Thursday, September 21, 2006

Magic 8 Ball Time

It's that time again-yup, the time in which I look to the Magic 8 Ball to predict my life. Some of the answers made me sad, but some made me happy! Remember, if you have a question you would like answered, post it in the comments section.

Is my name Mags? Yes, definitely
Ok...time to start-the 8 ball is one with me.

Will my house sell quickly? It is decidedly so
This is very good news to me. I do not want to prolong a painful process.

Will I get the $$ I need to get for my house? As I see it, yes
This is the all important question I needed the answer to.

Will it improve the quality of my life? Yes
If the above is true, this has to be true.

Will I be successful in opening a business? Outlook not so good
This isn't so good. But, I can always work for someone else until I am successful at it. No worries.

Will I find true love this year? My sources say no
This makes sense. It's already September.

Will I find true love in 2007? As I see it, yes
This makes me happy, because I could use true love in my life again, and 2007 is going to be a fantastic year-I graduate from school!!

Will I ever get married again? Better not tell you now
I don't like that the 8 ball is giving me the run around here.

Will I ever have a baby? You may rely on it
1 of my life goals/dreams is to have a child. So yay!

Will I make it to the line at the restaurant? My reply is no
This is ok too, b/c I'll use the experience I gain in the back and apply my knowledge I get from school and I'll find somewhere I can work on a line.

Secret Question: Very doubtful
Sad. This is why I don't often ask this question. Because I already know the answer.


OrioleGal9 said...

Now Magic 8 Balls are fun, just remember that you hold the key to your future! and you can make anything happen...a successful job, business...and true love..who couldn't love my Mags! If I was a guy, I'd do you :-)

Mags said...


Thanks T. "Doing me" has never been the problem though! Loving me-apparently harder.

No worries. The 8 Ball says I'll find true love. ;)

OrioleGal9 said...

Well I do love you....but in a totally different friend kinda way.

Mags said...

LOL! That's good to know!!

I think spending the whole day in my hotel room with you in July w/o you trying to put the moves on me told me that.


Oh-and we did sleep in the same bed one-remember, for my bachelorette party!

OrioleGal9 said...


kristarella said...

Will I find my place in the world soon and be content?

Mags said...


The 8 Ball says...

"Signs point to yes"