Monday, October 23, 2006

Pants 1 & 2

Pants 1

His eyes brimmed over with tears as laughter rolled out of his belly and into the air.

"What?!" we giggled. "What does it SAY?!"

Laughing so hard he could hardly breath, he pushed the small piece of paper toward me, urging me to read it out loud.

Instead, I read it to myself first, bursting out in uncontrollable laughter. Within seconds, I too, was unable to breath.

Impatient now, because she was being left out, Christine yanked the paper from my hand. With each word read, her smile grew wider and her laughter joined our chorus.

As we sat there, basking in each others company, laughing at a fortune so obscure yet probable, I realized how lucky I was to be an extended part of their family.

Christine and I met during my freshman year in college, mainly because my boyfriend was wearing his Medway High School letter jacket. Desperate for any connection to home, Christine (who lived just towns away) ran out of her room excitedly to talk to us.

She was always in yellow and not unlike most college freshman that year, she loved Sunflowers. Her toes were long and skinny, and she loved going barefoot. If I didn't grow to love her so much, I would never have been able to be friends with her.

She was creative. Not the fake kind of creative either-honest to goodness creativity flowed through her body, making each day an adventure. Looking back, I'm certain she would say the same about me, as we spent countless hours dreaming and scheming while everyone else slept.

And her family was wonderful too. Her younger brother was adorable-perhaps a sophomore in high school when I met him-and eager to be grown up. His intellect was sharp and he blushed at almost anything remotely sexual. And, best of all, his cheeks got cold when he ate too much sugar. To this day, I still smile when I think of the day we found this out.

It is a shame that I lost touch with Christine and her family, because it is rare in this day and age to find someone who laughs big, hearty belly laughs at the same things that you do. Especially when it's an obscure yet probable fortune like:

"You will get new pants."

Pants 2

Pants are good,
Pants are fun,
Pants aren't happy
when there's sun.

(duh-'cause you're wearing shorts)

Pants are short and
Pants are tall,
and pants looks cute
when you're wearing a shall.

(IMO-this is a lie)

Pants go on one leg at a time
& pants come off when
you've had too much wine.

(I know nothing of this subject)

Pants have pockets
unless it's a trend
in which one's been taken off
of your back end.

(How could I resist?)

Pants keep you warm
when it snows outside
and when when someone's without them
you should run and hide.


Pants are good,
Pants are fun,
Pants make you happy,
I hope that brought your sun. ;)

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