Friday, May 26, 2006

Weekend Sign Off

Here's another nice thing about my new job: I can keep my pen on my desk all of the time, right out in the open, and no one will steal it.

It doesn't sound like a lot, but honestly, that's a very rare thing.

Also, unlike at my last job, the candy jar stays somewhat full for more than a day. Candy hogs that chew with their mouth open (and most of the time talk while chewing the chewiest candies) do not exist where I am currently employed.

Which is nice, because I've gone from the pharmacist to the Confectioner.

Another nice thing is that I realized that I really am an outgoing person who people generally like. People tell me this a lot, but I never really believe them, mainly because on the inside, I'm venerable and shy. But I don't come across that way, and am starting to see that I've become the outgoing girl I've wanted to be since my grammar school days.

I made an apple pie and a blueberry pie at school yesterday and debated bringing the apple to work. In the morning, I decided I didn't want to share it with them, but by afternoon I saw that some people were dragging and really bummed out about the rain. I also am not seeing Mr. CM this weekend so he couldn't partake (cause I owe him baked goods, and also I like to feed him) and I'm low carbing it for a I ran to my car and presented the pie...

It may have been cloudy outside, but the sun sure did come out in my office!

The president of my division also happened to sample the pie, and told me twice how delicious it was. He actually came out of his office and walked over to my desk and thanked me. We talked about school for a bit and then before he walked away he said, "I like that ambition in you."

Who doesn't like a compliment, right? But to come from him, I felt like I was glowing...

Over the long weekend I plan to visit the Chef Emporium to see if I can find some pastry flour, which is softer than normal flour. If so, I plan on practicing the apple pie and crust again and perhaps try making some biscuits. It's going to be grand!

Have a fabulous and safe holiday weekend everyone!!

Yours truly,



Hamel said...

Isn't it amazing what courtesy and kindness do?

I'm thrilled all is going so well for you.

OrioleGal9 said...

Sounds like everything is going away and you deserve the SUNSHINE!