Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Toosdae ?'s

Hi everyone! Toosdae's are back, and so is my smile and my health. Thank you for being patient with my while I recovered. There are 4 questions this week to make up for the zero last week-please show me you missed me by answering them!!

1. Which is worse: Finding out you lost the winning lottery ticket, or having the right numbers but forgetting to buy the ticket?

2. Do you believe the current "jury of one's peers" system is the right way to go, or should local citizens be elected or appointed to serve as "professional jurors" to hear criminal cases, and why.

3. Do you have any family "old wives tales" that you still practice, or are there any superstitions that were passed on to you that you still believe in? What are they, and who passed them on?

4. You are invited to a party at a nudist colony through a program that seeks to introduce the concept to people who aren't already members. You know the following things going in: 1) There'll be nothing "inappropriate" going on, 2) You won't know anyone who is there, and 3) You'll never again see any of the people who are present for the rest of your life. Given these conditions, would you attend?

1. Worse is knowing I had a million dollars in my hand but lost it. Losing the ticket that won would devastate me.

2. I believe in a jury of ones peers rather than profession jurors. I know people hate jury duty, but it's really the only way to get a diverse group of random individuals to hear a case. Professional jurors could easily become numb to similar cases, making their judgments before hearing the whole case.

3. I know I asked the question, but no. I didn't grow up with a Grandmother who gave me brandy for a cough or who made me put pennies on my eyes for hiccups. I am rather superstitious however, but that's on my own accord.

4. I suppose if the condition was that I would never see any of the people ever again in my life, then yes, I might consider it. Watching people in another "society" has always fascinated me and doing so without any fear of humiliation in my own life would be kind of interesting.


One who listens said...

1. I'd certainly prefer to have not played the numbers, on the grounds that I might not have actually picked those particular numbers on that particular time. If I'd lost the winning ticket, I lose tons of sleep, kicking myself repeatedly.

2. I believe jury service is a fine and noble duty, and something you personally can do to put right what once went wrong. It's sort of like Quantum Leap without the blue flashy bits and Al.

3. Does having chicken soop in bed when you're ill count? How about "feed a cold, starve a fever". That gets applied in our house. I understand it even has some medicinal value, too.

4. I suspect that I wouldn't go. There is a reason why it's best to cover up. Some people just aren't nice to look at naked. I don't think I could take it if I discovered that I was one of them.


Mags said...

Owl, I'm not sure Chicken Soup counts, only because everyone uses that, it's no longer an old wives tale.

And "I don't think I could take it if I discovered that I was one of them" Makes me laugh.

Thanks for being the only one who missed me so far!!! I know I can always count on my Owl. ;)

C-Unit said...

1. Its def. worse to find out I lost a winning ticket.
2. I guess I believe "jury of one's peers" works?
3.I dont think so????
4. I dont think I would...

GMadrid said...

1. Losing the ticket. What an idiot I am.
2. I like the peers because another system would become corrupt.
3. Well my nanny Mary Poppins said a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down and I tend to believe her.
4. Nothing inappropriate and I won't see them for the rest of my life. Aw shucks. Now there is no excitement. It is why I don't believe in strip clubs. If you can't play nudity is a waste. :) God I can be strange.

Mags said...

Wow Greg...I didn't know you were in the movies! I think you've been holding out on me all of this time.

And yes, a spoonful of sugar does indeed make the mediciine go down.

Good answers.

OrioleGal9 said...

Sorry I'm a day late...I was out sick yesterday! Mags you some how got me sick through the phone!

1. Definitely losing the ticket, ouch that would hurt!

2. Jury of one's peers. I've been called once and sat on a trial, it wasn't so bad and I still got paid.

3. I guess my family is pretty boring, I can't think of anything.

4. No, I wouldn't go...aren't most of those places filled with old people? I have no desire to see them naked.

Mags said...

Well, it WAS a pretty powerful cold OG!!! I'm sorry you were sick, but happy you came back to answer these questions.

kristarella said...

Sorry for my lack of commenting lately. I've been reading (catching up) but otherwise I've been quite busy. Sorry about your break up, glad things are looking up though.

1. Losing the ticket would be worse.

2. I think that a professional jury might get either numb or too sensitive and always assume the worst of people, not give them an objective (as possible) hearing.

3. Not really. I think that a teaspoon of sugar in the mouth while holdng breath or drinking a glass of water upside down helps with hiccups but that's less superstition and more about changing your breathing.

4. Probably wouldn't go. Life is busy I don't see the point of going to spend time with people that you are absolutely not going to see again or have contact with. Plus the naked thing.

Segue said...

1. Losing the ticket would obviously be worse.

2. Elected officials serving as jurors are not "peers", they are "judges". One judge is enough. Fairness is important.

3. I don't practice any "old wives tales", but I probably have invented a few of my own.

4. I have no desire to go to a nudist colony. You're a chef: Have you considered that nudists also EAT nude? Would you want to eat with a bunch of random naked people? More importantly, would you want to sit in their chairs at the next meal? Ew.