Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Though I'm not a big fan of the "meme" ring, I've never been tagged and feel a bit happy that I have been. And since Confident Kristen of "This and That" is such a loyal reader, I'm happy to comply.

6 weird things about Mags...

1. I keep chips in the freezer and cereal in the fridge. This isn't so weird REALLY because when I lived in Florida everything spoiled so quickly and so I got into the habit of doing this to keep it fresh. It is weird, however because I live in CT now and don't need to keep doing it, but old habits die hard.

2. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say the word greasy like greezy. There's no "z" in there people! (I'm getting angry just thinking about it-for real)

3. I wear contacts, and before I put them in my eyes I have to tap them on the top of my hand to get the excess saline solution off of them so it doesn't stick to my finger. I never knew this was strange until a recent trip to the eye doctor. He stared at me while doing it, and chuckled in such a way that I knew he's never seen anyone else do it before.

4. This doesn't happen anymore, but when I used to drink too much, my right shoulder used to ache so bad that I'd be brought to tears. It made for interesting party conversation.

5. I'm afraid of bald people. I didn't realize that people didn't know this-they thought I just didn't like them much. It's not such a fear that I'll run away screaming, but if I'm left alone with a bald man for too long, I'll start to get a little panicky. It all stems back from a vivid dream I had in elementary school in which my Nana and Papa tried to make me marry a bald man who was way older than me.

6. I can't drink water first thing in the morning. It makes me gag. If I have to take my vitamins or medicine, I'll either wait until later in the day after I've eaten or take it with coffee or tea, or juice. Water any other time of the day is lovely, and does not make me sick at all.

So, there you have it! 6 weird things about me. I'm not tagging anyone, but as many of you tell me, I am weird. So, instead, why not take this opportunity to tell me what other things make me nice! Post them in the comments section.


kristarella said...

Nice! I don't know what else makes you weird... touching the breast of that shop mannequin was pretty odd, and funny.

Mags said...

LOL>good one Kristen. I actually forgot about that!!!

One who listens said...

Doesn't everyone keep chips in the freezer? I'm sure everyone in England does. They'll melt and go all soggy otherwise.

Cereal in the fridge is a little weird, but no worse that ketchup in the fridge (which is a pet peeve of mine).

I just realised another weird thing about me from reading your post! I tap biscuits on the side or a plate or something before I dunk them. No-one else I know does that.

Hmmm. Another weird thing about me: If I exercise in the morning before breakfast, then I feel sick.

This post is bringing out things in me that are apparently weird. I shall stop reading now before I discover that I have the ability to contract weirdness from other people. ;)


Anonymous said...

OK, you have just opened a pandora's box...get ready!
#1 You wish evil things on Johnny Damon

Mags said...

Owl: Oops: Chips-Potato Chips...not fries. American chips...and no, no one keeps them in the freezer.

Wingnut: Only a broken arm. Not evil. He'd heal.