Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Toosdae ?'s

Hi kids! I'm not certain why none of these are silly this week, but I'm pretty happy with the questions-I sure hope that when I come home from my LONG day at work AND school that I'll have TONS and TONS of comments from my adoring readers. ;) Remember, you don't have to answer them all!

1. Would you rather have so much money that you would never have to worry about money again or be immortal?

2. To what degree do you feel government should be allowed to monitor its citizens phone calls without court approval (as much as it wants, not at all, by court order only, or somewhere in between)?

3. If you could "un-know" one thing, what would it be?

1. I would rather have the money. There are certain things in life that I wish I could do regularly, including travel. Having the money to pay all of my bills, buy presents for my friends and family whenever I want and traveling would make my life happier. I would never want to be immortal because I would have to watch every I love die. Also, I believe in heaven, and so death, though not my first choice currently, doesn't scare me much.

2. This is a tricky question. I don't have anything to hide, so I don't much care if the government listens in on a call, however, sometimes jokes can be taken out of context and someone may not "get" the joke, making me get into trouble. Morally, I don't think it's right. I believe we have a right to our privacy and should feel secure in that. However, if listening to my conversations now and then prevents thousands of innocent people from being murdered, then I think I am ok with that. To follow my rules: by court order.

3. If I could un-know 1 thing, it would be unknowing that Matt had an affair. Even after all this time, it still cuts like a knife to know that he wasn't man enough to be honest about his feelings before starting a relationship with another woman. And even though he's not a part of my life today, it still makes doubt creep into my heart every now and then.


One who listens said...

Is it Toosdae already? Oh yeah, Toosdae socks are on. It must be. :)

1. I don't worry about money anyway. I never have enough, but I don't worry about that. I just do without things I'd like. And I hope I will live forever in heaven anyway. I think I'll go for the immortal one, because when you're in heaven, you don't care about money anyway.

2. I believe the police should have permission to monitor calls with a warrant, in much the same way as they can search premises now. I believe it should be a requirement that *after* the phone calls were recorded, the citizen *and whoever they called* should be informed of the recording, and given a copy of the transcript or the recording.

That should keep the police honest.

3. I wish I could un-know two things. Both of them connected with ways to die. I really, truly, didn't need to have those images in my head, and has made me respect "You don't want to know." and actually believe it.

I will not tell you what they are, because I believe that after I tell you, you will want to un-know them, and that's not possible.


megan said...

1. I'd take the money. If I was the only one being immortal then what fun would that be. Nope, I'll take the cash.

2. I think that the government should be able to monitor calls as much as it wants. I have nothing to hide. Innocent law abiding citizens have nothing to worry about. It's only the crooks and criminals that would run into trouble, and that's a good thing.

3. I dont really want to "un-know" anything. Knowing what I know allows me to lead my life accordingly.

Hamel said...

Immortality. Plenty of time to do good, and I wouldn't have to fret about sleeping as lost time. Money? Not a big concern.

Monitor only with cause. And the government should not be the only party identifying a cause as just.

That Santa Clause isn't real.

GMadrid said...

1. Immortal. I love vampires and I love to see change.

2. Only for entertainment purposes. Kind of like When Animals Attack on FOX. It could be When Americans Call.

3. That eating glue is bad for you. I loved glue as a kid. Just kidding I like all my knowledge, because it has made me who I am.

C-Unit said...

1. I would take the money no question. We are not supposed to be immortal and if I had to watch everyone I love die over and over again I would want to die.

2. Court order only. Maybe Im not as innocent as you people!!! Hehe

3. Cant think of anything at the moment.

kristarella said...

1. Money. I would never want to live on this world for as long as it lasted. I want to go to heaven. I'm also tired of worrying about money. I'm tired of worrying in general actually. I used to be easy going!

2. By court order.

3. Right now I wish I didn't know that a man I respect didn't like a presentation I gave, that sucks.

OrioleGal9 said...

I'm a day late, too busy in the office yesterday!

1. I'd say the money, what a relief that would be to not have to worry about.

2. I feel the government should have "just cause" to listen to phone calls. And I agree with OWL that they should inform the person they listened to and provide a transcript of that call.

3. That a friend of mine cheated on his/her spouse. Granted this was years ago and the couple is no longer together, it's still something I've never revealed.