Thursday, May 25, 2006

Droopy Eyes

Anyone who says my job isn't risky business should take a look at my finger. Oh yeah, and my arm.

I'm beat up. First I cut myself with my I sliced off part of my knuckle. It was so deep you could touch the vein. Sorry Mr. CM. I should have warned you. Hope your hands are ok.

I actually got to use our "hospital" at work. And I had to get a shot.

Anything I can do as the new girl to stand out, you know?

Thank God it's the weekend, and a long one at that. I'm so tired I think I may sleep the who time.

Probably not. But right now, it sounds marvelous.

Sorry for the lame post. Tiredness is sinking in.

School was a bitch. 2 pies, 1 partner who didn't do anything but wash dishes (Jesus again), no dinner in my belly and no taste testing because the pies were hot. Oh yeah. I told the guy who looks like Savid to get away from me, sang "You are my sunshine" to someone to make her smile (and ended up making someone else smile too) and confessed that my underwear were falling down.

Hungry. Tired. Lonely. Confused. Happy, Silly.

Oh wait. I'm only hungry and tired right now. Lonely too I guess because I am alone in my house and cuddling is fun, but-

WTF. Really. I have no idea what I am writing or saying.

Must. Sleep. Now.



C-Unit said...

Hope ur hand is ok..damn! what were u doing???? i can see if u did that at school, but im confused!

OrioleGal9 said...

I have to admit I'm confused too!! What did you slice off your knuckle with?

All I can say is get some sleep this weekend, you have 3 days to catch up!

Have fun!

Mags said...

Are you ready for this? Scissors. Yeah. They are making fun of me...telling me to buy the kind you used at kindergarten. Funny.