Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Toosdae ?'s

Last week I didn't beg any of you to answer my questions, and some of my regulars didn't! Is it that you like it when I beg? Huh? Huh? Cause I'll beg. I will...

Please?? Please will you answer my questions? Please??? (Not pretty, I know...so answer 'em)

1. Would you rather have your skin change into vibrant colors according to your emotional state (red for anger, blue for sadness etc) or have to wildly and uncontrollably flail your arms around whenever you walk.

2. Which would be worse for you, living next to a garbage dump or a cemetery?

3. If drinking fountains could dispense another liquid, what would you want it to be?

1. I think the people I interact with have a pretty good grasp on how I am feeling anyway, so I'd choose the mood ring skin. Plus, I have long arms and I'd be afraid I'd hurt someone with all of the flailing.

2. Hard choice b/c I have a freakish sense of smell and I'm sure I'd start and end each day gaging because of the dump, however I dislike dead people more than the average person. Mostly b/c of the ghost factor. I'd never leave my house after dark, and if I had to come home late I'd opt to stay out and just come home in the morning.

3. Grape soda. No question. Except in the winter, then warm apple cider would be a most excellent choice.


megan said...

1. I would have to take the changing skin color. The arm flailing would just be too much.

2. I would rather live next to a cemetery than a garbage dump any day of the week. The smell from a dump would make me sick in 10 minutes.

3. I'd like a diet coke drinking fountain. Also- I'm not sure if this would work in a drinking fountain but soft serve icecream would be awesome in a fountain. It wouldn't quench your thirst but who cares.

OrioleGal9 said...

1. Mood skin all the way...at least people would know whether to piss you off or not.

2. I'll take the cemetary. The smells from the dump would make me sick, plus you end up with all kinds of bugs and vulchers!

3. Hmmm...iced tea or lemonade

Hepcat said...

1: Definately the skin color. First of all, you can't really do sign language with flailing arms. Second, I think I would just start laughing hysterically every time I changed colors.

2: I would pick the cemetary. While the smell from a dump has some affect on the choice, I think it comes more from the idea that I would always have a place that I could go and walk to get some real peace and quiet, and be alone for a while (at least as long as you don't believe in/mind ghosts)

3: Survey says---Cherry Coke, but not the stuff you buy at the store, I want the old fashioned soda shop cherry coke that has the grenadine mixed in with the regular cola.

C-unit said...

1.I would rather have my skin change into vibrant colors. Could be very fashionable!!
2.I would definitely choose the dump! As gross as that sounds, I would never be able to sleep at night if I lived next to a grave yard...forget going for a walk at night!
2.I dont like to drink anything but water and beer, sooo if I had to pick something other than water...LOL it would be beer.

Heather said...

1. I would definitely rather have the color-changing skin...it would be fun, but it would also prevent me from having to actually verbalize how i really feel(since I'm a big wuss in that department when I'm sad or angry about something).

2. I would definitely choose the cemetery. I might be a little strange, but I love cemeteries....they are soo peaceful....I do however believe in ghosts/spirits(whatever you want to call them)but they don't bother me.

3. Umm...Probably Diet Coke....or coke zero, pretty much the same thing...:) Or maybe coffee??? LOL~ that would be quite scary....see everyone walking around hopped up on caffiene. At least people wouldn't be as grumpy...hahah.

Mags said...

Oh my! It seems you DO like it when I beg. Thanks ever so much for answering my questions today. I feel so loved!

Megan: I actually thought about egg nog, but then thought of the yucky film that would be left on the fountains, and it made me gag. I suspect ice cream would be the same way, though it's a yummy idea!

Oriolegal: I don't recall ever seeing you pissed off. Hmph. Weird. Riled up maybe, drunk, yes...silly, definately....not pissed though.

Hepcat: Are you or someone you know deaf? This intrigues me because I want to know more about you.

C-Unit: Predictable on the beer front! But at least you are consistant!!!

Heather: Oh, I don't konw. I see the coffee fountain as a reason why people are grumpy-not enough sugar, too much cream...D&D vs Starbucks...a big mess...but hysterical to see everyone freaked out on caffine.

aka_monty said...

HA! Number one is easy, because my skin DOES change color according to my moods.
It's the Curse Of The Fair Skinned Blonde.

2. Dump would be worse~the SMELL. ACK. I'm very motivated by scent.

3. Oooh, number three is a hard question...some day's I'd like them to dispense iced tea but somedays Rum & Coke would be my choice. Like today, for example. :)

One who listens said...

1. Oh, I'd so love the skin-changing colour mood thing. As long as it couldn't be controlled. It'd make life eversomuch easier.

2. I've turned a house down that was next to a cemetery, but I'd seriously prefer it to being next to a dump. They smell *real* bad.

3. I think water is the best thing to come from drinking fountains. Everything else just completely fails to satisfy in the long run.

But I do like a nice rum and coke. :)


Hepcat said...

Hey Mags,

No, I am not deaf, and while I do know a few deaf and hard of hearing individuals, I did not meet them until after I started taking some Sign Language classes in college. My degree is in engineering, but I refused to take semesters loaded with nothing but engineering classes so when I discovered that the University had a few classes I jumped at the opportunity.

Like most people I have talked to who started to sign for reasons other than a deaf friend/relative, it was Linda's fault. Linda who? Linda from Sesame Street. My fascination with the language started there and lay dormant until college. It also really helped that around the same time I started taking classes, students in a Sign Language interpreters program at the local community college started coming to my church and would occasionally sign the service (including the songs) for hearing impaired friends they would invite.


flipper said...

1) Colors...people should know everyones true feelings about things most of the time!
2)garbage i hate being scared and its not the hard to make me scared
3)this is taugh....maybeee pink lemonade or sprite

kristarella said...

Sorry I wasn't here on Tuesday. It is way too busy this doing uni and working and everything else!

1. Easy choice - colours.

2. Cemetery. I don'thave a problem wth deadness that I know about. I reckon you are just as unlikely to get hassled by the supernatural there as anywhere. I don't like stickiness, especially when it's hot, I'd vomit.

3. I have no idea! Some kind of sugary energy gurana drink since I don't drink from water fountains and I often need a pick-me-up. Although Peach Iced Tea is good. Yeh, Iced tea.

Mags said...

Hepcat-very cool. Thank you for elaborating. I didn't mean to pry, but I was curious.

Monty/Owl: Ick. I don't like rum/coke. Too sweet or...something...but it's yucky.

Krista: I'm just glad you got here, no worries! Hope you are all caught up and feeling better!!