Saturday, October 21, 2006

Restaurant Quote of the Weekend

"When you're done, come up."

Said to me by the executive chef when he was telling me I would be working on the line tonight.


"Serial Killer-You're training your replacement right now."

Said to Serial Killer by the soux chef after 5 minutes of me working the line alone, because he said, "You're faster than him already."

"How is she doing this?!"

Said to the soux chef by Devo when he called a number which I already had up.

"Meatballs are not just meatballs. They are life."

Said by PRMan01 in regard to why someone was so angry they got messed up.

"Put the lotion in the basket."

Said by Devo one. Just randomly in a funny voice, which made me laugh my loud laugh.

Overall, I can say this-

Have you ever wandered through life wondering what you were put on this earth for? Or what you were supposed to be doing?

My answer is: Yes.

No job has ever been fast enough or crazy enough or busy enough for me since Disney. Until now.

Tickets print, bowls are shuffled and I make salads. And not just boring ones. Pretty ones in which I have to artistically stack pears and micro greens with "roasted stuff" drizzled over the plate. Desserts requiring me to make the plate look pretty. And it's up to me for the most part what I want to do.

The tickets keep coming, and pretty soon, it's time to go home.

That's what I'm talkin about.

It brings me great pride to know that I blew them away tonight. That they expected me to do ok, but instead, I dominated. I was asked if I'd ever done this before-more than once.

The looks on their faces when I replied honestly "No-this is my first night ever" is worth all of the tired mornings I've had yet.

It's also wonderful that I am the only woman on the line. They do have one other that works every now and then, but when I'm up there, I will be the only one. The guests in the dining room seem to like that. They look at me and smile. The men wink. They seem to be pleased to see a woman working in a predominantly male profession.

The people at work are wonderful but I didn't share my "This was the best night of my life" comments with any of them (except my great friend Megan who is the best server in CT) because I think they will laugh and think I am joking.

But there are few times in my life that I've ever felt so alive, so competent and so at peace as tonight, working on the front line in a well respected restaurant.

Thank you God. I needed this.


Hawaiianmark said...

Thats the amazing thing that goes on bewteen the sexes; one always seems tot hink the other shouldnt be where the other one is - Then the one who is predjudiced to the others being there is blown away by the others skill.

My wife can take apart an engine - shes the one who taught me; in the firehouse we have 6 females in a dept of 1200. The ones who make it deserve it, yet there are those morons who dont get it. One of the best is my former captains wife now; she totally kicks ass. Not only in top shape, she is dedicated and wise.

As you see you are!

Good going.


OrioleGal9 said...

You made it to the LINE! Congrats, I knew you would do great!!!

Mags said...


YUP! I made it to the line!!!!!!!

kristarella said...

[insert Aussie accent here] You beauty!