Friday, September 22, 2006

Like A Chicken...

I don't exactly know how I foud this article, but I do know that it began when I was looking on food blogs. I think one of them was talking about killing his own chickens and linked to the article. I can't give credit b/c I can't remember how I got there! BUT, I found it odd and fascinating all at the same time and decided to share it.

You may have heard the story of Mike, a Wyandotte rooster living peacefully (maybe not so peacefully since he found his neck on the chopping block) in Fruita, Colorado, when on September 10, 1945, farmer Lloyd Olsen’s errant axe ended up severing most of his head. Lloyd’s sideswipe managed to leave just enough of Mike’s brain stem and part of one ear, so that he went on living for another 18 months (he was kept alive and fed with an eyedropper that dispensed food down his gullet).

Dubbed “Miracle Mike”, the headless chicken became a sideshow attraction, traveled to New York and Atlantic City, and was eventually featured in Life Magazine (October 25, 1945 issue). Alas poor Mike - you can imagine the endless stream of “chicken with his head cut off” jokes he had to endure.

"He was a big fat chicken who didn't know he didn't have a head"

The "Wonder Chicken" was valued at $10,000.00 and insured for the same. His fame and fortune would earn him recognition in Life and Time Magazines. It goes without saying there was a Guinness World Record in all this. While returning from one of these road trips the Olsens stopped at a motel in the Arizona desert. In the middle of the night Mike began to choke. Unable to find the eyedropper used to clear Mike's open esophagus Miracle Mike passed on.

Poor Miracle Mike...


One who listens said...

Was this inspired by a certain Owl's mention of chickens, perchance?

I wonder if he collected the insurance..

Owl. :)

Mags said...

Owl, I wish it was you that inspired it...but this time no. It was inspired by a man who wants to cut the head off of a chicken before he prepares it for some reason.

He's sick. But the article is fun.

the108 said...

Miracle Mike with always have a place in my heart. Poor damned chicken.