Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Toosdae ?'s

Happy Toosdae after Easter everyone! Work off those extra calories by typing your answers to my questions! ;)

1. Would you rather have your significant other catch you reading their personal journal or have them catch you writing an unflattering email to their ex, using their personal email account?

2. If you had to eliminate 1 emotion from your life what would it be and why?

3. If you could write and enforce 1 driving law, what would it be?

1. Both of these are horrible and I would die if either happened, but I think I would rather get caught reading a journal. Being malicious and sneaky by writing an email on someone else's account is terrible, and I wouldn't ever do it. I wouldn't read someone's personal journal either, however if I did it would be to learn more about the person and there's nothing mean about that...sneaky, yes, but not mean.

2. I think if I had to eliminate one emotion it would be impatience. I feel that most of my life is spent waiting for something good to happen, and if I were able to relax a bit more, I think I would enjoy the blessings I do have.

3. I don't need a new law-just the power to enforce an old one. I hate it when people do not blinker. Especially when I am waiting to enter traffic and they turn at the last minute, and all that time I could have been going. I would like to be able to have a special dart gun that I could shoot from my car that would pop their tires. The button would be located on my left and would make a cool clicking noise whenever I pressed it. The power I would have...


One who listens said...

Yay! It's Toosdae again! I'm wearing my special toosdae socks, too. :)

1. That's a tricky one. I'd rather go for none of the above, but I suspect that I would be safer with the first one, since it doesn't involve deceit, and the one thing my girly can't stand is lies...

Of course, I'd have to say "I was reading your diary. It's a great read. You should make it into a book. :)"

2. I don't know if impatience is an emotion. I think I might have already had it removed if it is. I was going to say anger, but I can see how righteous anger is helpful sometimes if you need to protect your loved ones. I'm reminded of an episode in Red Dwarf where they all lost an emotion. Hmmmm.. I think I'd go with the emotion that affects me least, so I don't miss it. Yup. Impatience, same as Mags.

3. I'd write a law that said it was ok to go as fast as you like on motorways. I truly think it'd make things safer. People would be more likely to move in for people going faster than them. They wouldn't be able to justify staying in the outside lane pootling along at 70mph thinking "Hey I'm doing the speed limit. Why should I move over?" (we can't overtake on both sides like you can in the states).

Can I have two laws? Then I'd write another one saying it's illegal to pervert roads by adding those suspension breaking travesties they call speed bumps.

Ok, that's my lot. :)


C-Unit said...

1. Thats tough because if I ever caught anyone reading my journal I would be pretty upset, but then again if they were writing to an X I may be a little more upset. I would rather get caught reading the journal for the same reasons.
2. I know I sometimes steal your answers, but Im gonna go with impatience. I tend to work myself up more than needed.
3. My new rule would be to raise the speed limit that way I wouldnt get nearly as many tickets as I do. Its sad and a little unbelievable how often I get bagged!!!

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Mags said...

Owl: You can have as many laws as you want! Though I don't suspect you'd be very good at enforcing them. You're too nice!!

C-Unit: That's a very sensible choice for you and your lead foot. ;)

megan said...

1. I think I'd rather get caught writing to an ex than reading a personal journal. Journals are sacred. For some reason I feel like writing an E-mail is slightly more acceptable.

2. I'd like to say that I'd remove fear from my life. I feel like my excessive fears keep me from doing things in my life. However removing that emotion completely could be very dangerous. So, maybe a safer emotion to do without would be jealousy/envy. I tend to get very upset and angry when I see people with significantly more than I have. I know I am rich in a lot of very important ways but it still stings when people you know can buy and sell you ten times over.

3. I would write and enforce a driving law that protected chidren in cars. I'd enforce the child restraing laws ie. seatbelts and carseats and I'd add No Smoking in the vehicle when you have a child with you in the car.

Mags said...

Megan: Everytime I have a question about laws etc you come up with such good ones! The smoking law would be fantastic-as for jealousy , I think that when I hear you talk about people who spend $400 on dinner it's more of a "couldn't you use your $$ in a better way" type thing-which is not bad at all...but maybe I am wrong.

Plus, you have a pig. Not many people can say that.

OrioleGal9 said...

I'm not sure how many calories you can lose by typing, but here goes...

1. I'd rather get caught reading the journal. I have to agree with Mags and OWL that it's much more malicious to email on their account.

2. As for an emotion, I guess I'd like to elimate depression/sadness. I'd much rather be happy all the time.

3. Can I choose more than one? I second Mags on the blinker, I hate it when people don't use it, and even more so...when you're behind someone that never turned it off, so you're anticipating them turning at every street!
What about merge lanes? I hate people that stop at a corner to merge when they're turning lane becomes a lane!!!!

Mags said...

Oh. You can burn a lot of calories typing Oriolegal.

Especially if you type fast!

Flipper said...

1) email...the journal thing is too trust breaking. i still cant trust my mother the same because she read my journal when i was little.
2) i think self concious....it stinksss!!
3) No tailgating, or coming even close!

kristarella said...

1. Journal - I feel like that would just be curiosity as opposed to cooking up a plan on the email, I'd have to break into his email account first.

2. My worriedness which causes all kinds of bad things including alot of anger.

3. I'd change the roundabout laws from first person there to give wayto the right because that's what everyone does anyway and that's how they teach people to drive. Except my dad who is so obsessed with the law that it's the first person there, he edges out into the middle of the roundabout and sits there o make sure the person on the right stops and knows he's there, at which point they beep him and he gives them the finger and speeds out. It's a stupid ritual and he thinks he's completely in the correct.

BTW: You've been tagged! Check out my blog for details.

Heather said...

Okay...so I know it's wednesday, Mags, but I have a good excuse...my laptop is all screwed up...and the husband is gone, so I have to wait until he gets home to fix it!! But...I still wanna answer the questions...so here goes...

1. Hmm...I would like to choose neither like the rest of you, but in my situation, I would probably rather get caught writing the E-mail because I already know his passwords and such, so it wouldn't be like I was breaking in...and honestly, he would probably laugh at me...My journal has always been a sacred place for me as well...and I have had the priviledge of my mother getting into it when i was a teenager as well :)

2. Emotions...hmm...I would say I agree with the sadness thing, but at the same time, without the sad there would be no happy....there would just be content..and although content isn't bad, it's not great either! I am gonna have to again going with Megan on this one and say jealous/envy....I try not to be as much as possible, but somehow I always find myself getting all worked up and upset...just to find out that I am acting like a total MORON!! And then of course I cry buckets because I am so embarassed that I acted like such an imbecile!!

3. Oh lord...do not get me started...well...I agree with Mags in that I cannot stand people that don't use their blinkers, and also cannot stand when people use their blinkers, but are not paying attention enough to turn them off and drive with them on for miles and miles....grrrrrr....I would also like to enforce the unlimited speed limit...as it has been proven that Europe (autobahn) has a lot less accidents that result in death that the US does. People need to move over or they're going to get their @$$ ran over!! I support you C-Unit....even though I haven't ever been caught...You need to stop doing that ;)

wingnut said...

ok, i can sit here all day and do nothing but list the things which make you weird. You think old people smell like pencil shavings. you knowingly gave megan a vitamin c tablet that tastes like "a musty basement that has been flooded and the water receded and left it smelling"...something...I forget. weird? yes. first because you made her eat it and second because NO ONE ELSE would describe a vitamin that way. love, wingnut.