Saturday, September 23, 2006

Restaurant Quote of the Weekend

Devo to Hector: "Look at the top of my head-it's all gray hair!"

Me: " least you HAVE hair..."

Hector, who I've never seen without a hat on, is very much balding...

More than one person threw out a "Oh no you didn't!"


Happiness is...

Making gallons of the "house special" dressing. Why? Because you get to use a ginormous emulsion blender!! Talk about feeling cool.

Being talented enough with a pastry bag that you impress the "seasoned" kitchen staff when filling figs with goat cheese. Talk about being on Cloud 9.

Finally getting the swing of things, slipping into the rhythm of the back of the house and being included in jokes and pranks. Talk about feeling like you belong.

I must remember:

Not everyone shares my passion for cooking. I must remember to keep my inner joy in such things as using a ginormous emulsion blender, even when people say things like, "It's not rocket science" or "It's just dressing" when I express my excitement with no doubt wildly excited eyes.

Some people may view my efficency and speed as showing off. This is not the case, but perception is reality, and therefore, I could slow down a bit until they get to know me better.


OrioleGal9 said...

don't make me come up there and kick their buts and have to explain your joy to them!!!

haha...glad you're having a blast!

Mags said...

Um...yeah. That blender rocked my world Saturday!!!

Man, I'm a geek.