Sunday, October 15, 2006

Because Souffle Isn't a Good Name For a Kitten

I named her Sophie...

She's a little drunk on cat nip in this picture-she even forgot to wipe her little mouth before posing for the camera.

So far, Sophie has followed me around the house, wherever I go. She's fallen asleep in the crook of my arm while I was talking on the phone, on my lap when I was reading and now, while I am blogging.

And, as if she were my own, she watched diligently as I made chocolate mouse.

Suddenly, my little life isn't so lonely anymore. Even if it is just because of a kitten, and even if I do end up being the crazy cat lady.

One's my limit though.


One who listens said...

A very cute kitten. She seems fascinated by the camera, I notice. :)


Mags said...

Yuppers! I couldn't get a picture of her far away b/c she kept coming up to it.

I don't think they gave her a lot of attention at the house I got her-or water. Poor little thing.

But, one day later, it's love.

OrioleGal9 said...

Awh, she's adorable!

Hello....little Sophie, you are going to love your new home and Ms. Mags, well she is the best!

kristarella said...

I kind of like Souffle =P