Thursday, May 04, 2006

Houston, We Have An Asshole...

Dear Mr. "I have a Houston Texas IP address and visited your blog (at least) 20 times in the last 2 days",

I know what you were doing. I know that you visited my site multiple times and voted negatively for me on the "Varb" through Blog Mad. What you do not realize it that I opted to put that link on the blog so that I could gage the appreciation (or lack there of) that my readers have for my blog.

Negative feedback does not hurt me. It only makes me stronger.

The problem Mr. Texas (and I say Mr. but you could just as easily be a woman-we are, after all, bitches) is that you hide behind your IP and don't ever comment. Instead, you vote negatively over and over until my rating drops from 7.25 (points above average) to 4.25-literally overnight.

Does your blog suck so much that you have to vote over and over for a blog you've never even read just so you rise to the top? Perhaps not. But I hope so, because otherwise you're just a mean coward who likes to make a legitimate poll ineffective.

I've taken off the link to the Varb, as I know you've seen because you stopped by at 3:29 and 3:21 but haven't been back since. Funny, considering the number of times you've visited (exiting on the Varb link) over the last 2 days.

So, congratulations on being the best rated blog on the Varb. Too bad it's not something you earned for your writing, your wit or your ability to inspire people...

Because that's what some of my readers have told me the enjoy about this blog. And THAT's worth more than any score, any day.


Heather said...

You go girl!! :o) What an ass....I think i can speak for everyone, Mags, when I say that you are an inspiration and we love your blog....Can't wait to hear what you have next!!

One who listens said...

I realised that the blogmad thing wasn't going to work for me, because I worked really hard to click on as many as I could, and every time I want back there, I had no credits left.

Too much effort for me. :)