Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Toosdae ?'s

1. There are 3 stalls in an empty bathroom, which one do you choose, and why? (Assume you have to use the stall)

2. Have you or someone you know ever won something from a sweepstakes or a game show? Exclude lottery winnings as I think those are more common.

3. Justin Timberlake is bringing "Sexy Back" What does that mean?

1. I always go to the one closet to a wall, or farthest away from the door. I will almost never take a stall in the middle, unless I absolutely can't hold it mainly because I don't like to be surrounded by other people when I pee.

2. I have never won anything from a sweepstakes or a game show. I did know someone who's dad won a huge trampoline on Wheel of Fortune back in the 80's when it was cool and you could "shop" for your prizes. You may remember the trampoline from my stories of jumping on it while singing Whitney Houston songs.

3. Well, I know what sexy is not-finding grapes, that's for sure! If he's bring sexy back, he'd better have some running pants on with sneakers, a clean sweatshirt and a backwards baseball hat.

Or, the hot intern that left for school last month. He can bring that sexy back any day of the week.


One who listens said...

1. I'd always use the one closest to a wall, or furthest from the door. If it wasn't available, I'd probably use the disabled loo, because we don't actually have any disabled staff, so why not?

2. I won a scarf when I was thirteen in a school tombola. Does that count?

3. He's gone to find sexy and bring her back here. :)


Mags said...

Um...sure. It. Counts...

What the heck is a tombola?

Mags said...

And why were you doing it at school?

There're rules about that kind of thing in the US.

C-Unit said...

1. I would use the handicap stall because they are bigger. I hate being in those tiny stalls with the possibility of touching something!
2.I thought all those sweepstakes things were fraud. I never tried to win them.
3.Well...I have no idea, but its a good song. Even better is "My Love".

Mags said...

LOL. My ever skeptical sister. I can see if some strange DUDE came up to you on the street saying you could win a yacht if you buy some of the stereo equipment that is in the back of his truck...

But you know, McDonald's Monopoly, Enter to win drawings.

OH! I just remember that I did win something once! At Foxwoods, you could swipe your card and randomly win $25. And I did! Aunt Sue is still pissed at me for it.

OrioleGal9 said...

1. I'd probably end up in the middle. For some reason I always bypass the first door and go for door #2.

2. I've won one of those cheesy cruises where you cruise to the Bahamas, get off and stay in a hotel and then cruise back...I've never done it though. There's always some kind of catch.

3. Not sure what he's bringing back but the song is awesome! I made it my honey's ring id on my cell.

GMadrid said...

1. The one farthest from the door for privacy reasons. Either that or the one with toilet paper.

2. Yep my Dad won a ton of Black & Decker stuff when he was entering contests like crazy.

3. It means he is an arrogant prick who doesn't realize that sexy never really goes away. His music is great, but he did not bring sexy back. If anything Diddy did that by using the word 8 years ago.

Mags said...

Woah. Sounds like you've got some JT issues Greg...either that or a strange fascination with Diddy. (Yeah, I know, he's cool, ok?)

Dane's gonna start getting jealous.


kristarella said...

1. Either one of the side ones or the cleanest one or a mixture of the two.

2. I haven't won anything really, my Dad was on Sale of the Century and won a bunch of Fisher Price toys that I played with when I was a child.

3. He's going to find what's sexy because he ain't.