Thursday, September 21, 2006

Crazy Client

The lady who hired me is crazy.

My friend Greg thinks she's crazy anyway because of how overboard she is going with hiring a chef and a musician for her boyfriends birthday. Though I agree a tiny bit, I think it's romantic and thoughtful, as well as creative and out of the ordinary. However:

Yesterday she told me that she was a bargain shopper. This was right before I was about to shop for the groceries to make her dinner. I can't imagine someone going into a restaurant and saying "I'd like to keep my bill down tonight, can you use your oldest chicken and charge me less?" Besides, her food only cost $56. That's nothing for a meal that includes 3 fresh veggies, fresh pasta, olive oil, shrimp AND crab.

Today though, she emailed me to ask me to bring the reciept. Her reasoning was b/c she can use it for a tax write off. What? How can you write off a birthday dinner for your boyfriend? Is there something I should know about your relationship?

But this one really took the cake for me-she emailed myself and the musician to say that she is indeed having the dinner outside on the roof. She said to me-so Mags, you might want to bring a nice sweater just in case.

First of all-just in case what? I'm cooking the meal, not serving it. And I certainly do not expect to be climbing out of your window onto your roof. That is why you have your sister serving the food.

Second, you can't put a sweater over a chef coat. I assumed that she knew what one was, because she insisted that I wear one.

But last-even if I were to bring a sweater-does she think I am going to bring my rattiest, most disgusting sweater? Bring a *nice* sweater?! WTF?

This girl is nuts. Just bring me the cash crazy lady. Everything will be fine after I get the cash...


OrioleGal9 said...

Oh have me laughing in my cubicle!@

Yeah, I want to know how to write off a fancy dinner!

GMadrid said...

Any you thought that my stuff yesterday was funny... This is a LOL!!!

Segue said...

Your mission is simple: Impress the boyfriend. Everything else will fall into place.

the108 said...

Shit... just seek revenge by SLEEPING with the boyfriend. Teach her to bitch about ridiculous crap.