns human contact?

Start by looking up.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

House Broken: Part 15

“How long?”

He paused. He was deciding whether or not to lie to her. She knew because he hesitated just before he stuck his neck out. The answer did not matter. She simply wanted him to admit it.

“Nothing happened.” He said, his eyes darting, looking at anything, at everything, just so he did not have to look into her eyes.

“I don’t believe you. How long have you been with her? Does she even know that you are married?” Her voice was shaky and her volume was rising. Her patience was already short with him, but finding out that he brought infidelity into her life shortened it even more.



“She’s a real stand up gal you’ve got there. Knowingly fooling around with someone else’s husband. Very respectable. It’s a match made in heaven.” She stared. Not because she wanted to soak in every line of his face like she used to and not because she adored the color of his eyes or the way his mouth curled-she stared because she knew it would make him uncomfortable.

“What do you want me to say?” He said impatiently.

“I want you to admit it. Admit that you had an affair.”

“I’m not admitting that.” He leaned his hand against the wall and crossed his legs.

“You’re a liar.” Her voice was calm, clear and confident.

“ I don’t know how you can call yourself a man. A real man would have done this with dignity. A real man would have talked about things instead of hiding behind a fake depression. A real man would not have touched another woman until things were settled. You have lost all the respect I ever had for you. I admired you. Now you are just a shell of a man, and that's just sad.”

She turned then, and left him leaning on the wall. She thought about the day she painted the very place his hand was resting and was saddened by the thought of how much love and sweat they poured into that house, only to have it be broken.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wanted: Your Ass

I've been toying with the idea of getting a kitten again. Though I was never a cat person and am still more of a dog person, I did really love my 2 cats, Sarah aka "Sarawara" and Abby aka "Abbadabbadoo". I also had Sammy the Cat, but I gave him away early b/c the girls hated him.

In any case, today when I was looking online for possible kitten donors, I came across four separate ads for donkeys for sale.

Yes. 4 different ones.

And I don't live in a particularly bucolic area-so it's weird that people are just raising donkeys. I didn't realize they were in that high of a demand.

But what really got me was after all of these ads, there was someone actually LOOKING for a donkey. And what I love the most about this person...well, read the ad and see if you know...

Wanted a donkey as a pasture mate and to eat brush. Would be willing to borrow for a few months. nice of them to be willing to borrow my ass for a few months...he's very generous.

Worth A Hill Of Beans

This just in: refried beans are only 1 point!

*Does the victory dance*

For the last week I've been trying out Weight Watchers. I signed up online and track what I eat daily. If you are not familiar, they work on a point system. Basically, the fatter you are, the more you get to eat-just as in regular caloric intake.

At first it was hard, mainly-because as I've said before-I don't typically eat a lot. It's hard for me to get in a full breakfast, lunch AND dinner with snacks, water, milk etc...but it's amazing what happens when you feed your body.

Last week was a hard week emotionally for me and on Thursday night after work I decided to take myself out to dinner to relax. Mexican is my favorite, and so it was my natural choice. I didn't count points, I had a drink and I even had dessert-something I rarely do unless I out with my girl-posse. If I hadn't treated myself, I think I would have done better, but week one brought a 2 pound loss.

I'm pretty happy with that. I like that something happened in the first week. It's always good reinforcement to see results, even if it's just numbers.

I've also been doing 45 minutes of a Pilates workout during the week. I suppose I should dust off my sneaks and head back to the gym for some cardio, which would produce even better results next week. We'll see.
And yes, my love of refried beans has now escalated. Finding out that food I love is low in points makes me happy. I've been making wraps for dinner eat night with refried beans, fat free cheese, lettuce and salsa. Yummilicious! They're so good that I actually look forward to dinner each night. And yes, I have been eating them for 6 nights straight now.

Nothing more to this post except that I'm excited about the 2 pounds and the beans. Maybe some of you would like to start too.
Or not. Whatever.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Scaredy Cat

Have any of you ever had their houses broken into? If so, how long afterwards does it take for you to not feel scared?

I got a call from my alarm company today telling me my alarm was going off. Before when I got these calls, I would not freak out because my puppy was most likely the culprit. I'd simply tell them my secret code word and drive home, only to find that Lance did indeed get out of the kitchen.

I don't have any pets anymore, and so hearing that my alarm was going off today was quite, well...alarming. Especially because they told me the breach was in the basement-which can be accessed from the back of my house. It was, afterall, getting dark, and someone could easily get back there and not be seen.

So the police were called and nothing was wrong. But when I got home later after work, I was scared to death to walk in. I did my best Charlies Angels moves with a mag light in one hand and my cell phone in the other. I checked every nook, and yes, every cranny, and found that I thankfully was alone.

But now I hear noises outside-cars, sirens...trees. And I'm jumpy.

When does that go away? Please tell me it's soon. And if you have an antidote that'll make the fear go away faster-please share.

Toosdae ?'s

You know what Toosdae means!!! No, it doesn't mean you can run around naked while singing 3 Blind means you're gonna answer my fun questions sillies!

1. Would you rather have to sing every word you speak or have to always speak in rhymes?

2. What is more important to you: Liberty or Security?

3. If you could have any meal in the entire world, cooked perfectly, guaranteeing you would not be full until the very end (including dessert) what would it be? Oh-and the calories wouldn't count.

1. I would rather sing every word. I've actually done it before, and it makes people laugh-even if they don't want to-and even if it annoys them. I think the reaction with the rhyming would be that of, "OMG! Stop!" There might also be punching involved.

2. Live free or die. That said, I don't wanna die, so keep me safe.

3. Mine would start with an appetizer of garlicy shrimp bruschetta on a toasted baguette. There would be wine, white, I think-Pinot Grigio. I like salads with blue cheese dressing but also garlicy crispy Caesar salads one of those. Dinner would be a nice medium-rare filet with creamy mashed potatoes and broccoli-red wine to drink, Merlot. Dessert would be dulce de leche creme brulee. MMMmmmmmm...

Monday, February 06, 2006

Calypso Bay

Friday night my little sister convinced me (yes, convinced me-with her very well-honed guilt skills) to go see a Reggae band at a local bar we sometimes go to. (I would have posted this earlier but my computer is stupid) We had a really good table right on the dance floor and so we got to see pretty much the whole first half of their set without anyone in front of us.

Which was great, because we not only got a musical experience, but also a theatrical one. During "I Shot The Sheriff" the lead singer actually "acted" out the words, complete with finger pistols, stick 'em ups and yes, the death of the sheriff. QUITE amusing.

We also were so lucky to see the sexy dance moves the female vocalist had. Ok, I'm guess it's not really sexy to anyone, unless your last name is Perdue. (She chicken danced-keep up now)

But then this guy kept randomly standing on different spots of the dance floor. Not dancing, not even head bopping-just standing. Then he'd go back to his friends.

And these people:

Just finished making out. 8-)

But the best was that I met a boy. He doesn't say much and I suspect he's got a drug problem, but he was really very sweet. I particularly love his dreds. (He's the one on the right)

He and his friend (not the guy with him-that guy's one of the bass players) walked into the room and literally stood right in front of me. His butt was so close to my table, he could have clenched his cheeks and spilled my drink. I waited a few minutes to see if they'd notice that they were blocking me and when they didn't, I went over and asked him to slide over.

His response, though I could never duplicate it-ever-was, "Ohhhhhh. (Long pause) Yeah, man.......yeaaaahhhhhh." I said "Thanks" and sat back down, only to see that he wasn't moving. Luckily, a few minutes later he told his friend they were blocking us and he moved.

He made me laugh so I made my sister take his picture. I was going to get another one with him, but he went off to smoke pot with the band at their intermission, and I wasn't having any part of that.

So, that was my Friday night. I learned that no matter how hard you try to stay young, you age. And though you may not view yourself as old-younger kids do. I guess it just hits me more because my sisters are 23 and 17-and when I hang out with them they don't seem to notice/care-but when other people their age are brought it-well, that's a whole different ball game. And also-it's weird when people turn their backs on a conversation.


Sunday, February 05, 2006

1st & Ten

Being that I was finally taught some of the rules and regs of football, and tonight was the Superbowl...I watched it. And, I might add-I understood and enjoyed it. Ok. That's not entirely true. I understood most of it. But I did enjoy it. Here are some things a la my brain.

Sometimes, when you don't know the rules all that well and a play is not very well defined, you can't always take your cues from the players. It's very hard to tell when they are happy about something or when they are angry-the body language is the same. (Body smashes, angry flarey arms and some sort of yelling)

#43, Troy Polamalu looked like Sweetums the Muppet with his hair all crazy and wild. Especially when he was charging. (Except in this pic from the link-he looks very cute.)

The lamb streaker commercial was very, very funny. I just sort of wish they didn't make the lamb dance. It was funny enough that it was just not wooly.

The commercial for the Cadillac Escalade-the one where it comes out of the water on a fashion runway-was lame.

Dove's "Real Beauty" commercial was the most touching of the SB. They've also found a smarter way to promote real beauty than this summer, when they just had large women in underwear-which made people angry for some reason.

I don't think I'VE ever made a grown man cry.

At one point during the performance, Mick put his Mic in his pants to unbutton his shirt. I thought for a second there he was doing something lude and remembered the 5 second delay now in place...though no delay in the world would have made seeing Mick's Dick would have made it ok.

His dancing is also very reminiscent of Richard Simmons' "Sweating To The Oldies".

It seemed to me like this year's commercials were more focused on TV shows than ads. Anyone else notice that?

I like that they call him "Fast Willie Parker". Especially after tonight. (Any holy cow-he's hot too!)

The most disturbing commercial was the Nationwide commercial in which we see Fabio age-as if Fabio wasn't scary enough. At least he doesn't go bald though.

I know that #99 Seattle's Rocky Bernard was injured, but when he grabbed his butt while running in the 3rd quarter, it just looked like he realized he pooped his pants. (Perhaps he could do a Taco Bell commercial) And I laughed out loud when the commentators were trying to figure out why they had to pull his pants down for his injury.

So, thanks to the ever wonderful Mr. CM for being the only boy to ever take the time to learn me the rules of football...

Nite sports fans!

Share A Secret

Every Sunday I read PostSecret. I like seeing the creative ways people let their feelings out and sometimes I am really shocked about some of the confessions. It not only helps me feel like I am not alone, but also to remember that I do not have it bad-at all.

It also reminds me how very alike we all are-no matter who we are or where we live-we're very un-unique creatures.

Especially today when I was checking (in earnest) to see if something I sent in was posted. It wasn't, yet again (I've sent 2) and then I saw this:

It's just the way I was feeling today when I looked at the website. And there it is-someone else feeling the same way. I'd be pissed though, if I sent that in and that is the one that got posted.

I suppose I'll try 1 more time and send another one in-making sure it is WAY creative-though the last one was pretty cool.

And also, I'll have to wait a long time, since you'll all now be looking for one thinking, "Is that Mags' postcard?"

And no, if you are a loyal PS fan, I did not send the one with Mickey Mouse ears stating that the dirtiest thing I've ever done, I did there...PuhLEASE!