Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ugly Muffins

Jesus drives a mini-van. Did you know that?

He also doesn't know how to use measuring spoons. I should know, because I baked muffins with him tonight.

I also stole his measuring spoons early on in the class-I'm sure I'll be smited soon. Jesus. Gotta love him.

Actually, I'm learning little tid-bits about most of my classmates. Jesus, for instance, does indeed, drive a mini-van. He is 30 and has an 11 year old daughter and a 2 month old son. He takes care of his mother who is sick, and his sister who is disabled.

No wonder they call him Jesus.

Our muffins didn't rock my world though. In fact, they are ugly. And you wanna know what? I was my fault. (I know, take some time-it's ok...)

All better now? Good.

The problem was in the streusel topping. I believe the problem was that Jesus changed bowls on me on the scale-which was carefully calibrated to my bowl. (Sounds insignificant, but it's really not) So I measured out the 4oz and when combining the ingredients, I didn't speak up to the chef instructor when I knew it was too wet.

Dummy. They taste good, but they didn't rise very much b/c our topping was too heavy. In any case, I'll cart them off to my friends at work today to see how I did.

Something I'm excited about was I learned how to make commercial pan coating. It's what some bakers use in industry to grease their pans, instead of using cooking spray or "Crisco".

All it is, is equal WEIGHTS of flour, oil and butter processed together until it makes a paste. You then smear it on your pans with a dry pastry brush and voila! Non-stick muffin tins!

I know, I'm a geek. But this stuff excites me.

And, just to let you in on the level of geekiness, yesterday when I was making stocks, I simply exclaimed:


Yeah. I know...

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